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When you think of Salzburg, camping may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Shame really, as Salzburg is an idyllic location for camping or glamping. Or, more accurately, Salzburg and the surrounding Salzburgerland region are ideal camping grounds. In the city itself, there are a few wellplaced options on the outskirts of Salzburg. These are perfectly for cycling in to explore this Austrian beauty.   

Travel a little further afield and youre smack bang in the Austrian alps. Here, things take a turn towards glamping, alpine lodges and sprawling sites. What would we recommend? Packing a tent, some hiking boots and a sense of alpine adventure and mixing up your stay. Start with camping in Salzburg to see the big sights, then move on to a spot of glamping to live it up in the alps. We’ve got the rundown of what to expect below… 


Rarely would you expect to find campsites within cycling distance of a major city, but Salzburg is the kind of place that likes to bend a few rules. We’ve rifled through the camping options in Salzburg to bring you pitches close to the city and an option a little further out to bring the best of both worlds. 

Camping Nord-Sam

Around 6km north of the centre of Salzburg lies this cheeky little number. Right on a cycle path that leads you straight into Salzburg – and with onsite bike hire – you can’t really find a more convenient campsite in the city. You’ll be treated to 4-star facilities – so we’re talking swimming pool, WiFi and onsite entertainment and excursions. Despite being so close to the city, you’re still surrounded by plenty of trees and greenery – with each pitch given privacy thanks to some well-maintained hedges. 

Orbzii tip: If cycling 5 or 6km in an Austrian summer sounds a little on the taxing side, fret not. This campsite is on a main bus route too. The number 23 bus stops around 100m from the park entrance and whisks you straight into Salzburg’s Old Town. 

salzburg campingnordsam
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salzburg camping.grubhof
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Park Grubhof

Set over a sprawling 10-acre site, Park Grubhof may be a little too busy for camping purists who just want to get away from it all. Caravans and campervans seem to stretch a little too far along the horizon, but the best part of the park is reserved for those who want to sleep under canvas. An exclusive field set aside for tents sits alongside a gently babbling river and offers morning views over the Lofer Mountains. Facilities, as you’d expect for a park of this size, are on point. Located just over 50 minutes from central Salzburg puts this site within city scampering range – but you’ve ample opportunity to head for the hills if you’d prefer. The onsite restaurant and beer garden provide refreshments – but don’t miss out on the many nearby inns for the real taste of Austria. 

Orbzii tip: Take some time to pick your pitch. You can choose from family-friendly areas, or sections that allow dogs – or even a spot among the caravans and campers. It pays to find your feet here, to get the perfect spot.  

Camping Schloss Aigen

If Park Grubhof was a little too polished for you – and you want to be closer to the city – camping in Salzburg doesn’t get more rustic than this. Camping Schloss Aigen is a charming little field in the Aigen Nature Park. Around a 10-minute drive from the city, the site has few bells and whistles. Worry not though, the essentials are all here. Showers, loos and beautiful views are all you really need. Helpfully, there’s an onsite restaurant that also sells grocery basics – handy if you’ve forgotten to take advantage of Salzburg’s eclectic dining scene. 

salzburg campingaigen
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Unsurprisingly, glamping in central Salzburg is in short supply. It’s just as well there’s the vast expanse of Salzburgerland in the surrounding region to pitch your swish tent in, explore in a campervan or go superluxe in an alpine lodge.  

Sportcamp Woferglut

We’ve filed this luxe site under glamping, but you can still opt for a basic pitch up and pitch your tent option. But, and here’s the glamping bonus at Sportcamp Woferglut, you’ll be on a site full of luxury facilities. The 4-star resort, just an hour and 20 minutes from Salzburg, has all the mod-cons you’d expect. There are no less than five swimming pools, a very swish gym and a sauna to use while you camp. The list continues, with sports, events and children’s activities ensuring everyone’s needs are met. Man-made facilities not your bag? Finding yourself in the midst of the Hohe Tauern National Park, complete with nearby lake and mountainous landscape, definitely fulfil that back-to-nature camping vibe. 

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salzburg Alpendorf.Dachstein.West
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Alpendorf Dachstein West

How does spending week or two in an alpine summer lodge sound? If you instantly thought ‘heavenly’, the Alpendorf Dachstein West lodges are for you. Yes, they are about an hour south east of Salzburg – but you’re still in Salzburgerland territory. And, really, this is the stuff hire cars were made for. Alpine road trips, alpine flower meadows, alpine air. You get the picture. Hike through the mountains or book into the onsite spa. The Alpendorf Dachstein West is a campsite full of facilities, so you will be sharing your alpine space with others. Though, when you can flee into the nearby mountains, you’ve got the best of both worlds. 

Wild Camping

Normally, we’re all for a bit of wild camping. The freedom of a night under the stars wherever you please makes our travel hearts sing. Unfortunately, in Austria, wild camping often comes with a hefty fine and a hard stare from the authorities. That’s not to say it’s completely off the menu, but we’d advise you tread carefully.  

Hidden Campervan Spots

If you’ve got a campervan – or are thinking of hiring one to go camping in Salzburg, here’s a little tip from us. Download the Park 4 Night app to find a place to camp – wherever you are in the world. It lists the major caravan parks, but also some stellar and hard to find free spots you’d never find on your own. When it comes to camping in Salzburg, your best bet is to head out of the city. Anything urban is going to come with street noise and a possible tap on the window from the police. Here are our picks for your campervan. 

salzburg campervan spots
salzburg Glasenbach-Klamm Wanderweg

Tranquil woodland

Sleep surrounded by nature at the Glasenbach-Klamm Wanderweg spot south-east of the city. Campers that have used the spot describe falling asleep to the sound of the nearby waterfall and enjoying a quiet night or two in the woods. No facilities, but you’re not too far from the city or nearby civilisation. 

185 Schmiedingerstraße

This large parking lot near the lakes is a great spot for a swim – and a shower. Any facilities are a bonus when you’re looking for free places to park for the night. Just 6kms away from the centre of Salzburg, you can leave your camper and cycle into the city or spend the day on the lake. 

salzburg 185 Schmiedingerstraße

Looking to enjoy a taste of Salzburg’s famous beers? Head this way for our ultimate beer lover’s guide to Salzburg. 

Not all campsites in Salzburg come with free WiFi, so while youre still connected, pop the Orbzii app on your phone. Its the best way to plan and book the ultimate Salzburg trip.