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Bavarian beer, bar crawls, beer gardens… A cracking start to a Munich stag doBut, stick to the welltrodden path and your stag night in Munich could become very one note. Luckily, Munich has a diverse entertainment and activity scene. Of course, we’ve handpicked some beer-based experiences to get your stag itinerary underway. But we’ve also dropped in some activities to mix things up, keep your stag group on their toes and deliver a very Munich-centric weekend. 

Bavarian beer

You’re in the city that created Oktoberfest, so it’s only right that you explore some Bavarian beer options. And there are many. Hop on beer bikes for a boozy and unusual way to see the city, attempt a bar crawl through the beer gardens or take a guided tour of one the many Munich breweries. If your stag is really into his ales, an entire weekend could be themed around the beer culture here.  


Lenny’s Beer Bike

Hop aboard this 15-seater bike to peddle and sup your way around Munich. Your guide will take you all on Lenny’s Beer Bike past key sights in the city, doling out history and classic banter in almost equal measure. Tip your driver the nod and he’ll mercilessly rib your stag – and anyone else you’d like to target, at no extra charge. At €20 per person, this won’t be the cheapest drink you’ll buy in the city, but it’s a great way to start a laughter-filled night. 

munich breweries
munich beer garden

Beer Gardens

With 450 beer gardens to choose from, a bar crawl or beer garden crawl is pretty easy to arrange. Handpick some beer gardens – or follow this pre-planned route for a free way to see some of the city’s best beer gardens. If your Munich stag do is after something a little more organised, Tours Munich has an Evening Beer Tour to try. They are very clear that it’s not a pub crawl – but they do whisk you to some of Munich’s popular beer gardens and, of course, encourage you to taste some beers. There’s a bit of history added for good measure – for stag’s who want to indulge, without things tipping over into a full on bar crawl. 

Orbzii tip: Browsing Munich art galleries does sound a bit dry for a stag do weekend. But, if your stag group are big Oktoberfest fans, drop into Art:ig for rare posters and a casual glimpse into the city’s art scene. 



Recommending what’s billed as the world’s most famous restaurant is a perilous task. But, this is THE place in Munich for the quintessential beer experience. The Hofbraehaus is so steeped in beer history it’s hard to know where to begin. Vast, busy and bewildering. Room after room, table after table and every corner of this huge building is full of ale and meaty meals. Drop in for a suitably rowdy experience – but expect it to deliver on touristy schtick. Look past that though and you’ll see some real history here – including the regular’s tables. One spot here has been reserved for 70 years, which hints at something more than a passing gimmick. 

munich restaurant
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munich stag do
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Zip Line the Olympic Stadium

We’ve all dabbled with a Go Ape weekend here and there. But the Olympic Stadium in Munich takes zip lining a little further. Climb to the roof – where you’ll gawp at some legendary views – before flying across the stadium. Only the bravest stags will want to conquer this one – as it’s 35 metres up in the air and 200 metres long. One of the best stag activities in Munich for bragging rights in the beer gardens. Zip lining not your bag? You can book a roof climb with an abseil down instead. 

Raft the River Isar

From June to September you can raft down the white waters of the river Isar. Yes, this is a good 50 minute drive from Munich, but the adrenaline rush will make up for the road trip. Stags don’t need any previous white water rafting experience – always a plus when there’s a big group of you to organise, and all equipment is provided. We don’t need to tell you that getting out of the city has its benefits. Have a chat with Action & Funtours if your stag group is looking to fill the weekend with thrills that aren’t limited to Munich’s urban streets. 

munich rafting
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Orbzii tip: If you’re looking for more watersport action, drop by the English Garden to see the city’s pro-surfers take on the treacherous Eisbachwelle. This is a spot for experienced wave-riders only, but it’s an intriguing watch as the surfers take on this man-made inner city wave. 


munich bar
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Cultured cocktails

Sophisticated stags might want to drop in to Bar Gabanyi for a cocktail created by a Munich whiskey expert. The menu is extensive, the setting is suitably elegant ,and the bartender’s facial hair is impressive – to say the least. Mutton chops aside, Stefan Gabányi has been taught all he knows by one of the best in the German bartending scene. You might hear the name Charles Schumann mentioned – and you might even visit his Munich bar, but his protege has been quietly making a name for himself here. There’s often some suitably cultured live music on – and the bar snacks are comfortingly simple. Pairing a cocktail with a ham and cheese toastie might be a bit different, but that’s what you’re here for. 

Skydive … indoors

Fly through the air at Fly Station Munich for a thrillseeking adventure without the need to ascend to 10,000 feet. Helmet and goggles on, you and your stags can experience skydiving in Munich’s specially crafted wind tunnel. Beginners are welcome, though no flyers can weigh over 120kg. Group bookings are allowed for up to 15 people, which means you can have the tunnel and tutors all to yourselves.  

Orbzii tip: This is another activity that’s out of the city centre. Though it is handily close to the airport – a great lastminute activity to finish the weekend on a high. 

indoor skydiving munich
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With a few stag activities on your itinerary, you’re ready for the ultimate stag night in Munich. There’s just one thing left to do. Get the Orbzii app and you can book your Munich stag do in minutes.