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For the uninitiated, picking out the best beach clubs in Ibiza could be a treacherous pursuit. If only it were as simple as popping online, seeing one you like the look of and pitching up. Sure, those day beds look plump – but will they be surrounded by a raucous crowd, a very lively saxophonist or a chilled, yet mature, clientele looking to lounge in silence? Delete as appropriate, depending on your worst nightmare or ideal company.

Of course, you could be tempted to just go for the big name brands you’ve heard of. Not to speak ill of an Ibiza institution, but as iconic destinations such as Cafe Del Mar are, your time may be better spent elsewhere. Still keen to cross the cafe off your to do list? Visit as the sun sets.

If you’re looking for a couple of recommendations for stellar beach club all-rounders, keep on reading.

Ibiza’s chic and chilled beach clubs

Done a little Googling and found yourself swimming in beach club options? Relax. This category is awash with stellar spots. Though your instincts should see you right, a little insider info goes a long way in Ibiza.

Tanit beach club
Instagram @tanitbeach

Tanit Beach

Plush, refined – and perched on the southern tip of Cala D’En Bossa. Here, your delectable lunch will be accompanied by laid back live music and little else. Families are welcomed, but Tanit’s kids’ club keeps the chitter chatter at bay.

You and your guests will want for nothing. An eclectic menu tips a nod to the plant-based among your group – which can be a rarity. You will find that lively saxophonist we mentioned, tooting his way through the sun beds occasionally, but it only adds to Tanit’s slightly offbeat charm.

Cotton Beach Club

Where Tanit lives its chilled life in colour, Cotton Beach Club has stripped everything back to brilliant white. Uncluttered, clean lines will calm your mind – and help you focus on the seascape ahead. For the best view, secure a spot on the rooftop terrace.

Three courses here might set your holiday budget reeling, but the Ibizan sunset and Cotton Club’s signature ‘chocolate texture’ dessert should see you right. Short on elegant beach couture? The onsite boutique definitely isn’t peddling holiday trinkets. And, if you’re actually here to get your toes on some sand instead of under a dining table – the private beach keeps this destination definitively luxurious.

Cotton beach club

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Maya beach club
Instagram @mayabeachclubibiza

Maya Beach Club

If you’re wondering how to access beach club life without pushing the boat out too far, Maya Beach is for you. Stylish and comfortable, they have some entry level beds on the beach. From here you can access all the services – we never can resist a massage, but you’ll not be committed to the full-on daybed experience.

Orbzii tip

There’s almost always a minimum spend expected if you’re booking a day bed – but you’ll rarely see it published on the beach club’s websites. Expect to pay around €80 a day at Tanit, for a bed that accommodates three. Easily doable if you’re plundering the cocktail menu, but best to check your T&C’s. Many beach clubs don’t count food towards your minimum spend.

Ibiza’s party scene beach clubs

Ibiza’s best party locations change with the seasons. Some are in vogue, others starting to lose their edge and occasionally you’ll get a breakthrough club stealing the limelight. That said, year on year, there are a couple of steadfast beach clubs that you can rely on.

O beach club
Instagram @obeachibiza

O Beach Club

Before you’ve even booked your O Beach cabana, you’ll know you’re in for a wild one. Not to get too theatrical on you, but it’s the production values that really ice O Beach’s seriously indulgent cake. Yes, the music’s legendary, but it’s the aerial yoga moves that really catch the eye.

Although this isn’t the cheapest venue, it’s well worth the price. Your day quickly turns into an Ibiza night out to remember, whilst drinks packages keep things on budget. Colourful, lively and while the crowd sways towards the younger end of the spectrum, hardcore music lovers of all ages will feel at home here.

Sa Trinxa

We could easily list Sa Trinxa under all of our category headings. Yet here it is, in the party scene. Why? Because unlike the dedicated party hotels and clubs – where unabashed hedonism is carefully orchestrated, at Sa Trinxa – it just happens.  

Organic and spontaneous – always the best kind of parties, days here never feel contrived. Loungers are basic but comfortable. The food is, of course, Instagrammable and – best of all, reasonably priced. The real secret Sa Trinxa recipe? The DJs. Household names? No – but they’ve spent decades quietly bringing dance floors across the world to life. And it shows.

Sa Trinxa beach club
Instagram @satrinxaibiza

Orbzii tip

Although booking an O Beach day bed can seem pricey, they can accommodate up to 10 people. At €900 the minimum spend seems hefty – but invite everyone you know to join you and it’ll even out. Remember to ask when the minimum spend cut off time is – you don’t want to make any hasty cocktail decisions.

Beach clubs for stunning sunsets

We make no apologies for pointing you towards an Ibizan sunset at every opportunity. Everyone should see one – at least once in their life. Unsurprisingly, they’re big business on the island. Viewing spots come at a price – but some of the best beach clubs in Ibiza have kept their prices accessible. Absolute legends.

Sunset Ashram beach club
Instagram @sunsetashram

Sunset Ashram

Things feel pretty rustic at Sunset Ashram. The landscape’s set by Cala Conta, and nature’s done a better job than any interior designer could rustle up.

Few frills, no minimum day bed spend, space on the sand and an eclectic music line up. You’re here for the sunset, of course – but the Hindu cooking is the restaurant’s forte. The sushi gets the social media buzz. But for us, the cod, dahl and crispy green pistachios steals the show. Sunset Ashram’s coconut sauce is almost as good as the sunset.

Cala Bassa Beach Club

Cala Bassa might be one of Ibiza’s most crowded sand spots. Which did make us question recommending it. But CBBC, as it’s known, has lined the shore with food for every budget. Gastronomy sits side by side with indulgently greasy snacks – because sometimes you just want to order a filthy burger and fries. Any upscale joint that sets their snack prices this affordable gets the thumbs up from us. Though it won’t help any pre-holiday wellness goals, your bank balance will be all the fatter for it.

Cala Bassa beach club
Instagram @calabassabeachclub
Experimental beach
Instagram @eccbeach

Orbzii Tip

Experimental Beach might look like a great location to enjoy one last sunset before you fly home. Close to the airport it may be, but there’s just one, very bumpy, very congested, road in and out. By all means pop by for the views, but not when you’ve got a plane to catch.

Special mention: Places for for famous faces

Blue Marlin
Instagram @bluemarlinibiza

Wondering where Ibiza’s socialites spend their days? Look no further than Blue Marlin. A super-yacht level hang out, Aston Martins pepper the parking lot, and large wallets are very much the order of the day. It could be accused of resting on its well-heeled laurels. And though Beyonce’s visit hasn’t in any way marred its reputation, newcomer Nikki Beach is luring away both clientele and those all important super-yachts. We’re smitten with Nikki Beach’s clean aesthetic, unfaltering service and mouth-watering menu. The celebs seem to agree.

Orbzii tip

You’ll hear much talk of Blue Marlin’s Sunday events. Yet, so has everyone else on Ibiza. Perhaps give them a pass. Pete Tong may be headlining, but endless queues for the bathrooms, little chance of daybed drinks service and tightly packed crowds don’t quite make the platinum prices worth it. Pop by another time for the A-List level bliss you’re paying for.

All this party talk got you feeling in need of an Ibiza wellness retreat? We’ve got that one sorted too.

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