Summer view of Zakynthos Zante town.


Turtles and paint parties are an unlikely pairing. But, Zante is the island of choice for both the loggerhead turtle and freshers looking to party their summers away. And, from there, it would be easy to dismiss this Ionian isle – if you’re not particularly fond of hedonism or sea creatures. But, there’s a whole island of idyllic escapes, tree-topped wilderness and stunning beaches just waiting for you to land in. Though, beautifully, Zante lets you quite happily flump down on a sun lounger for a fortnight and do little except enjoy the Greek hospitality. A rare treat in these times of explorative Insta stories. Equally, you can skip away from your beach towel to find intriguing ruins, underwater worlds of seagrass meadows and marine life, vine-filled wine estates and wildlife peppered salt flats.

Sure, there are jeep safaris, rusty shipwrecks, private boat charters, sea kayaking tours and quirky little museums to mooch through. But, ultimately, a day page flipping through your holiday novel will never feel like a day wasted. Yes, you’ll likely hear murmurs of turtle spotting echoing around the hotel pool, but if there’s one thing Zante’s turtles could do with? It’s a little peace and quiet.

turtle swimming on zante beach

A guide to turtle spotting in Zante

Turtle island in Zante sits right at the heart of the most important loggerhead turtle breeding ground in the Mediterranean. A mecca for both loggerhead turtles and wildlife spotters in nesting season, the protected waters here get pretty boat-logged once a turtle is spotted. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing for the turtles – or the people paying to spot them. Happily, there are plenty of ways to see Zante’s turtles in a green and low impact way. We’ve got the where, when, and how all sorted…

one of the most popular beaches in zante

The secrets of Zante’s beaches and bays

For some, there’s only one Zante beach. Yes, Shipwreck Cove gets most of the limelight, but this island has much more than a rusty bulkhead and some alluring cliffs to wow you with. By all means cruise into the famous cove for an afternoon, but if you love your beaches, don’t miss the facility packed shorelines Zante has to offer. As you’d expect, the best beaches in Zante come with watersports, beach bars and plenty of sun loungers. But some come with fjords to explore and more than a few turtle nests too…

seafood restaurant zante

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Zante

The best restaurants in Zante take some snuffling out. Sure, you’ll never be more than a few feet away from a baked bean and bacon combo on the island’s party strip, but discerning palates will be looking for something a little more Mediterranean. We’ve swerved the fry-ups and found the foodie gems on this island. And boy are your taste buds in for some Greek treats. Rove up into the mountains for sunsets to feast in front of, find fine dining on the beach or relax in front of a plate of traditional, home-cooking…

exploring the caves of tsilivi in zante

Top 10 things to do in Zante

We could just point you towards a well-curated list of beaches and declare our guide on things to do in Zante complete. Such is their allure. But, that’s not the Orbzii way. These shores have enough marketing and word of mouth heft behind them to see that you’ll gravitate there without any help from us. We have of course, covered a couple of essential shoreline must-sees, but we’ve also snuffled out some of Zante’s hidden gems. Head into the mountains for sunsets, wine-tasting and sparkling views, dive down to an octopus nest or pack your binoculars for a glimpse of a squacco heron…

cocktail bar in Zante

After dark: A guide to nightlife in Zante

Let’s face it, Zante’s strip has quite the reputation. Fishbowl cocktails are just the start of the foam-covered shenanigans in Laganas. But, this island has much more to offer than wild nights of DJ sets and dancing on the tables. Across the island you’ll find bars catering to a different clientele. Rare wines, sky bar views, sunset terraces and cocktail mixologists are waiting to be discovered. We’ve covered the best of both worlds to help you choose between paint parties and pairing your wine with dessert…