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Nothing quite tells you more about a place than its food. Prague is no exception to this rule: the Czech capital has a cosmopolitan mix of multiple cuisines available, which is representative of the international nature of the city; this internationalism notwithstanding, they’re also very proud of their heritage, and this can be seen in the large number of restaurants serving top notch local fare. Most would pigeonhole Czech cuisine as hearty, but there’s a refined element to many of the dishes, which can be as delicate as anything from a fancy, haute cuisine place in Lyon. And, the best part of this all is that Prague food prices are relatively cheap compared to other European destinations, especially with the high quality that’s on offer. If you’re ready to look for the best food in Prague then read ahead for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner tips in the City of 100 Spires.


Café Louvre

A favourite among locals and tourists alike, and offering refined service at more than reasonable prices, Café Louvre is a breakfast must when you’re visiting Prague. Simply walking in adds a touch of class to your day, and the potential for growing delusions of grandeur is only exacerbated by the serene surroundings and the incredibly attentive staff. The café has been open for over a century; Einstein and Kafka were regular visitors when they lived in the city, and during its time operating the venue has only gotten better at what they do.

louvre cafe
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The breakfast menu is exactly what you’d expect, with classic French dishes like omelettes and croissants served up alongside a traditional Czech breakfast and other central European favourites.

Those with a sweet tooth will be happy with the options, with pancakes, pies, and fresh fruit available too. Coffee aficionados are also well catered for: aside from the usual mix of classic coffee styles, they serve spiced Turkish coffee for those who are feeling a bit more adventurous.

Holidaying morning drinkers will also enjoy the Maria Theresa, which is made of espresso, orange liqueur, and whipped cream. Delectable, reasonably priced, and oh so refined: if you’re wondering what to eat in Prague for breakfast, then look no further.

Pekárna Praktika

If you love eating local, seasonal food, then this Prague bakery is for you. They use only Czech grown wheat to make their loaves, and everything is milled in the city to give it that extra special touch. Whilst the bakery’s main focus is the gorgeous loaves on offer, their breakfasts are an underrated addition to the business, with delicious pastries, cakes, and cold meats served alongside the tasty slices of freshly baked bread.

Moreover, their coffee is made expertly unlike many other restaurants which allow the brew to get scalded, so it really is an ideal place to kick back and relax with some great breakfast food. The only slight issue is that the bakery is inconsistently closed during certain days of the week, although this doesn’t happen that often, so visiting shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have more than a day to spend in Prague.

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U Kroka

Simplicity is what makes this century old Czech restaurant so good. U Kroka is a proper local place, serving amazing dishes at standard Prague food prices, and utilising the best of local ingredients and techniques to leave you stuffed and satisfied. Despite being family run, the meal presentation and general service is among the best in the city, putting it far beyond the level you’d expect from somewhere that doesn’t have high end chefs who’ve been trained all over the world.

If you’re the sort of person who loves to try authentic dishes from the place you’re visiting, then you’ll absolutely love it here: there are a whole host of meaty dishes to try, and vegetarians are able to sink their teeth into a decent amount of the menu too. The Kolinko is a house favourite, and possibly one of the best pork knuckle dishes in Prague, especially when paired with the dark beer sauce it’s served alongside.

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Petrinske Terasy

If you’re keen for lunch with a view then look no further: Petrinske Terasy is possibly the best located restaurant in Prague, and the food matches the scenery. Situated right in the middle of the east side of Petrin Hill, the restaurant has a unique view of the entire city of Prague, both Old and New town.

During the week the menu consists of mostly Czech dishes with a focus on different types of meat, although unlike many other non-specialist restaurants in the city there is a separate menu for vegetarians and vegans and various salads and soups on offer, so nobody has to feel left out.

We would recommend the definitely not vegetarian goulash, which is some of the best in Prague. On weekends the menu is often themed, so for a more unique experience head here on a Saturday or Sunday.



La Degustation

La Degustation is the gold standard when it comes to food in Prague. With a Michelin star and fawning fans coming from all over the world to eat here, it’s no surprise that it makes our list as a must-visit restaurant for dinner, but even with all of this hype we’re sure if you manage to get a table you won’t be disappointed.

Although we haven’t eaten everywhere in the city so can’t claim to know the who serves the best food in Prague, there’s no doubt that this place is up there in terms of pure flavour. When you add the incredible ambience and excellent service, it’s on another level.

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Like most starred places, the tasting menu is the best way to experience the food here. Everything is derived from trusted local farmers and butchers, and the house sommelier can provide the perfect wine pairing for your dish.

Eating at La Degustation is an experience, and as such the food will cost more than you’re used to if you’re comparing it to other Prague food prices, but if you’re a foodie or just want to see the very best of local cuisine, then this is a must visit.

Oblaca @ Zizkov Tower

Towering sixty metres above the ground, Oblaca is the ultimate restaurant with a view in Prague. They’ve been awarded the Lion, a prestigious Czech culinary award, every year for the past half a decade, which shows they don’t just rely on their stunning surroundings to get guests in.

The food itself is pan European, with Italian dishes making up the bulk of the menu, although there are a couple of French and Czech favourites on there. The main thing they all have in common is that they’re delicious. If you want a great meal with an even better view, then Oblaca needs to be on your list of Prague restaurants.

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