A thrillseeker’s guide to Bali

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Whilst a lot of people make the trip to Bali to unwind on a beach, others are a little more keen to get their heart rate booming when they visit. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with lounging by the sea, book in tow, but thrill-seekers have plenty of options to choose from when they visit, usually for a much more reasonable price than in more developed countries. However, that doesn’t negate the safety aspect of adventure tourism here; things may be less expensive, but safety is still the number one priority, as it would be in a Western country.

No matter what your activity of choice you’ll find it on this paradisiacal island; this is the case whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a beginner wanting to try out something new. Land, sea, and air are all open to the intrepid travellers of Bali, pretty much all year round. So, strap yourself in and get ready for the ride, because we’re going to show you the best of Baaaahhhli thrill seeking.

White Water Rafting

There are two main rivers for white water rafting in Bali, the Ayung and the Telaga Waja. The former is more family friendly, so those with more experience will have a better time on the Telaga Waja, but both are entirely safe as long as you listen to your guide. Regardless of which river you choose, the surrounding scenery is stunning (when you have the chance to look at it!). Rafting down the Ayung does mean climbing up and down a long flight of stairs, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort, especially if you’re more of a beginner. If you’re here during the wet season, the rivers will be less challenging – whether you take that a positive or negative simply depends on how much of a thrill-seeker you really are!

In general, pick up time for the day is from around 9am, and you’re returned by about 3pm. Rafting journeys tend to be around the 12km mark, and a local lunch is almost always included as part of the package. Most importantly, your local guide will be with you all the way, making sure you don’t get stuck and doing the main act of steering the boat.

There are several tour operators who offer white water rafting in Bali. Ayung River Rafting have a package for IDR 350,000 per person which offers a fun adventure for all the family. Those looking for a bit more adrenaline can book through Telaga Waja Bali Rafting, who have showering and changing facilities for after your adventure. If you have your own transportation, the trip can be as cheap as IDR 200,000; for those without, it costs IDR 300,000. Bali White Water Rafting offer trips to both rivers, and their courses are a bit longer than the standard at 16km, but also a bit dearer at IDR 390,000, although group discounts are available.


Often seen as the ultimate adrenaline junkie activity, skydiving isn’t a pastime for the faint hearted. SkyDive Bali offer a tandem jump over Kuta for around IDR 3,600,000, although the jumps only take place on days where the weather is right. Those who are a little more timid needn’t miss out on the fun; Tour East Indonesia offer an indoor dive in Kuta for IDR 720,000, so you can have all of the excitement and none of the risk. All equipment is provided by operators, no matter which Bali skydive you choose.


Bali is a surfer’s paradise and offers a number of spots for riding the waves, regardless of your level of experience or ability. The surf is pretty good all year round, although in the dry season there are more tourists, so the scene is a bit more exciting.

Beginners will prefer surfs like Batu Bolong in Canggu, Medewi beach and the main area for all things surf, Kuta beach. If you’re looking to learn, there are plenty of schools: Margarita Surf hostel offers lessons for a reasonable price, and their staff are both fun and professional.

More serious surfers should head to Uluwatu Beach, where swells can reach up to fifteen feet. Aside from the massive waves, here you’ll get to surf around an ancient Hindu floating temple, which is a memorable experience in itself. Padang Padang is another great beach for experienced surfers; it’s home to the Rip Curl Cup, so you know the surf is on point here.

Bungee jumping

Throwing yourself from a massive height supported only by a rope seems like a crazy idea, but once you’ve experienced a bungee jump you’ll understand why people love it. Bali is the ideal place to try it for the first time, as the weather is usually good, and the scenery always is astounding.

The Bungy Company is one of the most highly regarded operators on the island. Located in Seminyak just outside of Kuta, their standard jump is priced at IDR 990,000. If you’re looking for a more unique experience, they also offer a “Fireball” package, where you’re dressed in specialist clothing and turned into a real-life human fireball, before being dunked in water. This runs at IDR 1,950,000 but also includes two regular jumps. Despite the fire, this is all incredibly safe: the company is up to international safety standards, so if you’ve always wanted to be a human fireball, Bali is calling your name.

Quad Biking

There’s a glut of great quad biking options in Bali, all of which offer tours with gorgeous scenery and enough speed to satisfy the most ardent of revving enthusiasts. Bali Island ATV offer one or two-hour tours along Yeh Gangga beach as well as through villages and rice paddies. A two-hour sunset tour includes a meal, transfer, all equipment, and insurance, for IDR 1,200,000. Another great option is Bali Quad Discovery Tours, who take you through five different types of Balinese terrain: rice fields, plantations, jungle, mud tracks and through villages. The tours are split by driving skill so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest, last two to three hours, and cost IDR 1,500,000 for an adult.

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