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Memories can last a lifetime, but you can’t show them off to your friends, and sometimes you just don’t have the words to explain how beautiful and unique your experiences were. On these occasions, only a photograph will do. There are more than enough opportunities for unmissable snaps in Rome, and that’s before we even get to the (wholly necessary) food pictures. So, for all of you budding photographers on their way to the Eternal City, we’re here to show you the best of Rome photography.



Gianicolo is considered one of the best views in Rome, and for good reason. Aside from offering unbelievable panoramic views of the city, it’s outside the centre, so not as busy as most of the other more touristy areas. Moreover, it’s served by several bus routes, so is easy to get to without your own transportation. Although it isn’t one of the seven hills of Rome, it has always played an important part in the history of the city and country. Aside from the gorgeous views (best taken in at Sunrise or Sunset), there are several artworks and statues adorning the paths that cross the hill, offering even more opportunities for great Rome photography.

Villa Aldobrandini

One of the smaller, more secluded spots on this list, this elevated park offers some of the best views in Rome without any of the tourist hassle. Located in the heart of the city, free to get into and great for lazing around in, pictures are best taken here at sunset. The only thing to note is there is a large ancient home named Villa Aldobrandini just outside the city, which also has great views, but isn’t this amazing spot.

Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati Rome

Aventine Keyhole

An Instagram favourite, but still relatively under the radar as far as photo spots in Rome go, the Aventine Keyhole is located on Aventine Hill and offers a perfectly framed shot of St. Peter’s Basilica. Looking at the green door that covers the viewpoint, it’s hard to believe that it’s home to something so iconic, but when you peak through it will take your breath away. The view is excellent throughout the day and looks best with as much light as possible. The area around the keyhole is almost as delightful as the main attraction, overlooking the Tiber River. Like many places in Rome, the sense of history around here is almost palpable; the hill and surrounding area was the seat of the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages. The only downside is to get into the gardens you need to book, but it’s definitely worth it.

Plazza del Campidoglio

This is one of the busiest tourist areas in Rome during the day, but when the sun goes down the visitors seem to mostly disappear to the livelier areas of town, and it turns into one of the best spots in the city for Rome photography. The small hill is steeped in history; it was home to a temple for Jupiter, and the word “capitol” comes from here. Campidoglio and the buildings around it are absolutely gorgeous (it was designed by Michelangelo, after all) but they aren’t the real star of the show; that would be the views you get of the Forum, which is lit up at night in an eerily beautiful manner.

Piazza del Campidoglio

Parco degli Acquedotti

Named after the aqueducts that run through it, this park is as ancient as it is pretty. Located just a short car, bus or metro ride from the city centre, Parco degli Acquedotti can sometimes feel otherworldly, as the area around it has been protected from excessive development by successive governments. Aside from its role in ancient Roman society, the park also has modern cultural importance: the opening scene of La Dolce Vita was filmed here. The most famous of the aqueducts and the best one to shoot near is Aqua Claudia, which runs through the park. This structure is almost two millennia old and is one of the best photo spots in Rome, especially at sunset. Aside from that, the park is home to numerous other ancient structures and some of the best panoramic views of the city.

Pincio Terrace, Villa Borghese

The last entry on this list but by no means the least beautiful, the Pincio Terrace at Villa Borghese offers unbeatable views of the Eternal City, especially the Vatican. The Villa itself is of historical importance and contains an art gallery, making it worth the trip alone, but this view is what turns it from a nice day out into something exceptional. Although you need to book a tour of the Villa to get in, this is possibly the best view in Rome.


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