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In Split, and Croatia, restaurants are increasingly moving their menus to more generic pastures. Which, for foodies, is something of a shame. Of course, there are still places to dine upon the traditional flavours, but tracking them down can be a little tricky. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rifle through Split’s restaurant offerings for the best of both worlds. Naturally, we’ve looked into the muchlauded top 10 places to eat in Split, but we’ve also cast our net a little wider. It would be a shame to miss out on an overlooked gem… 



Brasserie on 7

Breakfast is rarely a meal that gets the luxe treatment. Shame really, especially when the decadent menu at Brasserie on 7 is on offer. Here, everything can be paired with a breakfast mimosa. Which really gets the day off to a flying start. Although, the watermelon margarita might tempt some. Easily worthy of a mention in the top 10 places to eat in Split, this restaurant is also perched on some premium real estate. And, frankly, you’ll need a stroll along the Riva waterfront after the B7 breakfast. Homemade ciabatta piled high with poached eggs, sausage, ham, mushrooms, roasted peppers, avo and hollandaise. If you’re not already throwing some weekend essentials into a carry on, we’ll add this: French toast. Brasserie on 7’s has to be the best in Split. 

eating breakfast at the waterfront in split
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Orbzii tip: Don’t miss the chance to pop back for a browse of the patisserie menu. The chefs expertly mingle French and Croatian baking techniques to create mouthwatering desserts. 

vegetarian breakfast split
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Kat’s Kitchen

If you’re looking to maximise your exploring time to tick off the must see attractions in Split, drop in to Kat’s Kitchen. This gorgeous grab n go spot is just the place in Split to pick up a healthy breakfast on the fly. The team here source some organic ingredients from their own garden – very on trend, and wedge as many nutritious, organic, ingredients as possible into everyday breakfast favourites. Oven-baked omelettes, oatmeal, granola and croissants are up for grabs early doors. If you’ve ticked off a sightseeing spot at dawn and are on the lookout for a brunch fix, the hummus and avo toast options bridge the gap until lunch rather nicely. As you’d expect, Kat’s Kitchen isn’t short on healthy staples such as cold pressed juices, raw cakes and superfood salads if you don’t make it here in time for breakfast. 

Orbzii tip: Kat’s isn’t exclusively plant-based, but they have made many items on the menu vegan and/or veggie friendly. Perfect for keeping up your meat-free Monday promises, avoiding any dietary intolerance issues or keeping everyone in your travel party happy. 



Whether you take a pew in the garden or shelter from the sea breeze in the conservatory, you’ll eat well at Dvor. The good folks at Michelin have given this place a nod – not with a star, but as a Split spot for good, simple cooking. We’d argue there’s nothing simple about their stellar menu, but we’ll let your tastebuds decide. Here, your lunch comes with a sea view, which immediately adds to the occasion. If you’re sitting outside, you’ll get to see the chefs at work on the open grill, where seasonal seafood is expertly cooked. Dishes are, by and large, Dalmatian in influence, with fine dining touches. Not the cheapest place to eat in Split, but you’ll struggle to find this quality of cooking at similar prices. 

sea view restaurant in split
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vegetarian restaurant split
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Pandora Greenbox

Though the plant-based party is well under way in most cities, Split is opting to be the fashionably late arrival. There may be many omni restaurants popping a few plant-based menu items into the mix, but we’re yet to see any fully vegan restaurants of note. The next best thing? The fully vegetarian – and very vegan, menu at Pandora Greenbox. Already ranked in the top 10 places to eat in Split after just two years of feeding the plant-curious, it’s a very green and pleasant space to lunch in. Expect plants, trees and flowers at every turn and a few laughs on the menu. Ordering the Eggatha Christie (egg white omelette with seasonal vegetables) with a straight face might be physically impossible. Elsewhere, risottos, burgers, stews, soups and pasta dishes are menu items that cover almost all the lunch bases. 

Orbzii tip: Pandora’s is a place that can tweak the menu to accommodate food intolerances. Don’t be afraid to ask for a veggie meal to be made vegan. 



For fine dining in Split, take a seat at Jeny. Actually, this ones around an hour and 20 minutes drive along the coast road. But, the views of the Makarska Riviera are more than worth it. Of course, youre not driving for 66kms just for a scenic spot on the shore. The meals here are divine. Tasting menus are their speciality – usually bringing 7 courses and 6 wines to the table. Theres no sign of a Michelin star… yet. But the standard of food, delicate presentation and high quality ingredients make you feel like there could be one on the horizon. Yes, its a pain that they only accept cash – but if you plan ahead, its a quirk of the restaurant rather than a headache when the bill arrives. 

seafood dish at split restaurant
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Orbzii tip: Depending on the season, mosquitos can spoil the party if youre dining al fresco. Pop some bug repellant in your bag. Or, book a table by the window to ensure your meal is undisturbed. 

split restuarant
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Konoba Fetivi

There’s one key ingredient to any decent travel experience. Regional dishes. Finding well cooked, traditional and local recipes can be harder than it should be. Of all the Split restaurants, you’ll want to choose Konoba Fetivi for Croatian cuisine. Inside this welcoming, family-owned taverna, Split dishes, along with a few family classics, reign supreme. Ingredients are locally sourced from nearby markets, drinks are supplied by familyowned wineries in Split and everything feels very… authentic. A much over-used word in travel circles, but here it really does fit the bill. Order anything that has seafood in it and expect to have full bellies and the kind of a rosy glow that only comes from being on the receiving end of local hospitality. 

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