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Love is in the air! Planning a wedding is lots of fun, but it’s also lots of hard work. Why not reward yourself with the best gift any loved up couple could dream off? An incredible Seychelles honeymoon. 


It’s so easy to fall in love with this breathtaking archipelago of islands. From the swoon-worthy beaches with their cerulean lapping waters to romantic dinners à deux under the moonlight, if you are looking for romance – a Seychelles honeymoon has to top that list of romantic destinations. 


Did you know that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a Seychelles honeymoon after the Royal wedding? Considered one of the honeymoon hotspots, the island’s combination of powder soft beaches with dramatic black granite boulders, lush forests and dreamy azure seas make for a formidable combination.


We’ve unearthed everything you need to know about when to go, where to stay and what to do when staying in the Seychelles on honeymoon.

When’s the best time to enjoy a Seychelles honeymoon?

You can enjoy a tropical climate all year round when considering a Seychelles honeymoon, the temperatures rarely drop below 24 degrees with highs of 31 degrees in the warmer months. 


If you are wondering when is the best time to enjoy a Seychelles honeymoon, the simple answer is anytime. However, if you are looking to enjoy the sunshine, but not be too hot, head to the Seychelles between May and October as it will be a smidge cooler, thanks to the incoming trade winds. 


For those who enjoy things getting hot, hot, hot, the period between November and April is a great time to go as it’s more warm but also more humid, but you might get more of a chance of rain.

Couple relaxing on a an empty beach in the Seychelles - seychelles honeymoon
Honeymooner relaxing on a hammock from a palm tree in the Seychelles

Why have a Seychelles honeymoon?

Sparkling porcelain-white sands that melt away under your feet, sky-blue waters that lap hypnotically and palm trees that sway in the breeze. The brochures and the instagram posts are correct- the Seychelles are an empyrean paradise, just waiting to be explored.


If the aim of the Seychelles is to charm and captivate – then what can we say, it’s mission accomplished! The islands are regarded as one of the world’s most romantic escapes and the beaches of the Seychelles are like no other, they are also highly distinctive thanks to the granite boulders that set them apart from their Mauritius and Maldives counterparts.


Take Anse Lazio, on Praslin Island for example which is considered one of the world’s best-looking stretches of sand. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it’s also one of the most interesting beaches in the Seychelles, thanks to the abundance of the fantastic flora and fauna which are really unique. From endangered black parrots to giant tortoises, if you love nature then a Seychelles honeymoon is definitely for you.


There’s also an excellent selection of hotels and resorts to choose from, each with their own individual charm and a relaxed and friendly island vibe. Whether you want to relax in one of the luxury resorts and hotels with a sundowner or do something a smidge more active, the choice is most definitely yours.

What are the best things to do on your Seychelles honeymoon?

From horse riding to hiking the couple that plays together, stays together. If you love oodles of action, why not try some water sports, zip lining or even take a jeep tour? Prefer a more sedate stroll? head out for sunset whilst enjoying the last rays of the day and take in the unforgettable sights that’ll make sunsets anywhere else in the world a little overrated.


From couples cookery classes and cycling through the Instagram-famous Source D’Argent to surfing and snorkelling in the foamy azure waters, you won’t be short of incred’ things to do in the Seychelles!

Boats sit on the water of the Seychelles before adventuring
Lady walks a private hotel walkway in the Seychelles

Where to stay for your Seychelles honeymoon

Whilst the Seychelles is ideal for honeymooners, trying to decide where to stay on the 115  islands can be a tad tricky. Each of the islands has its own unique charm and flavour. We’d definitely recommend visiting at least two or more of the islands whilst visiting the Seychelles. 


Mahé and Praslin offer some of the most varied landscapes and the most spectacular beaches and are two of the most lively places to visit in the Seychelles. If you are looking for a more slow-paced sojourn to the Seychelles, head over to La Digue whilst nature-lovers will love Silhouette and Mahé where you can explore the extraordinary national parks. 


Whether you favour a hotel or one of the top resorts, rest assured all are built with romance and indeed honeymoons in mind; with honeymoon must-haves such as private dining on the shore, hammocks under the stars, luxurious treehouses, secluded villas, private infinity pool and rejuvenating spa’ treatments in the forest.

Looking for more things to do in the Seychelles? This handy guide has it all. 

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