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The excitement is palpable, you’ve found a top-notch hotel, decided all the things you want to do in Oman. All you need to do is to pack your bags and you’re off to the intriguing land of Oman. But what do you pack? It’s not just about being prepared for the weather, it’s about being mindful about the etiquette in Oman and being aware of what is considered appropriate clothing and what you might need to leave behind at home. 

As a predominantly Muslim country, the country of Oman has some rules around what you can and can’t wear. Oman remains a deeply traditional – and in some ways a relatively modest country. The people of Oman have developed their own very unique habits and traditions that reflect their beliefs which is reflected across their morals and life choices as well as their clothes and hospitality. If you remember one thing about what to wear in Oman it’s that the Omani way of dressing is Muslim conservative. 

Wondering where to begin with packing before your trip? We’ve got you covered in more ways than one with this handy guide to what to wear in Oman. 

Can I wear strapless tops in Oman?

You can’t wear any kind of strappy or strapless tops that reveal your shoulders and arms. We would recommend covering your shoulders and arms with long sleeves. Low cut tops and anything that shows your midriff are a no no and it’s best to cover up from shoulders to wrists.  

Dress codes are slightly less strict for men, they are able to wear t-shirts that cover up their shoulders, but they are able to show their arms. 

woman with shoulders covered in oman
woman with covered legs in oman

Can I show my knees in Oman?

In order to abide by traditional customs, it is recommended that you cover up your knees. So skirts and shorts should be knee length or longer.  

As long as your arms and your legs up to your knees are covered, then feel free to wear dresses. Why not try a colourful 70s-style kaftan. Not only is it stylish, it will also help with keeping you cool when the sun beats down.  

Other no no’s include ripped jeans, combat fatigues, slogan tees and elaborate haircuts and piercings. 

If you do decide to visit the Grand Mosque, you will be expected to cover your legs to ankle length. 

Can I wear a bikini in Oman?

Women are strongly advised not to wear bikinis on the beach, however if you are sitting next to a pool in one of Oman’s hotels and resorts, you can wear swimwear, but be mindful if it’s too revealing. Keep your eyes out for any signs that outline any specific guidelines however. A tee shirt and swim shorts is always a safe bet.  

If you are planning to visit the Wadi Shab, most swimwear styles are acceptable, but make sure you have appropriate footwear as the terrain can be quite uneven, and it’s advisable to bring water shoes or trekking sandals. 

woman dressed modestly at oman beach

You will have to walk on stony terrain to get to the Wadi and you’ll need to enter the water through rocks and stones. 

man in traditional dress oman

Should I buy traditional clothing to wear in Oman?

There’s absolutely no obligation to do so, but men can purchase traditional items like the dish dash and the Omani hats at souks and the local markets. This might help matters if none of your existing wardrobe will suffice when considering what to wear in Oman. Traditional clothing items for women are also available to buy. Women wear colourful dresses with a matching scarf, and put a black abaya on top. 

Do I need to cover my hair in Oman?

You are not required to cover your hair unless you go to visit a mosque or other religious building. However, it can get hot in this region, so if you are wondering about what to wear in Oman, a sun hat can be stylish and keep the sun off your face too. 

woman wearing hat in oman
woman with covered head at oman mosque

What to wear in Oman when visiting a mosque

In Oman, mosques are considered houses of God and it’s  home to some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Visitors are expected to recognise and be mindful of the sacredness of these places. Things to note include dressing conservatively, for women to cover their heads and to take off your shoes before you enter the mosques. It is also important to speak quietly and to ensure that if you have children with you that they don’t speak too loudly or run around and make noise.  

What to wear in Oman on a night out?

For ladies, think long flowing dresses that cover up arms, shoulders and the cleavage area. For men, shirts and trousers or long shorts are considered acceptable attire. 

couple on night out in oman

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