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In most minds, romantic getaways should tick a few boxes. Sunsets, stargazing, hidden beach coves and a little added luxury. Happily, Menorca has all that and more. Mix in a little island history, chic and intimate dining spaces, vineyards to explore and classic Menorcan attractions, and this Balearic beauty starts to look like the perfect loved-up escape. We’ve given you a few hints on the best places to go in Menorca for couples. So, follow our lead, use the intel as inspo or create your own magical week on the island together.  


Explore Menorca’s rugged coastline

Lengthy strolls along Menorca’s beaches are made for couples looking to get swept up in the island’s scenery. Some coves have a distinctly Caribbean vibe, though do remember to expect pines instead of palms. On the north coast, you’ll find beaches with barely another soul in sight. Perfect places for romantic picnics – or perhaps a spot of secluded swimmingCala Presili, in the north east, immediately springs to mind, though with few facilities it’s for couples who don’t mind shores without frills. Some of the best beaches in Menorca come with facilities and attractions, but for the ultimate romantic hideaway, seek out the cave at Cala Parejals. 

Cala Presili beach in menorca
beach lounge at evening in menorca
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Indulge in a little luxe life…

Menorca’s a rustic and rugged kind of place, with plenty of old town charm to explore. But, there’s also the allure of checking in to a chic beach club for the day or reserving a VIP spot in Menorca’s hottest nightlife spot. First up, those beach clubs. They are a little thin on the ground but, do a little digging and you’ll find coastal retreats in Playas de Fornells, the Cala´n Bosch marina and Cala Galdana. Of the three options, Arena Beach Club in Cala´n Bosch has the most facilities. Hire a Balinese bed, order a bottle of champagne and book into the spa for some couples treatments.  

One of the best places to go in Menorca for couples? The VIP booths at Cova Den Xoroi. A bar carved into caves high up on the cliffs of Cala’n Porter, everything from the sunset views to the drinks behind the bar are on point. Do your research on this one though. Some nights, Cova Den Xoroi becomes an exclusive nightclub, others it’s the location for an intimate live music gig. Choose wisely and consider a spot behind the VIP ropes if you like to avoid the crowds. 

sunset at cliffside bar in menorca
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Of course, not all luxurious experiences need to come with a hefty price tag. In Menorca, there’s a free spa treatment available to all, namely a mud mask. On the sands at Algaiarens, Cavalleria and Cala Roja you’ll find clay deposits that do wonders for your skin. A chance to massage each other head to toe – before diving into the sea to wash off the detoxing mud. Fun and perhaps also a little romantic if you know your partner likes their spa treatments. 

Sunsets and Star gazing

Yes, a stroll in the sunset may seem a little stereotypical, but if any sunsets are going to reignite the flames of passion, it’s Menorca’s. We don’t need to tell you that, geographically speaking, you need to head west. But we can tip you off to a few stellar spaces where everything aligns to make the sunset that touch more magical. If you like your landscapes fairly rugged, head to the lighthouse at Punta Nati. The lighthouse itself makes for a nice sunset selfie background – and as the area’s quite deserted, you’ll most often have the place to yourselves. For something with a little more to entertain, the sunset terrace at Bambu is a great place to start the night. In Menorca, nightlife never gets too rowdy, and this large bar provides the perfect mix of ambience, food, and cocktails for a romantic evening.   

sun setting over sea at menorca beach

When the sun sets, Menorca has the ideal conditions for star gazing, although we’ll not get too tangled up in the science behind Menorca’s dark skies. Just head to the north coast – or have a wander along one of the trails in the S’Albufera nature reserve for some of the brightest stars you’ll ever see.  

Orbzii tip: If you’re really looking to impress, take a long a pair of binoculars. Looking up through the lenses delivers far more detail, without the need to pack a telescope.  

tasting menu at fine dining restaurant in menorca
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Wine and dine

There might not be any Michelin stars in Menorca – but there is a Michelin-starred chef. Felip Lluifriu’s tasting menu at Mon Restaurant delivers all the gastronomy you’d expect from a swish restaurant, minus a few frills. The perfect spot for an anniversary, celebration or – dare we say it, a proposal? Minimal lines, maximum flavour and a rather exclusive spot makes the dining experience all the more intimate. For a slight change of pace, a brunch or breakfast at Binifadet gives you the chance to stroll among Menorca’s vines and dine under the dappled shade of its gorgeous terrace. Tour the vineyard and maybe grab a couple of special bottles to take home.  

For those days where you’re looking for a romantic spot without the grand gestures, Cittadella Restaurant in Ciutadella is just the place. Crisp pizzas are served under the light strewn beams of the outdoor terrace. Perfect for those mid-holiday meals where you just want to grab a bite and explore the rest of Ciutadella. 

See the island…

There are many more things to do in Menorca aside from dining, beach life and luxury living. The historic cobbles of Ciutadella are a great place to start – especially for couples looking to just mooch away the day surrounded by history.  

 For some more recent architecture, the stark white alleyways of the Binibeca Vell fishing village make for cool and shady place to explore on the hottest days. If you prefer your romantic strolls with remote, panoramic backdrops, take on the trails of Mount Toro. It’s not the highest peak you’ll ever scale, but the gentle 300+ metres give you a hearty dose of Menorcan countryside and fantastic views. 

whitewashed fishing village in menorca

Explore the S’Albufera des Grau nature reserve, take out a couples’ kayak to paddle your way to hidden coves or shop for souvenirs of your stay at the island’s night markets. Perhaps Menorca’s best kept secret is, almost every activity you find here has a hint of romance woven through it. 

Ready to find your own secret space to share on the island? Pop the Orbzii app on your phone, to plan and book your romantic trip to Menorca together.