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If you want to truly experience a region, there’s no better way to do it than camp there. This is true in Valencia, where there are numerous different sanctioned campsites, from coastal to countryside. There are a fair few things that make camping in Valencia a unique and fun experience, but there are also a few things to keep in mind. If you want to spend some time sleeping under the Valencian stars, then read ahead: here’s our guide to camping in Valencia.  

Camping v Wild Camping

In recent years, many regional governments have sadly restricted wild camping, and the Valencian region is no different. As of May 2021, it will officially be against the law to wild camp. This is thanks to a combination of factors, from negating the chances of forest fires to limiting the impact of people in RVs and other camping vehicles.  

However, there is a wide range of standard sites available in the region, so if you were looking to camp somewhere a little more secluded, there are still many options. Valencia is also particularly good for those in motorhomes, with most of the camp sites offering parking for motor homes and caravans. 


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Camping categories/classifications in Valencia

There is generally a four-point scale for camping in Valencia – although, again, this isn’t so clearly defined, but is a good shorthand. At the top is ‘Luju’, which means luxury and is similar to glamping. From there, the categories descend in terms of amenities, from 1st category to 3rd category. 3rd category areas effectively have water sources and not much else, although even within this the amenities can vary. Sometimes this is represented as a star system, with one-star being the most basic, and four the best-equipped. 

The fancier, more expensive areas are like holiday camps, often equipped with pools, laundry rooms, and grilling areas for large meals. They are, in effect, places to socialise, as well as places to sleep. There are still a few smaller, more traditional camps, but in recent years Valencian camping has become a lot more streamlined and aimed at families looking for some level of comfort. 

Where and when to camp

Where you’ll be looking to camp depends on what you want from your Valencian experience. If you’re more about natural splendour and beauty, then one of the many sites in the Valencian countryside or one of the national parks is your best bet. However, if you’re camping because you want to save money on accommodation, then there are tonnes of sites that you can access the city easily from, some even by metro or bus. If you want the best of both worlds, heading into Albufera National Park is probably your best bet – there you get to see some gorgeous wildlife, but are only one bus ride from the city proper. 

The best time to camp is in Spring or early Summer – the weather will be warm but not boiling, and there’s not much chance of rain. 

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Best sites for Camping in Valencia

Camping Coll Vert

Nestled in Albufera National Park, just a short drive south of the city of Valencia, Camping Coll Vert is the very best of camping Valencia has to offer. The campground has access to electricity for tent pitchers, motorhomes, and caravans, as well as a pool, playground, and bar area. There’s also a toilet and shower block, which is wheelchair accessible. If you don’t have your own shelter, there are also two-bedroom cabins available for hire. Best of all, though? You’re only a twominute walk from some of the best beaches in the region and a national park, and just a short bus ride from the city centre. 

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Kiko Rural Park

Much further out of the city (100km, to be exact) and well into the wilds of the Valencian region, this campsite has everything you’d want for a comfortable stay. Aside from basic amenities like a water supply and toilets, you’ll also have access to wi-fi, a restaurant, trekking information, a pool, and much more. Bungalows are also available for drivers, or if you just fancy a bed for the night instead of the floor. 

Camping Mariola

This wonderful little gem is in the middle of Sierra Mariola National park and benefits from some of the best views you could hope to wake up to in the world, let alone just in Valencia. There are hundreds of different pitches here, under shade and unshaded, as well as a nearby orchard field that campers can also head to. Although it may seem secluded, you’re not far from a restaurant and pool. If you’re keener to hike and explore rural Spain than spend time in the city without paying hand over fist for accommodation, this might be your best bet. All the amenities are as you’d expect, with a set of toilet and shower blocks, and a small shop nearby too in case you need to grab something.  

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