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The Greek islands are a perfect destination for all kinds of holidaymakers thanks to their gorgeous weather, wealth of cultural institutions, and unrivalled natural beauty. This is especially true for families, who can benefit from well-established tourist infrastructure to make sure their trip is as hassle-free as possible, offering much-needed peace of mind when you’re travelling with children.  

Kefalonia family holidays are among the best if you’re looking for child-friendly trips abroad, thanks to the Ionian island’s plethora of attractions, stunning scenery, and numerous amenities. If you’re searching for the perfect place to whisk the family away to, then look no further: our guide to Kefalonia family holidays will tell you everything you need to know. 

Where to Stay

While anywhere in Kefalonia is sure to inspire you with its beauty, when it comes to family holidays you need a little more than stunning views. Argostoli, the capital, is more modern and built up than anywhere else on the island, but still has easy access to the beach and retains the laidback atmosphere you’d expect from somewhere as idyllic as this island. Evenings can be spent strolling through town and listening to buskers, or letting the kids run on the beach while you enjoy a well-earned drink. 

Argostoli port
lassi beach kefalonia

If you want a more beach-town experience, then Lassi is the ideal destination. Just a short drive from the capital, it’s got hotels, villas, and self-catered apartments of all types and sizes, as well as some of the finest beaches on the island. Thanks to its reputation as a tourist hotspot there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, and the beaches are all easily accessible with plenty of nearby amenities, so you won’t get caught short if you forget something at your accommodation. 

Fishing villages like Fiskardo and Assos can also be ideal bases for Kefalonia family holidays; although they seem quaint and slow-paced, they have been tourist hotspots for years, so things like car rental and diverse eating options are available.  

What to Do

Kefalonia has something to suit every tourist of every age, from active pursuits like kayaking the coast, to more cerebral ways to the pass the time like meandering through ancient ruins. As in most places, the beach offers a great escape for all the family. You can kayak or canoe around the calm shores of the island, with plenty of companies offering this option. This also allows you to explore some beaches and caves that are more secluded, creating family memories that will last a lifetime.  

Kids can also get their goggles on and have a snorkel. The marine life around the beaches is mesmerizingly vibrant, so even if you’re a novice when it comes to seaside animal knowledge you’ll still find the experience unbeatable. The beaches also offer horse riding and hiking routes, with some unforgettable views to boot. 

kayaks waiting at kefalonia beach
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Away from the sand the family can visit the Ionian Sea Hotel and Aqua Park, which has pools and slides for kids of all ages (and adults too). Another great day out is Odysseus Land, a small zoo that combines learning about local creatures with the epic history of Kefalonia, teaching kids about Homer’s Odyssey through play. This unique attraction is the perfect way to spend a few hours, especially under the harshest of the midday sun. Odysseus Land isn’t the only educational attraction here, though: there are plenty of museums detailing Kefalonia’s rich history through artefacts and art, as well as ruins to explore and other ancient buildings to marvel at. 

If you want astounding views and to tire out the little ones, then a bicycle tour of the island is the perfect activity for you. There are coastal paths as well as more mountainous terrain to explore, and bike rental is available from dozens of places. 

Where to Eat

The vast majority of Kefalonia’s restaurants and tavernas are perfect for families, offering less complex dishes for kids who might not want to give spleen sausage a try. You’re sure to find plenty of spots in the main population and tourist centres like Argostoli or Lassi, or around the more popular beaches. There’s also the opportunity to indulge in non-Greek cuisine, especially Italian, thanks to Kefalonia’s popularity as a destination, so if someone at the table doesn’t quite fancy moussaka you can add a little variation. With that said, the local cuisine is a must-try regardless of age; new dishes might be scary, but more often than not they’re delicious.  

kefalonia waterside restaurant

Getting Around

There’s no doubt that a car will make your Kefalonia family holiday much easier. There are rentals available all over the island, including straight from the airport, so there’s no need to worry about finding transport once you’re here. 

With that said, if you don’t want to drive the island has plenty of existing transport infrastructure. Most famous beaches and attractions will have shuttle services from population centres in the height of tourist season, but there are also public buses criss-crossing the island which you can board for a truly local experience.  

road by sea in kefalonia

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