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Are you hungry for an ultimate foodie break? If the first thing you think of when planning a holiday is where to eat, then this is the guide for you. From country getaways to city breaks, we reveal the best foodie destinations to add to your must-visit travel list taking in the culinary hotspots of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and beyond.

Where will your taste buds take you?


Porto has always had a reputation for being a mecca for oenophiles and there’s an emerging foodie scene coming out of Portugal’s vibrant second city.

From Michelin-starred menus and wine-focused dining to traditional stalwarts and stupendous seafood eateries,

Porto is one of the best foodie destinations in Europe and this city has a great selection of restaurants to satisfy all discerning appetites at all budgets.

We love the fantastic Tia Tia which is a predominantly vegetarian-based menu with a twist paired with some of the best wines that Portugal has to offer.

To really amp up your foodie credentials, why not take a foodie tour of the city that will introduce you to the foodie landscape of Portugal (and in particular) Porto and the stories behind the origins of their fantastic produce?

Tiatia Porto best food destinations Porto
best foodie destinations Copenhagen


Sometimes a city break just has it all and Copenhagen is undoubtedly one of these.

With a fantastic cultural heritage, incredible architecture, and a buzzing nightlife, it’s easy to see why visitors flock to the Danish capital and why it’s one of the best foodie destinations in not just Europe, but possibly the world.

And then there’s the immense foodie scene – the Danes take their food very seriously!

From mesmerising morning eateries to late-night dinners in some of the most innovative restaurants in the world, you won’t walk away hungry.

Of course, when you think of Copenhagen, you think of Noma, the three-Michelin-starred restaurant that is credited with catapulting Nordic cuisine to the forefront of people’s minds all over the world.

But, scratch beyond the surface and you will find a treasure trove of amazing restaurants just waiting to be explored.


Je’ taime! Of course Paris had to make our best foodie destinations list!

When it comes to doing a deep dive into French gastronomy, it can only be Paris that can offer the ideal location to fully appreciate and enjoy the high-quality cuisine that has enabled France to be one of the top countries for culinary offerings in Europe.

Whether you are looking for Michelin-starred restaurants or budget-friendly bistros (yes, even in Paris!) you can enjoy the glorious foodie scene of Paris in abundance.

From delicacies such as truffles, foie gras to the pastries and other baked goods, you cannot bid Au Revoir to the French capital without going all out. Even that classic combination of wine and cheese is pretty much damn faultless!

There’s a myriad of places to treat your tastebuds to the best wine and cheese Paris can muster.

Paris is one of the best foodie destinations
best foodie destinations


Ljubljana’s culinary star is firmly on the rise, it’s fast becoming one of the top foodie destinations in Europe.

This small but perfectly-formed country is really packing a punch when it comes to a growing culinary landscape.

It is home to a fast-rising number of Michelin-starred restaurants and was named as a  European Region of Gastronomy in 2021.

Slovenian wine is definitely worth trying – there’s a fantastic selection to choose from (far and beyond its well-known orange wines)

Talking of wine, there’s some excellent restaurants that have some incredible tasting menus that pair exquisite dishes with wine.

Sustainability and local produce are huge parts of the culinary landscape and the restaurants menus reflect this movement.

From craft beer to Slovenian tapas and everything in-between, Slovenia is definitely one for your foodie bucket list.


When it comes to eating out in Venice, it’s an entirely different experience to other cities in Italy, but it certainly warrants its place in our round up of the best foodie destinations in Europe. 

Venetian cuisine predominantly consists of a diverse variety of dishes, the majority of which are centred on seafood and fish from the Venetian Lagoon.

Expect dishes like squid ink risotto, baccalà mantecato, paparele e figadini and more are the most popular must-try served dishes.

All of which should be teamed with a glass of Venetian wine or ae Un bicchiere di vino.

Venice is one of the best foodie destinations in the world
Why Madrid is one of the best foodie destinations in Europe


Similarly to Venice, Madrid has a unique culinary landscape that is definitely worth exploring.

From its regional delicacies which includes tapas, calamari sandwiches and paella to more unique offerings such as snails and deep-fried tripe.

Madrid is fast becoming as well-known for its restaurant and food scene as it is for its world-class museums, elegant colourful architecture and vibrant nightlife.

The city is full of fantastic food markets which the locals flock to and where you can pick up fresh produce like meats and cheeses whilst experiencing this integral part of Spanish culture for yourself.

Don’t forget to indulge in that very special Spanish treat – churros and chocolate in one of the neighbourhood churrerías!


This pretty island was named as one of the European Region of Gastronomy for 2022 and it’s fair to say that Menorca certainly has become quite the foodie hub.

Whilst its fellow Baleriac islands have a lot to offer for travelling foodies, Menorca is one of the best foodie destinations to indulge in fish and shellfish.

From dazzling white-washed marina restaurants serving some of the most freshly-caught sea bream that you can dream of to delicious soups with fresh figs to the most amazing bacalao ab burrida, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice.

If you want to take your passion for all things gourmet one step further, there’s a fantastic selection of food tours, visits and tastings to schedule into your ‘things to do in Menorca’ list.

thanks to its splendid seafood, Menorca is becoming one of the best destinations for foodies in the Baleriacs

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