Fish in Barbados - best restaurants in Barbados

9 of the best restaurants in Barbados

Before you’ve even finished typing in ‘best restaurants in Barbados’, Google will reward you with plenty of highbrow eating options. The only problem with that is, pea foam, parfaits and lemon confit jus aren’t really staples of hearty Bajan cooking.

On the island, fish reigns supreme. And the Bajans? They mostly likely their fish fried. Served in a myriad of different ways – but frying is the key ingredient. Hefty portions of macaroni pie might sit a little too heavy at lunch, which is when a ‘cutter’ is your best option. No spoilers here, more on those cutters later. But you’ll find them served in most of the street food shacks and trucks across Barbados. The national dish of Cou Cou & Flying Fish has to be tried at least once – and, of course, we’ve clued you in on the best place to try it.