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Before you even pick up a knife and fork in Majorca, know this: you will eat well. A loaded statement that needs breaking down.

Firstly, the list of the best restaurants in Majorca could easily take up several articles – and we’d still not be finished listing the many, many topnotch eats on offer.

Rather than pile your plate with FOMO, rest easy in the knowledge that you can always come back to Majorca for seconds – and perhaps thirds, fourths, fifths. You get the picture. There’s something for everyone when it comes to the restaurants in Majorca.

Then there’s Majorca’s love of organic, local, freshly caught and artisan ingredients.

Dinner in Majorca will often be wholesome, without any sacrifice on taste – or calories. Yes, location plays a part – but sometimes? You’ll want to swerve a glitzy spot with a harbour view for something a little more rustic. You’ll carve more than a few Euros off the bill and almost always walk away more satisfied.  

Clandestí Taller Gastronòmic

How many times has a travel expert told you to pop along to a market to whip up a dish full of local flavours?

Too many. You can skip the market trawl at this restaurant and pull up a pew for a cooking showcase.

The chefs grab the freshest, seasonal produce from the nearby gastra market and create a five-course tasty lunch, or lengthy 8 course dinner.

Booking is essential – and you’ll also be sharing the space with a dozen diners. All eyes are on the chefs, but we’d wager you’ll make a few friends in the course of the meal.

One of the best restaurants in Majorca – not because of the quirk, but the flavours. Yes, the novel experience helps this one along, but the creativity is the star. 

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Villa Vegana

majorca villa vegana
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If staying at this fully vegan hotel is a step too far for you, consider stopping by for breakfast or dinner.

Actually, definitely book in for breakfast – then make a day of it in the surrounding conservation area and explore the Tramuntana Mountain range. 

You’ll be well fuelled for a day’s hiking with the 100% vegan menu of international eats. This is widely considered to be one of the best restaurants in Majorca for vegans.

Dishes are truly global with everything from the perennial American favourite – pancakes, ‘bacon’ and ‘eggs’ to the flavour-packed Indian inspired tofu scramble, papadum, coriander raita and bulghur porridge.

Inventive, bold and a healthy kid’s menu makes this one a must try for vegans and any plant-curious foodies. 

Orbzii tip: In the market for some dairy-free frozen treats? Skip along to Stecco Natura in Palma. Not exclusively vegan – but their range of fruit ice lollies is impressive. 


When it comes to surveying the scene of the top restaurants in Majorca, consider Botànic. Yes, its championing healthy cuisine – but you’d never know it.

Their starter of creamy venere rice with glazed aubergine and truffle butter sets the scene for the rest of the menu. Fine dining, flavourful and perhaps a little pricey – but worth it.

Indulge without the guilt – the desserts are too tempting to deny yourself.

There’s not a grain of quinoa in sight and the surroundings, presentation and ambience are lux enough to make this a spot for a special occasion and a real contender for one of the best restaurants in Majorca.

Many try to fling the ‘clean eating’ label at Botànic, but that’s not what’s on offer here. You will find organic produce, but it’s been expertly prepared by a chef with Michelin-star experience.  

Orbzii tip: Eat brunch or lunch in the gorgeous terrace garden to really ramp up the organic, wholesome vibes of this hidden oasis in Palma. 

majorca botanic - a guide to the best restaurants in majorca
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majorca hortet
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While everyone makes a b-line for the big-name spot in Deia – Ca’s Patro March – S’Hortet quietly goes about its business.

And, while we’d ideally stop by both, if pushed (both are definitely worthy of inclusion in our favourite restaurants in Majorca list), we’d opt for S’Hortet cafe’s zen vibes.

Yes, Ca’s is drawing the crowds, thanks in part to its 15 minutes of fame in ‘The Night Manager’. 

S’Hortet’s cheap eats, 90% veggie menu is packed with local, organic and artisan produce. 

Colourful buddha bowls, belly-filling huevos rancheros and an avocado toast cameo stand out among the line-up.

Serving up something a little different than the seafood-stuffed menus Majorca’s famous for seems to be serving this cafe well.

Though, if you’re worried about missing out, the sushi bowl is as fresh as they come. 

Purobeach Illetas

When it comes to determining the best restaurants in Majorcaviews are going to have to play a part. And at Purobeach, the views are excellent.

As it’s a beach club, you may well find yourself booking a Balinese bed and settling in for 8+ hours.

Expect to spend the day surrounded by white linen, sun-drenched views and the sound of the waves mingling with Puro’s well curated music selection. Don’t worry, you’ll be well fed during your stay.

There’s a great stable of burgers, salads and light bites for post-swim sustenance. But it’s Purobeach’s gastro line up that draws residents in for a swish dinner.

The lobster paella is cooked to order and though it comes with a €30 per person price tag, it’s the best dish on the menu and one of the most exciting restaurants in Majorca to boot!

Orbzii tip: If you’re planning to take a pre-lunch dip, bring some aquashoes. The shoreline is a little rocky. 

majorca_puro beach
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Adrián Quetglas

majorca adrian
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Majorca’s food rarely comes with a Michelin-star. So, when it does, it’s worth tracking down when considering which of the fantastic restaurants in Majorca to choose from –  and AdriáQuetglas is the place to do it.

You’ll be dining in a bistro-style spot that doesn’t feel too exclusive or alienating. You will still have to negotiate a fair amount of foam and reductions though. This is the Michelin way of things.

Under the froth and frills, the flavours thankfully hit all the right spots. The accessible atmosphere is no accident.

Quetglas’s aim is to bring Michelin to … well, not quite the masses – but anyone who wants to get into gourmet. And it’s working.

At €60 per person, the evening tasting menu isn’t astronomical for a 6-course romp through Iberian cuisine. The €25 wine pairing is reasonable too – compared to other Michelin restaurants in Majorca.

Orbzii tip: If your holiday budget isn’t prepared for Michelin prices, drop by the bistro at lunchtime.

There’s a €35, 5-course, set menu that isn’t cheap – but keeps things from ever getting too extravagant. 

If our pick of the best restaurants in Majorca has you hungry for more, the island is awash with agritourism spots, farm-to-table villas and global cuisine.

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