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Regardless of where you stay in Lake Como, you will be hard pressed to find a place that isn’t absolutely beautiful. The entire periphery is peppered with beautiful sights, charming towns and quaint villages.

Whether you are all about enchanting villas, winding roads strewn with fragrant flowers or sun-dappled beaches, you will adore Lake Como. 

One of the major draws to Lake Como is its natural beauty and allure, whilst we always encourage people to be in the moment when travelling, we all love capturing the beauty of a destination that we know and love, or if we are visiting for the first time. 

When it comes to Lake Como, the Lombardy region is blessed with being incredibly photogenic which makes for some supremely Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

So, where are the most Instagrammable places on Lake Como and how do you ensure the envy of your Instagram followers when capturing these beautiful vistas?

If it’s oozing with potential for the ‘gram, then it’s going to be on our handy round up.  With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the crème de la crème most Instagrammable places on Lake Como?

Villa del Balbianello

If you are thinking ‘hmmmm, that place looks familiar!’ then you are probably right as well as being one of the most Instagrammable places on Lake Como,

The Villa del Balbianello has also served as a backdrop for blockbuster films like James Bond’s Casino Royale and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

This 18th century villa is nestled in both a precarious and a picturesque manner over Lake Como.

A popular spot for weddings, filming locations and photoshoots as well as for tourists.

It’s an iconic and beautiful location which will inspire both visitors and filmmakers alike.

You can either buy a ticket for both entrance to the villa and the gardens, or the gardens only.

Head to the loggio to get that all-important snap of the view below. The juxtaposition of the lush emerald green coupled with the sapphire blue of the lake makes for a stunning shot.

It’s easy to see why the Villa del Balbianello is one of the most Instagrammable places on Lake Como.

Lake Como
Aerial view of Villa Serbelloni

Villa Serbelloni

The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is one of the most prestigious and historic hotels in the entire Lombardy area and it’s the only 5-star luxury hotel in Bellagio.

Its desirable location is right on the lakefront in beautiful Italian-style gardens that are teeming with Mediterranean and subtropical plants which makes for a tranquil escape from the hurly-burly of the boutiques and restaurants of Bellagio.

If you venture inside the hotel, you will find the most opulent interiors – think frescoes, marble and lots of  Murano chandeliers, however the beauty isn’t exclusive to just the decor.

When it comes to the gardens and views to the lake outside, they are nothing short of spectacular.

Filled with fragrant and colourful exotic and rare plants and trees that tumble towards Lake Como.

For the most Instagrammable places on Lake Como, take a walk to the XVIII garden where you can admire views of both the lake and the Pre-Alps.

Villa la Cassinella

Whilst you can’t go into the Villa la Cassinella unless you are prepared to pay the hefty price tag, you can get it on the ‘gram anyway whilst enjoying a boat ride past the Villa which is on the western shore of Lake Como.

Without doubt, it’s one of the most Instagrammable places on Lake Como and it’s also one of the most exclusive and is steeped in mystery.

Richard Branson is rumoured to own the yellow-hued Villa la Cassinella which comes with a pool house, gym and its very own cinema.

The bright yellow really pops against the lush green wilderness and if this doesn’t get your followers ‘green with envy’, we don’t know what will!

Couple sit on the water with Villa Cassinella sitting in the backdrop
Villa Oleandra

Villa Oleandra

Owned by Mr George Clooney himself, when it comes to Villa Oleandra, you can see how the esteemed actor fell in love with the allure and charm of Lake Como.

It has all the amenities that a world-famous film star needs – a cinema, a swimming pool, a pizza room (well, we are in Italy!) as well as a garage large enough for all of George Clooney’s motorbikes, but it also offers privacy and tranquillity too.

This villa is not only the most Instagrammable place on Lake Como, but it’s also the most talked about too.

Naturally, the public is prohibited from visiting the villa, but this mustard-coloured villa can still be admired from afar if you take a boat trip on Lake Como.

Definitely one to add to the ‘things to do in Lake Como’ list!

After all, if it’s good enough for George, it’s good enough for us!

Orrido di Bellano

Oh Bellano! If you venture out of Varenna, take a trip over to Bellano where you will find the famous Bellano waterfall and gorge.

Make sure you wear sensible shoes as it can get a smidge slippery underfoot.

Bellano is famous for its Orrido di Bellano –  a gorge which was formed by the waters of the Pioverna torrent over the last 15 million years.

It’s one of Lake Como’s best-kept secrets and whilst it’s not the prettiest view, it’s certainly one of the most commanding vistas in the Lombardy region. 

You can walk the ravine and take in the natural caves, waterfalls which make for some pretty breathtaking views.

These are further amplified by the sunlight creating some incredible light effects.

This makes the Orrodo di Bellano a natural wonder you shouldn’t miss when visiting Lake Como.

Mysterious and fascinating in equal measure, when it comes to finding the most Instagrammable places on Lake Como, do go chasing waterfalls.

Birds eye view of Orrido di Bellano

Has our Insta’ guide to Lake Como inspired you to get snapping?

If you are gravitating towards LC. then charge up your phone, get your best angles ready and book your trip to Lake Como today.

After all, did it even happen if you didn’t Instagram it?!