Food & Drink

There’s no doubt about it, one of the absolute best parts about travel is experiencing a taste of the smorgasbord of food and drink waiting to be tried in every continent. From the classic, zingy trio of lime, chilli and ginger that runs through East Asia’s irresistible cuisine, to the equally punchy plethora of spices found in India’s bubbling pots of curry and North Africa’s steaming tagines, the senses well and truly come alive in these parts of the world. But let’s not forget the silky ribbons of fresh pasta to be twiddled around your fork in Italy or the sizzling platters of paella to be delved into in Spain, let alone the world-class, Michelin standard cuisine of France that has influenced kitchens much further afield; whether it be a five star restaurant atop a New York skyscraper or a lesser known bistro in the alleys of Berlin.

There’s a whole world of flavours to be discovered and that’s without mentioning the drinks. Whether it’s a glass of sweet Mexican horchata or a fresh coconut on the shores of Bali, it’s hard to know where to start. Discover the best of the world’s food and drink in our collection of articles below for some serious tastebud-tingling wanderlust.