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A long-time favourite destination for pre-wedding parties, Amsterdam’s blend of quirkiness, fun, and freedom makes it an ideal spot to let loose for one last time. There are plenty of Amsterdam stag ideas, ranging from the commonplace to the absurd, but no matter whether you’re looking for something a little risqué or activities you can bring your grandad along to, you’re sure to find it here. Stags, best men, and those just along for the ride: strap in and take note, because we’re here to tell you about the best stag do ideas in Amsterdam.

Beer Bikes with DamTours

Beer Bikes with DamTours

A classic for stag trips to Amsterdam, beer bikes are the best way to see the sights and have a few along the way. Bikes can hold up to 17 people, so group sizes shouldn’t be an issue. For those who aren’t keen on beer other alcohol is available, although spirits are not allowed for health and safety reasons. The routes vary but usually have the same start and end point and allow for stops along the way (including toilet stops every twenty or so minutes), and if there’s something your group are particularly interested to see, the accommodation can usually be made. Tours cycle in rain or shine and come with a driver to make sure you don’t get lost; they also provide information about the city and helpful tips for the rest of your holiday throughout the journey. The bikes are motorised for your comfort and ease of use, so if you’re feeling particularly fragile after a big night or three you won’t be forced to pump the pedals.

Escape Factory

Those looking for some more wholesome stag do ideas in Amsterdam should consider heading over to Escape Factory in Amsterdam Noord. This area of the city is accessibly by a free ferry from Amsterdam Centraal (roughly every fifteen minutes during the day, up to half an hour in the middle of the night). The venue offers a number of challenging Escape Rooms for every level of skill. Each room is only designed for four to six people, but up to fifty can be in the venue at any time due to the number of different puzzles, so big groups are welcome.

Escape room

Casa Rosso

The most famous sex show in Amsterdam, this institution offers free entry for the husband to be if a stag group is visiting. The show consists of a mixture of comedy and adult content, and each show is different depending on the performers. Two free drinks are included in the entry price and the raunchy entertainment is as hilarious as it is captivating. Located right in the heart of the Red-Light district, it’s incredibly accessible, and incredibly popular, so try to book ahead.


Situated right in the heart of Rembrandt Square, this coffee shop is attached to a bar and nightclub, so you can transition seamlessly from a chilled-out day to a party at night. Although it’s often full of tourists and students, it still has a high-quality selection of cannabis, and drinks at reasonable prices. It’s also one of the few places open until the wee hours on a Sunday, so if you’re still looking for a bit of fun when everything else seems to have shut, you can head towards the neon signs. A must visit for any stag trips to Amsterdam.


Brouwerij’t IJ

This brewery and bar serves up excellent, freshly brewed craft beer, inspired by the brews on offer in neighbouring Belgium. Located on the city outskirts and adjacent to the 300-year-old De Gooyer windmill, there’s a wonderful, spacious outdoor area to sit back and enjoy your drinks as the day flies by. The selection of beer is unparalleled, and they offer all types so that every visitor will be satisfied. A great spot to unwind after a big night or prepare for the upcoming one, this brewery is a must for any stag trips to Amsterdam.

Grey Area

If you want to commemorate your upcoming nuptials by having a smoke in the same spot as Snoop Dogg, a visit to Grey Area is for you. This coffee shop has been running for a quarter of a century and offers an unbeatable selection and chilled out atmosphere, as well as some great edibles and non-weed snacks. Located a short walk from the centre of the city, Grey Area is easily accessible and a fun place to kill a few hours for any stag group looking to recuperate.

Grey area
De School

De School

The sort of nightclub that would slide easily into the Berlin scene, De School offer the best of electronic and techno music in the Dutch capital. If you’re looking for something commercial, it’s unlikely to be the spot for you, but lovers of dance music will have an incredible time. Make sure to brush up on the artists who are playing that night as you might be quizzed on it by the doorperson, but if you want to dance until the early hours, then visiting is an excellent idea for a stag do in Amsterdam.

Pacific Amsterdam

This eclectic spot offers the best of eating, drinking, and dancing in the Dutch capital. A great addition to any stag trips to Amsterdam, Pacific has a cosy indoor area and a massive outdoor area for large groups, where you can order delicious food or just have a few beers in the sun. On weekend evenings DJs and performers set up in the outdoor area, and the space turns into a mini club until the early hours. One of the best Amsterdam stag ideas as it has everything you need rolled into one.

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Pizza Cruise

Amsterdam Pizza Cruise

As far as stag  ideas in Amsterdam go, a pizza cruise ticks all the boxes. Mouth watering cheesy slices, beer or wine included, and a chance to see the city in the best way possible: it really does have it all. Cruises can fit large groups in, and you get a chance to travel through the UNESCO world heritage canal rings of the old city. The cruises usually take place in the evening, so you get to see the splendour of the city in the golden hour, alongside a pint and some delicious food. A great way to finish your evening and start the night, pizza cruises are a must do for stag trips to Amsterdam.

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