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Hurghada excursions are THE way to see the best of Egypt, without lifting so much as a finger to tap into Google. Hop on a bus for a day long trip to Cairo or Luxor. Straddle a quad to explore the Sahara. Or slink onto a semi-submersible to be shown the best of the Red Sea’s marine life. Options are varied and will tax your seat bones in all manner of ways. But, the rewards? One of the world’s seven wonders should be enough to tempt you away from the siren call of your resort’s spa, surely? 

Peer at the pyramids in Giza

Pyramid excursions in Hurghada are a test for the seat bones. Yes, you’re looking at a 4hour+ bus journey. But, you’ll be zipping through the Egyptian desert to see one of the seven wonders of the world. Not a bad trade off then. You’ll find more than a few Hurghada excursions that lead to Cairo. But Egyptra’s day trip to Cairo notches up the must sees, along with lunch and entry to the Egyptian Museum. The tour takes you into the Giza hills for a peek at the great pyramid, lines you up for a stellar view of the Great Sphinx and the Pharaoh Khafre. During the 14 hour trip, you’ll be accompanied by an Egyptologist who can give a little insight into everything from embalmment techniques to Egyptian architecture. 

hurghada to pyramids trip

Cost: From $90 per person  

Orbzii tip: With the lengthy travel times to Giza and Luxor – it’s worth considering flying from Hurghada to Cairo for a couple of days during your stay. 

valley of the kings trip

Luxor’s Valley of the Kings

If you thought pyramid excursions from Hurghada were lengthy, brace yourself. Weighing in at a 15.5 hour round trip, the day in Luxor from Ramashka Hurghada really puts the full in full day tour. That said, the road trip to the Valley of the Kings is more than worth it. You’ll be Nile side in Thebes, hopping on a boat to cruise the river and exploring the Karnak Temple, before gazing up at huge statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. The big draw in Luxor? The 60+ royal tombs where, the bodies of Egypt’s notable priests, pharaohs and queens lie. The most famous of which are Seti I, Tutankhamun and Ramses II 

Cost: $140 per person 

Orbzii tip: Before you excitedly pack your camera – or just prepare to whip out your phone, photography is banned in the underground mausoleums. Always check before you snap a shot here. 

See sea life through the seascope

A huge number of Hurghada excursions focus on the riches of the Red Sea. Chockfull of corals and sea creatures, it’s a diver’s paradise. But, if you’re not a keen swimmer or panic at the thought of sharing your sea water with jellyfish, morays and stingrays – a trip on Hurghada’s Seascope is for you. The cleverly designed glass-bottomed, semi-submersible allows you to sit on the lower deck, without experiencing the claustrophobia which can be brought on by plumbing the depths in a submarine. On the 90 minute boat trip, you’ll spend around an hour below deck looking out on corals, tropical fish and, perhaps, sea turtles.

glass bottom boat hurghada

Yes, the bright yellow boats are a little gimmicky – expect to be asked if you want to buy photos of the trip – but a solid solution for non-swimmers, nonetheless. 

Cost: From $25 per person 

quad biking sahara desert

Quad bike across the Sahara

There’s really only one way to travel across desert sands, and that’s by quad bike. Yes, this tour from Safari Sahara includes a camel ride too. But, if you’d rather veer away from four legs and stick to four wheels, that’s optional. In the early morning, you’ll meet your local guide before starting a sand-swirling 45km roar across the Sahara. Helmets and goggles are provided, but you might want to add a scarf or buff to keep the sand out too. Desert dermabrasion issues, aside, your first stop will be a Bedouin camp, where you’ll meet the inhabitants, swap small talk over a soft drink and hop on that camel we mentioned.

Back in camp, your more trusty steed – the 4×4 quad, will be waiting for the 45km ride home.  

Cost: $40.50 per person 

Snorkel the Red Sea’s reefs

If you haven’t already, pop your snorkel, mask and flippers in your suitcase. You’re going to need them. Island after island in the Red Sea is waiting for you to snorkel from the shore to swim effortlessly over the coral gardens below. Unsure where to go for the best chances of seeing the area’s best sea life? The snorkelling day tour from Egypt Divers takes you from reef to reef in search of the most colourful corals the area can offer. Snorkel from the boat alone for some chilled out sea vibes or ask the onboard snorkelling guides to accompany you. Their help might be handy when it comes to spotting well camouflaged octopii – or just useful if you’re new to snorkelling and need some tips to get started. 

Cost: $28 – $33 per person, plus $3 coastguard fee 

red sea from hurghada trip
stargazing trip to the sahara

Stargaze in the desert

If the idea of rumbling over the desert sands on a quad lacked a little sophistication, how about a jeep safari into the sunset? There’s less chance of getting Sahara sands in your eye for a start. Which can only be a good thing. You’ll need your eyes in peak condition for gazing upwards at the desert sky. On the darkest nights, the Milky Way is the backdrop to your candlelit dinner. Romance and adventure are the order of the day for Egyptra’s Star Watching Trip. Though, your professional astronomy guide delivering planet and star names might interrupt the mood, just a little. No matter. The Bedouin buffet, traditional tea, jeep safari and planet spotting all combines into one star-speckled, memorable evening. 

Cost: $35 per person 

Dive into Hurghada’s coral gardens

Let’s be clear, this isn’t your run of the mill scuba diving in Hurghada excursion. Sure, you could hop onto a dive trip to the Red Sea’s wrecks and reefs. Or, if you know the exact spot you want to explore, you can charter a boat – and team, from Red Sea Life. Coming in at under $300, the trip is excellent value for money if you’re travelling as a group and want the flexibility and exclusivity your own charter brings. Yes, there’s a few add on fees for scuba gear, but that’s to be expected. The only dilemma left? Which island, reef or wreck to sail to… 

Cost: $282 for a full day’s boat hire for up to 9 people. (8am – 4pm) 

hurghada coral garden
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