Cape Town wine beau

A wine lover’s tour of Cape Town

Before you even land in Cape Town, you’ll be overwhelmed with wine tasting options. The land surrounding the city is awash with vines – and some very high-spec cellars, estates and restaurants just waiting to pair their crisp whites and bold reds with seasonal menus. And, well, you really should take them up on their offerings. Book a tasting session, reserve a table or pop yourself on a tour. If you love your wines, you’ll love Cape Town.

Cape Town Lekker

Best restaurants in Cape Town 

Before you set your sights on some of Cape Town’s restaurants, it pays to know just how lavishly you can splash out. In this city, even the fanciest eateries are within your wallet’s reach. Dining out is a national pastime – with many South African’s finding it cheaper to pop out to eat – in the mid-price/cheap eats end of the scale, rather than cook at home. Sound good? You bet. Portions are plentiful, but we’ve got a tip for you about that. Ingredients are high quality and, though you’ll want to track down some South African favourites, the sushi in this city is fresh and innovative. We’re tempted to say you’ll not eat a bad meal in Cape Town.

Cape Town Mob Athletic

Get fit Cape Town style

South African’s take their fitness very seriously. Gym sessions, hiking, climbing, running, Crossfit – they’re all on offer in Cape Town. But before you start to sweat over pricey gym memberships, we’ve found a whole host of affordable options for your stay.