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Just a few years ago, eating vegan food in Tenerife involved rummaging around in the nearest Lidl to bolster the chips and salad you’d been making do with. Now, the island’s home to over a dozen exclusively vegan restaurants and Tenerife is shaping up to be vegan friendly. Omni restaurants have opened up their tills to the vegan Euro, and while the falafel reigns supreme as the go to option – at least it is an option.

We’ve tipped you off to the best vegan restaurants in Tenerife for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll find them in some of the holiday hotspots – think Santa Cruz and Los Cristianos – so a hire car isn’t a bad shout if you want to get around them all. Oh and the falafels? You won’t find mention of a single one in our vegan picks. We have however tracked down the hallowed Beyond burger. You’re welcome.


Depending on your island lodgings, you may well have a breakfast buffet at your disposal. But, after a few trips to the fruit bowl and a pick through the usually meagre vegan offerings, you’ll be looking for pastures new. Vegans … we’ve got great news. Smoothie bowls, avo toast and vegan cakes have reached Canarian shores. Your appetite and Instagram feed will be suitably stuffed.

La Pajarita - Vegan

Just hearing the words vegan bakery has us packing a suitcase and heading for the airport. And this stellar spot in Santa Cruz is no exception. Part bakery, part cafe, the doors open daily (except on Sunday) and the sweet, sweet magic happens. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes and cheesecakes are backed up with some more nutritionally balanced breakfast offerings. There are no ills La Pajarita’s cashew-cheese toasties can’t cure and the cold pressed juices add a nice pick-me-up touch to start the day. If you’re not on speaking terms with gluten – fear not, this vegan bakery’s got your back. The gluten free banana cupcakes are tasty, whatever your dietary needs are.

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Tierra Cafe - Vegan / Veggie

It seems only right that on an island bursting at the seams with ‘Full English’ offerings, there’s a vegan cafe in Tenerife serving a suitably plant-based version. And, tbh, we’re totally on board. But don’t let the standard brekkie fare fool you. Tierra’s menu is chock full of vegan delights – with a sprinkling of veggie options too. We find it hard to resist their salted caramel smoothies – and avo toast is always a welcome sight. Their smoothie bowls, toasted sandwiches, wraps and cake will all hit the spot. An all day brunch kinda place – open 9am – 5pm in Costa Adeje. Their ‘grammable decor and dishes will tempt you to stay – but there’s a shop and take out option if the beach beckons.


Vegan food in Tenerife was once restricted to chips, salad and bread. Thankfully there’s a good crop of plant-based spots springing up across the island. Even omni places are starting to sprinkle their menus with vegan options. For lunch we’ve plumped for leisurely vegan midday eats that’ll rival any Lidl picnic you’ve cobbled together on the fly.

Buenavida - Vegan

Vegans. You’re going to face quite the dilemma at Buenavida. There’s a glorious and ever
changing blackboard of Italian dishes. Made by the vegan Italian couple that run the joint, these come heartily recommended – with more than a taste of Italy. There’s just one teeny tiny problem. Just to the side of the blackboard, sits almost every vegan’s kryptonite. The mighty Beyond burger calls you like a siren to the vegan junk food rocks. The only solution? Lunch at Buenavida often enough to work your way through the lot. Trouble is… they’re only open from 1-4:30pm Thursday through Sunday in Costa Adeje. Feast while you can.

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Via Organica - Vegan / Veggie

If you’ve strolled the strips in Tenerife before, you’ll know this island is no stranger to junk food. So a joint like Via Organica is very much a vegan diamond in the rough. Yes, it’s organic, preservative free and all natural – but if you’ve been surviving on chips, bread and sorbet, your microbiome will thank you for the extra nutrients. Expect their menu to change with the seasons – but there’s always a soup, salad and sandwich – plus a hearty pasta dish. Fans of nutritional yeast will rejoice at the often added sprinkling – and the shop’s a great place to fill your self-catering cupboards. Tucked away in Santa Cruz, they’re open 10-8pm (Mon – Fri) and close early on Saturdays (10:30am – 4pm).

Eco Eco Brunch Cafe - Vegan / Veggie

This place bills itself as a brunch spot – but we prefer it as a lunch venue. But, there really isn’t a wrong time of day to eat breakfast. As with Via Organica, dishes tend towards the healthy end of the spectrum here. But Eco Eco’s vibe seems a little more flexible. Yes, the cakes might be sugar free – but they’re no less calorie laden. Pitch up for buddha bowls, plenty of avocado, burgers, colourful salads and homemade hummus served 10-4pm in Los Cristianos. We loved the inclusive vibe here – veggie dishes make it accessible for any carnivores in your group – and the gluten-free, vegan and homemade dishes means pretty much everything can be tailored to you.

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Of all the vegan restaurants in Tenerife, few, if any, seem to have taken on the mantle of brewing up some traditional Canary Island treats. Not that it matters, you can still dine well. Falafels and the like are ten a penny. So we’ve snuffled out some Italian treats for you instead.

La Casseruola - Omni

Another omni recommendation – but one that caters so well to vegans, we just had to include it. Do bring your best Spanish – or Google translate here – the owner’s English isn’t splendid, but the least we can do is meet him halfway. He has, after all, laden his menu with some vegan Italian eats you’ll love. Don’t worry about the language barrier – his vegan dishes are very clearly labelled. Expect the classics – bruschetta, risottos, pasta dishes – and a nice line in salads. And, unlike some Tenerife attempts at a salad, these feature more than just iceberg and a couple of tomatoes. They have also been known to lay on a vegan Christmas menu in December. And it’s that ‘going the extra mile’ kind of vibe that’ll make you love this Los Cristianos restaurant.

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La Ecologica - Omni

Do you love pizza? Then run, don’t walk, to La Ecologica in Santa Cruz. Straight off, we’re going to alert you to this place’s omni leanings. But don’t hold that against them. They’ll sub any cheese on the menu for a vegan cheese that melts well on their glorious pizza bases. There are plenty of vegan topping choices and there’s a vegan lasagne on the menu if you’re not in the mood for pizza. Though, we imagine this is a pretty rare occurrence. The best part about La Ecologica? The pizza-twirling pros have only gone and put something other than fruit salad on their dessert menu. Vegan cakes and pizza in one night? We may have found our vegan mecca. If we didn’t already love this pastel-tinged haven, they’ve also got a cracking youth project on the go to train future bakers and pizza makers on the island. Legends.

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