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Getting out onto the serene, aquamarine waters surrounding Kefalonia is the perfect way to really switch off. The sea around the island is also teeming with vibrant marine life, and throughout most of the year is calm and warm enough to dive right in. Plus, the best way to see the lush, mountainous landmass in all its glory is with a Kefalonia boat trip. If you’re keen to sail your way to an unforgettable experience, then read ahead for our guide to boat tripping in Kefalonia.

Types of Trip

Group v Private

The first decision you’ll need to make when considering a Kefalonia boat hire is whether you want to go on one of the many group tours, or book a private boat. Both have their advantages, with group tours being cheaper, more sociable, and often out on the water for longer. Private tours allow you total serenity (minus your friendly, trained crew if you’re taking a larger boat) and control over where the boat goes, although we’d recommend following the route the place you’ve hired from offers. Of course, this is more expensive, but if you’re looking for something special then you won’t regret it.  

boat sailing on kefalonia sea

Regardless of what trip you choose you’ll get plenty of time to lounge under the sun, as well as the chance to dive into the sparkling Ionian Sea and frolic with the marine life. Often snorkels can be hired, or if you have your own you’re free to bring them. Most cruises provide food, but you’ll also likely get the chance to jump off the boat and explore wherever you are, so you can always indulge in a quick bite or local treat. 

couple driving rental boat in kefalonia

Be the Captain for the Day

Some operators offer you the chance to ride your own small boat, so you can really get a feel for life on the open water. These Kefalonia boat rental spots often have strict rules about where you can go (usually no more than 1-mile from the shoreline) and have rescue boats on call in case it all goes wrong, but the boats being rented usually aren’t that powerful, and as the seas are usually incredibly tranquil you’re not likely to get stuck anywhere. This is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the sea, but with a little independence. 

Island hopping

While each Kefalonia boat trip delivers unforgettable views of the island from the sea, an island-hopping tour allows you to see some of the idyllic neighbouring islands like Ithaca and Zante. There’s also usually the chance to explore beaches and coves on these other landmasses, so you’ll get a chance to stretch your legs.  

These trips usually take up most of a day, boarding early in the morning so you can get the best of the sun. You’re generally on the water for at least an hour at a time, so if you’re not good with waves it might be best to get some anti-seasickness medication; even with the calm waters it can get a little bumpy!  

boat at kefalonia beach
boat at secret beach in kefalonia

Discover Secret Beaches and Coves

The prospect of exploring other islands is an exciting proposition, but there’s so many secret treasures on Kefalonia that it’s a shame not to try and discover them all. This is especially true of hidden beaches and caves, which dot the island and are only accessible by boat trip. Aside from showing you these secluded spots, most boat trips that stick to the coastline also go past some of the more well-known beaches, so you can get the best of both worlds. There’s also plenty of chances to swim among the animals that inhabit these special geological formations, or just lounge on a beach and take in all the peace and quiet. 

Sunset Cruises

When it comes to Kefalonia boat hire you can choose a trip that’s active and engaging, or if you prefer the more laid-back things in life you can head on an unmissable sunset cruise. These trips zoom you out to the middle of the water so you can truly appreciate the sheer beauty of the sun disappearing over the horizon in a haze of pink and orange. Perfect for romantic getaways, or if you just want to enjoy a glass of wine with one of the best views on offer, a sunset cruise is one of the best Kefalonia boat trips you can experience. 

boat tour in kefalonia at sunset

Boat Hire Companies

As the capital and largest town on the island, it makes sense that the easiest place for a Kefalonia boat hire is Argostoli. While there are some hires available in Lasi, Lixouri, and other touristy areas, the options in the big town are much more convenient and established. There are a number of well-regarded tour companies around here that cater for everyone from families looking to discover hidden caves to couples who want to watch the sun set over the island while bobbing on the water. 

Kefalonia Trips is one such operator. Their boat, ‘Queen Bee’, is staffed by seasoned professionals who know both how to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely. Food is provided, as is a coffee for the trips that start in the morning, and for those looking to celebrate you also have access to wine and ouzo. Day cruises start from EUR 50 (GBP 42) for adults and EUR 35 (GBP 28) for children, departing at nine in the morning and returning at five in the evening. Private cruises are also available for up to twenty-five passengers. 

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If you’re keen to try your hand at sailing your own small boat than Kefalonia Boat Hire is the place to go. With a fleet of motorboats (max capacity five), this is a unique chance to explore everything the seas surrounding the island have to offer. You can spend the day following an established itinerary or simply anchored in seclusion, taking in all the serenity. The beauty of this hire is it’s all about you. Prices vary depending on the season, and the hire lasts eight hours. 

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