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Dubrovnik’s wine scene? Brimming with rare treats – but mostly kept under wraps. Not because it’s not fit for UK palates – but bottles rarely stray beyond Croatia. Vineyards produce enough to keep the tipple on local tables – but there’s not quite enough for global domination. Which is a long-winded way of saying, you should really indulge in some wine tasting in Dubrovnik.

Croatia’s indigenous grapes are packing some unique flavours – so brace those tastebuds for some surprises. Keep your wine list eyes peeled for Malvazija Istarska for a fruity Croatian crowd pleaser. If you’re a really adventurous wine fan, the divisive Plavac Mall is one to debate with a group of likeminded wine buffs. 

Wine tours

Dubrovnik Wine Tours

Wine tours actually in Dubrovnik are a little thin on the ground. Many take you out of the city to the region’s wineries. Yes, you’ll benefit from some scenic views – but you’ll also be in a car or minibus for a couple of hours. This Old Town walking tour does away with all that and steers you to three wine highlights within Dubrovnik’s city walls. A wine shop, restaurant and cafe – along with insider stories on city life and the history of Dubrovnik’s wine scene. 

Cost: €95 per person. 

dubrovnik wine tours
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wine cellar in Dubrovnik

With locals

Get rural with this private tour of a family run farm that happens to specialise in wine. You’ll be picked up from Dubrovnik and whisked to Agritourism Zlatovišće. Around 30km from the city, you’ll get to see some Croatian countryside on route. Once you’re there, settle in for a farm to table lunch – with a sommelier to guide you through the wines, liqueurs and the region’s unique properties. It’s the local touch that really ramps this tour up into ‘must do’ territory. Though it’s a professional set up – you’ll eat in the wine cellar – there’s a homely vibe woven into the tour. You’ll feel like you’ve been invited to dinner – or lunch – with a local family. And that local family just happens to have been producing wine for centuries.

Cost: €71 per person.

Orbzii tip: Though this is a farm to table and largely organic set up, the meals do include meat. Make sure you mention any dietary needs when you book. 

Dubrovnik Food Tours

Don’t let the fact that this company focuses on food tours put you off. Tucked away on their tour menu is the Dalmatian Flavours tour that really deserves more attention. You’ll be whisked out to the Peljesac peninsula for a half day romp through some agrotourism highlights. Organic, local, home grown – all the gourmet buzzwords are present in this one. And, that’s what makes it. You do stop by two wineries – so it’s not all cuisine. Wine tasting – paired with oyster picking and a poke about in the local saltworks. A food and wine combo that’s hard to beat.

dubrovnik food tours
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Cost: €150 per person. 

Orbzii tip: This small group tour is for 7 people max. If you’re travelling with friends chat it up with the organisers and you may be able to organise a private trip. 

Wine tasting

Wine tours in Dubrovnik can be slightly misleading. In that, well, they are rarely IN Dubrovnik. If you’d rather test your nose in the Old Town, snuffle out D’Vino. Pull up a stool for an all day wine tasting – which simply means you can sample their flights for breakfast, if you fancy. Or, perhaps night owls will prefer the evening of wine stories – and wine, for £30. But, the highlights on this wine bar’s menu are the small group tastings. From Thursdays to Saturdays, D’Vino rummages in the cellar for its rarest wines – and serves them up with tapas platters. £54 isn’t an inconsiderable sum – but you’ll be joined by the owner, who’s unbottling gems from his own collection. 


Orbzii tip: D’Vino know their wines – and their audience. The wine bar has a side-hustle in the shape of a tailormade wine tour. The basic tour centres around local wineries – but around that – it’s up to you, or D’Vino can handpick some experiences for you. 

Wineries and vineyards near Dubrovnik

Maybe you just fancy a wine laden lunch? Or, perhaps you’ve done your fair share of wine tours and are ready to get to grips with any nation’s grape varietals? Hop in your hire car and seek out these wineries. All within driving distance of Dubrovnik – and you won’t have to share your cheese platter with 12 of your newest Croatian chums. 

OPG Brajković

45-minute drive south of Dubrovnik puts you in Croatian wine country. And, you’ll also find the village of Zastolje. A charming enough place for an amble, but you’re here for the Brajković winery. A farmhouse, surrounded by vines and olive groves, it’s a prime spot for wine tasting. Best of all, you can try a few unusual drinks. The Vranac red is only available in this region and the wine liqueur is worth a sip – if only for the novelty value. Food-wise, you’re looking at just a simple platter. But, really, this just lets the wine stand out all the more.

OPG Brajković
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Orbzii tip: Hungry? You’re within a stone’s throw of Konavoski Dvori National Restaurant. Serving traditional Croatian dishes – from all regions, it’s also set in a national park. Grab a terrace table next to the river for the best views. 

dubrovnik edivo vina
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Edivo Vina Winery

Let’s be honest. Winery experiences can be fairly similar the world over. Barrels, vines, tasting platters, reds, whites, rosé. Job done. If you’re even the tiniest bit jaded, and looking for a one-off experience, grab your wetsuit. Yes, you read that right, grab it and head to Edivo Vina. An underwater winery whereas you may have now gathered, they do things differently. Dive to see the bottles languishing on the sea bed – or sip the uniquely aged vintages in the swish wine bar. Expect barnacles, a chat about sea floor temperatures and the chance to purchase a limited edition bottle that’s been knocking about on a shipwreck for a couple of years.

Orbzii tip: On the drive out to the winery, stop off in Ston. Europe’s longest fortress system – and its many, many stone steps are waiting to be scampered upon. 

Looking for a delightful beach to enjoy a glass of vino you picked up on your tour? Look no further than our guide to Dubrovnik’s best beaches.  

Ready to gambol through Dubrovnik’s wine scene? Those bold reds and unique grape varietals won’t drink themselves, so let’s get you to the vineyards with the Orbzii app. Dream, book and plan your ultimate Dubrovnik wine tasting trip.