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Going green in the Dutch capital is a longstanding tradition among visitors, but the recent proliferation of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam takes it to a whole new level. Like much of the Western world, plant-based eating has been enjoying a boom in the city in recent years, and the food scene has adapted on an impressive scale. Vegan Amsterdam no longer refers to specialist health shops or boring rice and beans; there’s a whole world of cruelty free delights at your fingertips. Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

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Hearth Amsterdam

This concept café serves up some of the tastiest vegan food in Amsterdam, mixing creative spaces with even more creative recipes. The Italian owners met whilst working at the Amstel Hotel, and that Mediterranean soul runs through a lot of the dishes here, although there are many other options including vegan sushi. Not only do you get a great meal at Hearth; there’s often live music and the ambience is both relaxing and refined. The vegan tiramisu is a firm favourite for regulars. If you’re looking for an ethical, delicious lunch, then this is one of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

Beter and Leuk

Vegan brunch lovers need not fear: Beter and Leuk is here for your elevensies desires. This snug little café is perfect for all dietary requirements, serving tasty vegan food to the Amsterdam masses, as well as offering plenty to those who are gluten free. The menu is mostly focused on classic breakfast dishes, and the vegan breakfast bowl is one of the best you can find anywhere in the world, but if you’re dropping by you have to try the seaweed burger and Korean rice bowls. Not only do the café owners deliver a slice of vegan paradise, they allow you to take a little sliver of it home with their gift and takeaway shop, both attached to the café. Ethical, sustainable, and scrumptious: a visit here is a tasty addition to any Amsterdam itinerary.

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A unique and friendly space, Betty’s serves up some of the best vegan food in Amsterdam, taking inspiration from all over the world to deliver the best dishes to their patrons, all with that special Betty’s twist. Although mostly vegetarian, the staff here are more than happy to veganise their dishes for those who are completely animal free. The three course “surprise” menu is all made from scratch and depends on what ingredients are available. They’re also famous for their baked goods, so those with a sweet tooth should definitely make sure to visit. And, if you’re not keen for a full meal, they have some of the tastiest (and surprisingly healthy) vegan junk food in Amsterdam. If you’re interested in how the (meatless) sausage is made, Betty’s also offer workshops on putting together a delectable menu and dish preparation.

Meatless District

Meatless District – named after the famous Meatpacking District in New York – is without a doubt one of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. Offering a wonderful blend of fancy plates and vegan junk food, you can even just pop in for a drink or three. The open kitchen means you can salivate over your dishes before they’re put in front of you, and all ingredients are organic and fresh. As a result, the food changes seasonally, but usually consists mainly of veganised classic dishes, with burgers, soups and roasts often taking pride of place on the main menu. If you’re not hungry and just fancy a tipple, there are a tonne of interesting and innovative cocktails to choose from, as well as classic favourites.

Meatless District
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Watsons Food
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Mr & Mrs Watson

One of the more refined vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, Mr & Mrs Watson was set up to counter the lack of creative plant-based cuisine in the Dutch capital. Named for the founder of the Vegan Society, Donald Watson, their specialty is undoubtedly vegan cheese. These imitations are rightfully considered some of the best in the world, especially the Roquefort. The vegan lifestyle runs through everything they do, from the pineapple “leather” seats to the specifically chosen vegan wines. The lunch menu is a lighter affair, with mostly sandwiches and snacks, and the dinner menu is a higher end and more inventive event, with the three-course option changing seasonally and depending on available ingredients. Mr & Mrs Watson also benefits from being a bit larger than most of the other restaurants on this list, taking up two floors and an outdoor patio area, so there shouldn’t be too much of a wait for a table.

Oliver Green

Oliver Green is all about bringing healthy, delicious vegan food to Amsterdam. The proprietors sought to deliver stylish and nutritious plant-based meals to the Dutch population after finding out just how hard it was to eat vegan in the city, especially when on the go. Premium but not pretentious, they cook with sustainable, unprocessed ingredients, and don’t use the industrialised meat replacements many other vegan restaurants in Amsterdam do. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the salad and grain bowls are their specialties, with the Bali Bowl a mouth-watering favourite among regulars. Perfect for the health-conscious vegan.

Vegan food in Amsterdam
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Vegan food


Big, bold ethics and bigger, bolder flavours are what define this charming plant-based café. Offering up everything from salad bowls to burgers, SOIL doesn’t fit into the mould of hippies eating leaves; it delivers some of the best vegan junk food in Amsterdam as well as delectable takes on full dishes. Although only a couple years old, the café is well established in the city, and allows diners of all culinary persuasions to enjoy a delicious vegan meal in cosy, comforting surroundings. They pride themselves on being casual in the restaurant, but exact in the kitchen, and this shows with the quality of the food. Most of the menu is seasonal as they only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients, but the Pulled “Pork” burger is a must try, as is the homemade vegan cheesecake.

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