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Amsterdam is renowned for its tattoo culture, with world famous artists drawn to the Dutch capital because of the great inking scene. If you’ve always wanted some artwork done, or just want to memorialise your trip to the Venice of the North, then there are plenty of options for you in the city. However, there are several unscrupulous studios and artists who are more than willing to take tourist money without offering the service you’d expect for something so personal and permanent. Which is why we’ve filled in the blanks to find the best tattoo shops in Amsterdam, so you’re left with something to be proud of rather than something to regret (please note, most of these parlours will not take walk in appointments, and the ones that do will likely be very busy).

Getting a tattoo

Classic Ink & Mods

This custom studio believes in making personalised designs based on your ideas, so each tattoo is unique and of the highest quality. They offer the opportunity to meet with each artist (virtually and in real life) so you can discuss what you want from your piece and show inspiration pieces. Once a design is agreed upon, you book an appointment. On the day of the appointment you’re given the opportunity to make any last-minute adjustments so that you’re totally satisfied with the piece. You are allowed to bring one other person (over 18) for moral support, and extensive advice on aftercare is given to you by the artist to make sure the tattoo remains flawless. The minimum charge is EUR 80, and all prices are fully agreed beforehand. If you are spending more time in Amsterdam, you can usually drop in and have a chat with your chosen artist at any time the shop is open (as long as they’re not busy). Each artist has their own specialties, so no matter what type of tattoo you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a talented artist here.

Salon Serpent

The artists at Salon Serpent specialise in fine line, minimal ornamental, heavy blackwork, botanical dotwork, and handpoke tattooing. Unlike some of the other parlours on this list, they are usually open to same or next day appointments, although walk ins are unlikely to get an appointment. Despite this ease of access, the studio has some of the best tattoo artists in Amsterdam. The process is easy: you just email them with the title of your preferred artist, and they send back a questionnaire to fill in to facilitate the process. If you have a design in mind, you can get it done quite quickly, otherwise the artist will be more than happy to help you to create something. Tattoos start at EUR 100, with a full day rate of EUR 950, and appointments can only be made via email.

Tattoo detail
Tattoo black and white

The Blue Bloods Studio

With an unbeatable combination of excellent resident artists and world beating visiting artists, The Blue Bloods studio has been creating stunning pieces for happy clients for over six years. The resident artists focus on Japanese style tattoos, realist pieces, and fine line tattoos, although they all have the talent for any type of artwork you want done. Appointments can be made in person or over the phone, and if you’re lucky you can get one for the next day. Whilst some parlours can be intimidating, the vibe at Blue Bloods is a lot friendlier, so if you’re an ink novice then this could be the place for you to get a tattoo in Amsterdam.

Tattoo Peter

Tattoo Peter is the oldest tattoo shop in Amsterdam and has been inking happy customers for over fifty years. It’s been home to some of the finest tattoo artists in the city throughout its history, and that remains true today. Located just a two-minute walk from Amsterdam Centraal, they are one of the few quality shops that are entirely open to walk ins, although due to their fame and central location they can get busy. Special or larger designs will require an appointment, but each of their resident artists are more than capable of doing an excellent job with whatever you throw at them. If you want a bit of history with your Amsterdam tattoo, then this is the place to go.

Amsterdam tattoo

House of Tattoos

An inking institution, House of Tattoos have been delivering stunning designs and artwork for over two decades. There are three main artists here, so appointments are necessary, but the preplanning is worth it for the sheer quality of work on offer. Tattoos are custom designed and between the artists most specialties are covered, making it one of the most convenient tattoo shops in Amsterdam. With that being said, they are especially good for cartoon/comic pieces. They require an EUR 80 deposit for appointments, and these can be made via call or email. The rate is EUR 125/hour, which is a bit steeper than some other places, but you will be worked on by some of the best tattoo artists in Amsterdam, so it’s worth the extra.

Hanky Panky

One of the most famous tattoo shops in Amsterdam, Hanky Panky is located right in the heart of the Red-Light district. With famous patrons like Adam Levine and Kate Moss, you know that you’re in for something special when you go there to get inked. Unlike a lot of other established shops, they tend to take walk ins from tourists (as long as they aren’t too busy), so if you’re feeling a little more spontaneous then this is the studio for you. They can cover all styles as their resident artists are all-rounders, and they get plenty of guest artists in throughout the year, so no matter what your preferred design is, Hanky Panky will deliver an excellent piece.

Tattoo in Amsterdam

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