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Whether you’ve plumped for one of the Disneyland Paris meal plans or are keeping your options open, you’re going to want to be clued in to the best restaurants. In Disneyland Paris, eateries range from the familiar fast food names – we’re talking Starbucks and McDonalds – to Disney themed buffets, table service fine dining and food truck treats. In short, a mind boggling amount of choice. Expect theme park prices – but perhaps don’t expect the gourmet standards you’ll find in nearby Paris. We’ve tipped you off to the cheapest character meals, the best snacks and an all day guide to the best places to eat in Disneyland Paris. If we had one tip? Book as many restaurants as you can before you go, or you could end up spending a lot of time finding somewhere to eat.


Hitting the park early comes with its rewards and, in our opinion it’s worth the extra fee for the ‘Extra Magic Time’. It’s a rare chance to see Main Street and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle relatively crowd-free. Selfie opportunities aside, being first in the queue for your favourite rides certainly has its appeal. But the big bonus? Character breakfasts. Trust us, your little ones will thank you for the early start when they’re shaking hands with a Disney Princess or Piglet and Eeyore.

Plaza Gardens Restaurant

It can be hard to pack in the big Disney experiences on a budget. Although this restaurant gets busy at breakfast, it’s the cheapest way to meet some very familiar faces. An all you can eat buffet provides plenty of options for little ones. And while you’re not in fine dining territory, you’re not paying for a meal that’ll barely register – because of all the distractions. Expect to see 4 – 6 characters. Hugs, autographs and big smiles all round.

Cost: €35 per person
Disneyland Paris Meal Plan Reduction: Vouchers start at around €12

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Auberge de Cendrillon

If you’re finding the many trips to the all you can eat buffets a little taxing, Auberge de Cendrillon is THE place to eat a table service breakfast in Disneyland Paris. Known to host Princess Breakfasts too, the decor is serving Cinderella realness. At lunch and dinner things get fancy – perhaps a little too swish for any fussy eaters? Breakfast gets you the Auberge experience without forking out €45 for fairy nibbles that may not suit your little one’s palette.

Cost: Princess Breakfast – €49 for Adults €39 for children.

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Perhaps one of the trickiest meals of the day. Do you opt for a long lunch – and a chance to rest those weary feet? Or, do you take advantage of the shorter queue times while everyone’s dining. As ever, Disneyland Paris isn’t short on choice. We’ve shared our pick of the bunch.


The problem with the best restaurants in Disneyland Paris is that they book up quickly. And spaces at the legendary Sunday Brunch character experience at Inventions fill up as soon as reservations open. Yes, the buffet is impressive, but the real draw here is the themed party and rare characters. Prices are steep, but you’ll be spending around two hours eating, laughing and playing with up to 11 characters. You might see special characters – think Mulan and Lilo and Stitch. But the VIPs (Mickey, Minnie and Donald) also appear – usually in rare outfits.

Cost: €79 per person (includes a glass of champagne / non-alcoholic drink)


Orbzii Tips: Though they call this brunch, it’s served between 1-4pm – so definitely grab something for breakfast on the day. Food changes with each theme – and themes aren’t usually revealed until the big day. Book the earliest sitting possible (1pm) and arrive early.

Market House Deli

If you’re limited on time and budget, this is one of the best places to eat in Disneyland Paris. Reasonably priced – in Disney terms, it also opens up on-the-go dining. Baguettes, salads, vegan options and a simple but tasty croque monsieur are all great options for a quick pit stop before hitting the rides again. No frills, themes or characters – but it shows in the pricing. And at any theme park – a reasonably priced bite is always welcome.

Cost: ~€12 for a baguette and drink.

Orbzii Tip: If you’ve got a cool bag with you, grabbing some of Market Deli’s food to go will help you avoid peak hours.

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Rainforest Cafe

If your little ones – or you – find giant life-sized costume characters a little unnerving at close quarters – but you want to keep the Disney vibe flowing through lunch, pick the Rainforest Cafe. The menu sways towards North American cuisine – rather than tropical fruits. But as you tuck into a burger, pasta, salad or Amazon fajitas you’ll experience a tropical thunderstorm, rainforest sounds and experience life in the Amazon. Budding David Attenboroughs of all ages will love spotting the (animatronic) animals. A top shout if your family has mixed dietary requirements. Vegan, veggies, pescatarians and omnis will all fare well.

Cost: Burgers start at €19.99

Orbzii Tip: Avoid exiting through the gift shop if you don’t want to carry at least one adorable new plush friend around the park for the day.

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We’d love to recommend a character dinner – but, after a full day in the park, little ones may be starting to feel a smidge over tired. Costs ramp up and the locations aren’t the best places to eat in Disneyland Paris for dinner. Don’t worry, you’ve still got some suitably enchanting options.

Bistro Chez Remy

A rat’s eye view isn’t necessarily the best recommendation for a restaurant recommendation. But this is Disneyland Paris dining, so we are of course talking about Ratatouille. A seat at this bistro sees you perched on champagne cork seats under a giant cocktail umbrella. Full marks for the theme and the ambience and – for a Disney theme park, the food’s in great shape too. There’s a mediterranean/French fusion feel to the menu. But it never tips into l’escargot levels of food panic. Fans of the film will love the nice touches, so we’re not going to include any more spoilers. A meal here is best paired with a ride or two on the nearby Ratatouille attraction.

Cost: Children’s Menus (Ages 3-11) €19.99 – €35.99. Adult menus range from €33.99 – €77.99

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Walt’s - An American Restaurant

Before you set foot in Walt’s it’s best to brace yourself for a deep dive into Disney nostalgia – and potentially a deep dive into your wallet. No matter. This is a restaurant for a very special meal. Walt Disney memorabilia lines the walls and the upstairs seating allows you to look down on the Main Street parade – if you book a table by the window. Think upscale American dining in terms of menu – and a few of Walt’s very own favourite dishes make an appearance. Disney and history buffs will love this restaurant – though it may be a little too staid for young children.

Cost: Starters range from €17.99 – €20.99 and Mains €39.99 – €49.99

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Orbzii Tip: To keep your budget on track, the set menus deliver the Walt’s experience without any bill worries. There’s even a gourmet vegan set menu – meaning no one has to miss out. Do check if Walt’s is open, this tends to be a summer season only Disneyland Paris dining spot.


Save some of your spending money for some seriously cute – and definitely tasty Disney snacks. In the restaurants, your Disneyland Paris dining experiences may be mixed – but we’ve yet to meet a snack we don’t like here.

Mickey Cookies

Now, these come in all shapes and sizes – and, for any ‘gotta collect ‘em all’ snackers, the seasonal varieties are always worth a shout. For us, the giant cookies are divine. Monster-sized and hiding a secret vault of Nutella within – these are a rare treat. If you spot one. Buy one.

Where to find them: Boardwalk Candy Palace –  Main Street.

cookies disneyland
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We love the Disneyland Paris crepe stall for so many reasons. Value for money, flavour, quick bite convenience and options. It’s all here. One of our top places to eat in Disneyland Paris. Sweet tooth crepe fans will adore the caramel or Nutella crepes. For lunch, the savoury crepes are enough of a snack to keep you going, without feeling too full.

Where to find them: With the food carts – near the Ratatouille ride.

crepes disneyland

Mickey Waffles

Let’s face it. Anything edible in the iconic Mickey shape is going to be more desirable than any other food. And while all the mouse-shaped creations are pretty good – it’s hard to beat the waffles. Swing by Victoria’s and don’t miss the milkshakes. Character-dusted sensations – they are quite the hit on the ‘gram.

Where to find them: Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant – Main Street.

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Drooling over those Mickey cookies? Us too. With the Orbzii app on your phone, you can easily Dream, Plan and Book your way to Disneyland Paris. Pop a cookie in your case for us please!