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From seafood spots and street patios in the North End to exclusive omakase offerings and street-food-inspired eateries and everything in between.

Whilst Boston is world-renowned for its seafood, there’s so much more to this city than just clam chowder. Its indomitable dining scene which pays homage to its fishy roots is fast becoming a mecca for a myriad of international influences and more unusual delicacies.

So where can you find the best restaurants in Boston?

Let’s take a bite into the foodie scene that makes Beantown one of the best places to eat.

Mooo Restaurant

Seeking out that perfect steak? Make that all-important reservation at Mooo.

A prestigious and elegant modern steakhouse located in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighbourhood and is one of the best restaurants in Boston to enjoy steak.

If you are looking to pair your steak with a sophisticated red wine, then you will have plenty to choose from Mooo’s top-notch wine list which has over 325 labels from all over the world.

Whilst steak is the main draw for this fantastic restaurant, you may want to go off piste and try one of their fresh seafood dishes.

We love the Maine lobster, which will be one of the freshest lobsters you can hope for thanks to the restaurant’s proximity to the water.

The super-fresh grilled branzino and clams are also delightful dishes.

If you have your heart set on steak, then try the Creekstone Farms pepper-crusted prime sirloin au poivre, or one of their impressive filet mignons.

There’s also an impressive collection of side dishes which includes the creamiest spinach, delicately roasted cauliflower and perfectly whipped potatoes.

Mooo restaurant serving up a colourful dish
O Ya, showcasing their unique dishes

O Ya

Oh yeah! You can’t beat a delicious dish of sushi and O Ya is one of the best restaurants in Boston for this raw fish treat.

It has garnered a reputation for being a cult classic in Boston, but this is unequivocally justified thanks to its magical and delicious flavours. 

The food is enough to make it a must-visit for any serious sushi enthusiast looking for one of the best restaurants in Boston. Decadent yet fresh, the dishes easily fuse tradition with more quirky sushi alternatives. 

From the sushi rolls to sashimi, there’s an abundance of flavours, but it’s the omakase dishes that you need to gravitate towards.

Choose individual dishes or take a deep dive into the 17-course omakase menu.

Whether you are a serious sushi eater or trying it for the first time, make sure you say Oh yeah to O Ya.


‘Fly me to the moon…’ Frank Sinatra may or may not have been singing about this stunning restaurant in the Bay Village area of Boston.

Whilst its origins are in the city’s favourite speciality – fish, Mooncusser has undergone somewhat of a culinary makeover, with a new focus on offering four-course tasting menus. 

Seafood remains front and centre here of course, with more unusual dishes like barbecue unagi, bluefish a la veracruz or potato gnocchi with salt cod which sit alongside like Sichuan pork sausage consomme and venison with Hungarian dumplings.

The variety and delicacy of these dishes easily make Mooncusser one of the best restaurants in Boston.

The prix fixe selection menu has an abundance of incredible dishes that change every month and come with optional wine pairings.

best restaurants in Boston
Pizza is served at High Street Place

High Street Place

So it’s technically a food hall, but it has a diverse and splendid collection of eateries to choose from and it’s also one of the best food halls in Boston.

Situated in downtown, this vibrant food hall features 19 food and beverage concepts which include hot dogs, pizza, fried chicken sandwiches and much, much more.

Mamma Maria

The North End is one of our favourite foodie destinations in the city.

There are so many wonderful spots to visit in the North End and many of them often make the best restaurants in Boston list.

Mamma Maria is certainly one of them that deserves this accolade, if outdoor eating on one of the best patios is a strict criteria when selecting which of the best restaurants in Boston to choose from, then this elegant eatery is for you.

Whilst the ambience of the patio is a super draw, the fine dining is yet another fantastic reason to make a reservation at Mamma Maria.

Standout dishes include the pork-tender osso buco, baked oysters Florentine-style with Prosecco zabaglione, Maine lobster and Venetian-style tri-coloured pasta agnolotti and tuna tartare.

Cosy settings surround Mamma Maria restaurant in Boston
Beautifully composed meals at Menton, Boston


For plenty of French flair and dishes that make you say ‘Ooh La La’, head on over to Menton in Fort Point.

As you might expect, this is a restaurant inspired by the cuisine of this French region.

With chef Barbara Lynch at the helm, this exquisite French-inspired menu also has ever-so-slight nods to Italian influences too.

This is without doubt one of the best restaurants in Boston if not the state and for if you are an ultimate foodie looking for an heady mix of fine dining coupled with exquisitely-prepared New England seafood, then the Menton experience is certainly for you.

Consider the langoustines, which come in a nest of shredded phyllo topped with sliced rhubarb and minuscule globules of pumpkin-seed oil.

Or the fresh halibut served en croûte with java bean purée. We also love the chilled sweetcorn bisque with lobster and turbot with green crab, chanterelle and potato dauphine.


Sarma is a delightful cosy-hip Middle Eastern mezze spot in Somerville which is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Boston for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

The food and the cocktails are both colourful and inventive in equal measure.

Choose from Greek spanakopita, saganaki to Arab-style kofta sliders and labneh-smeared shawarma for a delicious dinner or if you prefer snacks with your cocktails, you can’t beat the fava bean pate and the black sea corn bread.

If you love fusion food that is reasonably priced, head on over to Sarma.

Sarma's table burst with colour as much as their meals

While we’re sure that this guide to the best restaurants in Boston has got you feeling hungry, there’s more to a trip to Beantown than just the food (although it does rank pretty high on the list of priorities!) and it all starts with booking that hotel and flights and starts with the Orbzii app.

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