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Frankly, Grenada beaches are perfection – and we truly mean that. The endless miles of idyllic coastline that ensconce the two large islands that make up the nation vary from gorgeous, fine, soft white sand, to Icelandic-looking black sand beaches that look as cool in real life as they do on Instagram. And then there’s the desert islands… 

Of course, we know all beach-lovers aren’t always looking for the same thing. Some prefer to lounge on the sand with the sorts of books that seem to only exist in holiday apartments and hotels, while others will want to grab a few rum cocktails and throw around the frisbee. Luckily, Grenada beaches cater to every kind of sun-seeker, so you can get the best of both worlds. Whether you’re an adventurous water skier or the sort to only move when it’s time to turn over and tan your back, read ahead: it’s Orbzii’s guide to the best of Grenada beaches. 


Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach Grenada is the largest and most famous beach in the country, and is also the main tourist hub of the island nation. Located a short drive south from the capital, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, and other amenities around it as many visitors to Grenada choose to stay around here. 

When a beach is so famous it can be easy to be underwhelmed, but after your first look at this wide expanse of paradise you’ll be wondering why anybody ever leaves. The aqua-turquoise water shimmers beautifully under the sun, and if you stare at it long enough it’s almost meditative – despite the nearby sounds of your fellow beachgoers having a ball. Grand Anse Beach Grenada itself is very clean, with white sands that take on a purple-pink tinge if you decide to stay for the sunset.  

pristine turquoise waters at grand anse beach
couple on jet ski at grand anse beach in grenada

The sea is quite tame and shallow right off the beach, although you can get beyond standing-height with a short swim. It’s fairly warm all year round too, and absolutely bursting with some amazing marine life.  

If you want to get the blood pumping with some water sports then Grand Anse Beach is your best bet on the island. Almost all the infrastructure for heart-racing activities like jet skiing and wakeboarding is based around here – as are the main diving and snorkelling schools, although there are plenty of other locations on the island to explore if you’re going underwater. 

The beach has tonnes of amenities around it, from bars and restaurants to supermarkets for those who want to make their own drinks and snacks. 

If you’re looking to start the night early on the beach, then this is the spot for you too, as there are plenty of places to grab a drink. This is a beach for locals also, and they are usually quite friendly – don’t be surprised if you’re roped into a game of cricket or beach football! 

Morne Rouge Bay

If you want the beauty of Grand Anse Beach Grenada but don’t want to have to deal with the crowds, then keep going south past the largest of the Grenada beaches and you’ll hit this secluded little spot. There are still some amenities nearby, but for the most part it’s just sand and sea as far as the eye can see. Azure skies and even bluer waters glimmer like sequins under the gorgeous Grenadian sun, and while you’re only a short walk from supermarkets and restaurants, it feels like they could be a million miles away. 

Morne Rouge has plenty of shaded spots for when the sun gets a little too strong, but for the most part you’re on your own here, so make sure to come prepared. That means sun cream and water – as beautiful as Grenada beaches are, you won’t be able to enjoy them to their fullest if you’re boiled like the crabs this island is famous for. 

view of sea and forest at Morne Rouge Bay in grenada
ocean view on levera beach

Levera Beach

While the south of the island of Grenada is the main tourist hub, the north is a little more wild and secluded – and it shows with this idyllic beach on the north-eastern tip of the landmass. Although perfect at any time of day, this is an ideal sunrise beach as the sun slowly arches over Sugarloaf, Sandy Island, and Green Island, as well as a few of the Grenadines which you can see in the distance on a clear day – a truly unique experience. 

The beach itself is in Levera National Park, a wetland which is a bit of a mecca for ornithologists. In the sea there’s also plenty of cool nature – this beach is the primary nesting site of the leatherback sea turtles who call this area home, with hundreds of nests being constructed every year between the end of April and beginning of July. 

While it used to be a bit of a free-for-all when it came to spotting nests, they are now heavily protected by volunteers and scientific organisations dedicated to studying them. This also means the beach is closed in the evenings from March to August to protect the turtles during mating and birthing seasons. 

Even if it wasn’t surrounded by some incredible flora and fauna, the beach would be worth a visit. Ideal for those who want to kick back and take in the rays without being bothered by errant frisbees or drunk sunbathers. 

Bathway Beach

If you’re looking for something a bit more wild on your Grenada beaches journey, then Bathway Beach is the spot for you. This isn’t really one for those who like to dive into the sea, as strong currents and a sharp nearby coral mean it can be difficult and dangerous to swim. If you do stay within the protection of the reef, you can frolic about, but outside of that even strong swimmers will struggle.  

On the whole this stretch of land on the northeast coast of Grenada is quite deserted, making it perfect for beachgoers who want to listen to the waves lap at the shore. However, during public holidays it turns into a massive party zone for the locals, making it the best spot to take in authentic Grenadian culture.  

view of bathway beach
black sand beach in grenada

Black Bay Beach

If you fancy a day at the beach and getting to see some of the stunning waterfalls in Grenada, then Black Bay Beach is an ideal day trip. Located on the western side of the isle and accessible only by a twenty-minute walk from the main road, this is one for the Instagrammers as it’s one of Grenada’s black sand beaches. It’s also great for those who like a more private life – thanks to the walk and availability of other beaches, it’s usually quite quiet.  

Black Bay beach is also one of the best Grenada beaches for tourists who want to learn about the natural and cultural history of the island – nearby is Black Bay Cave, where you can see ancient Amerindian markings on the walls. A great day out for all kinds of beach-goers. 

Paradise Beach Carriacou

This stretch of sand on Grenada’s second island is exactly what it says on the tin: swaying palms, snow-white sand, and a calm, azure sea that could lull anyone to sleep. Getting to Carriacou is easy from the main island – there’s a twice-daily ferry from St George to the smaller island and back on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – so you shouldn’t have to plan too much to visit this Grenada beach. 

As the main beach on Carriacou there are tonnes of things to do around Paradise Beach, with some bars and smaller restaurants dotting the area around it. However, for the most part, it’s a pretty quiet spot – especially on weekdays. A lot of visitors only swing by here and are always left wanting more, so if you are a beach lover, then try and organise your day so you can enjoy this wonderful spot to its fullest. 

ocean view of paradise beach in grenada

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