A city once divided, Berlin is now thriving. Germany’s capital and largest city has had more historical moments happen in it in the last century than some places manage in millennia, yet the people who pulse through the city live entirely in the present. Forward thinking, green, and with one of the highest standards of living in the world, Berlin is an ideal place to spend your hard-earned break.
The list of must-sees here is endless. Of course, there’s the much-vaunted nightlife, with the city packed to the brim with excellent dive bars, classy cocktail joints, and nightclubs that are open for days at a time. Visitors who prefer the daylight hours can indulge in the hundreds of architectural wonders that line the streets, as well as enough great restaurants to rival any global city. There’s also elegant museums, stunning parks, and some truly astounding places to sit back and enjoy the view. It may have only reunified in our lifetime, but when it comes to great destinations, Berlin is here to stay.

colourful lights at berlin light show

Top 10 things to do in Berlin

Narrowing down the best of the Berlin is a hard task, but sometimes you’ve only got enough time for the highlights. Of course, when you’re thinking about what to do in Berlin there’s an argument to be made that it’s all highlights; however we at Orbzii are confident we’ve found the truly unmissable sites you have to hit when you’re here for a holiday. If you’re keen on finding out what are must-visit Berlin attractions, then read ahead for our guide to the ten best things to do in Berlin.

vegan vietnamese food in berlin

The best vegan restaurants in Berlin 

Berlin has a well-earned reputation as a forward-thinking city when it comes to social and environmental issues, and that cultural influence has had a huge impact on the food and drinks industry in the German capital. While Germans are famous for their wursts and other meaty goods, there are now scores of excellent vegan restaurants in Berlin that produce all the gluttony and heartiness of traditional German food (among other cuisines), without any of the animal exploitation.

people walking on the frozen Schlachtensee lake in berlin in winter

Wrap up for winter in Berlin

The winters in Berlin are cold in temperature, but warm in spirit. Christmas is an especially magical time to visit the German capital: there are a number of huge Berlin Christmas Markets to stroll through with a mulled wine in hand. Even outside of the festive season the city has plenty to do when it’s below zero outside: Berlin has wonderful infrastructure that doesn’t fail with snowfall and there’s plenty to do indoors, with galleries, museums, and other cultural touchstones galore. If you’re keen to push the boat out a little, (or as much as you can when the lakes are frozen over) you can even have a go at some more obscure winter sports!