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Making our dream a reality

Travel brings us together. It unites families. It merges previously disparate cultures.

Watch 2 children from separate continents playing on a beach together and you see  how travel unifies. 

But the travel industry is different. You start with the inspiration; endless sites and apps feeding you glorious, stimulating images of nirvana. Then you go elsewhere to get down to the nitty, gritty. The planning. The detail. The leg-work. Then it’s time for somewhere else. To book. To pay. In fact, the average person uses up to 21 websites or apps just to browse for inspiration, search for flights, hotels and plan other elements of their trip! 

Frankly, it’s exhausting. 

Which left us thinking: ‘how can this be done better?’.


And so, Orbzii was born.


We’d had our lightbulb moment: to develop a single travel app that combines unusual content with efficient search options, great prices and simple booking. All in one place. 

Fast forward a couple of years and we’ve made that dream a reality. Thanks to our incredible  team of genius developers and travel experts, we’ve taken every stage of the research, planning and booking journey and we’ve joined them up. Into one beautiful, intuitive app. Orbzii is the travel app where you can Dream, Plan & Book your next trip, all in one place.

Our vision is to connect the world, its cultures, its quirks and the simple things that make travel so addictive.

Our mission is to empower people to Dream, Plan & Book their trips through the simplest of actions.

The dots were already plotted, now we’re joining them together.


Welcome to Orbzii. 

Welcome to a more joined-up world. 

The more you swipe, the more we tailor what you see

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We're going places. Are you coming?

We’ve made it to the big screen. But look, now that we’re all famous, it doesn’t mean we’re going to forget about you, Orbzii Insiders!

Check out our super spiffy TV ad from January 2022 – you’ll soon be telling your friends “Yeah, I knew them before they were famous”…

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Unlock more…

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