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If you lived and breathed Game of Thrones through all eight seasons of medieval intrigue and drama, you’ll love this city. They might not have dragons, but when it comes to Game of Thrones, Dubrovniks pretty much got everything else. Tours and filming locations are one thing – but extras from the show feeding you insider snippets ratchets this up to the next level. Props and replica boats used in the show. Many, many chances to recreate your favourite scenes. And, a chance to experience old-world Dubrovnik through the eyes of a Lannister, Stark or Baratheon. Oh, and you can even whizz across the ‘Jade Sea’ on a jet ski… 

Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik

Roam around here long enough and you’ll start to spot some familiar landmarks. Expect to see the King’s Landing’s Red Keep, also known as Lovrijenac Fort. Bokar Fort is instantly recognisable – as the walls were used for many Game of Thrones sea wall scenes. But Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations are scattered across the city, and seeing them all efficiently is best done on a tour.  

Dubrovnik Lovrijenac Fort

There are a few smaller locations that might slip through the net though. Hotel Belvedere’s amphitheatre was the setting for Season 4s Red Viper vs the Mountain battle. Scampering around the crumbling former luxury hotel is strictly off limits. But you can take to the water. Sea kayaking the Dubrovnik coastline gets you front and centre with the amphitheatre.

Swing by the Dominican Monastery’s steps – once used as a dramatic backdrop for a protest speech in season 2. You’ll also want to check out the Season 2 location that launched one of the series’ most loved memes. Known to Game of Thrones fans as The House of Undying, Minčeta Tower will have you screaming where are my dragons?’ as you circle the towers stone walls. 

Game of Thrones tours

If tracking down Dubrovnik’s Game of Thrones filming locations is too much of a quest, there are plenty of tours to choose from. Whizz along the coast on a jet ski, walk the city walls with a Game of Thrones guide or sail on the same ship as … 

Dubrovnik Walks - Game of Thrones

Pack your best sensible shoes for a trot along Dubrovnik’s Game of Thrones laden streets. Over the course of 2 hours, your guide will mix Game of Thrones lore in with Dubrovnik’s equally fascinating history. Expect steep steps – and at least one person in the group to bellow ‘shame, shame, shame’ as you tread the Walk of Shame. Your guide will also have a handy book of stills from the show – which helps you get your bearings at the Purple Wedding location, figure out how the show was shot and even recreate some iconic scenes.  

Cost: €20 per person (plus around €7 to enter St Lawrence Fort)  

dubrovnik king's landing
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The Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour

With a title like that you’re going to expect this tour to deliver – and it does. An epic journey – that doesn’t quite stretch into 8 seasons – you’ll cover the best bits and more. It starts, as most Game of Thrones tours do in Dubrovnik, with a walk through King’s Landing (the Old Town). After that you’ll board the minibus for pastures new – namely a battleground, the King’s Road and Tyrell’s Gardens (Trsteno Arboretum). This 6 hour tour features two guides – and the company recruits guides that have worked on the show as an extra or in production.  

Orbzii tip: Take a packed lunch and everything youll need for a full day out in the sun. There really arent many chances to buy supplies as you go. 

Game of Thrones Jet Ski Tour

Hop on a jet ski tour for a watery romp past many of the filming locations from the show. This isn’t a tour for a long and thoughtful peer at Dubrovnik’s architecture. But it is a huge amount of fun – with some well known Game of Thrones locations thrown in. You’ll splash past the Red Keep, Blackwater Bay, the Old Town walls and bounce across the waves of the Jade Sea. In Dubrovnik terms, this means riding the swells in the Adriatic to take a look at Lovrijenac Fort, West Harbour Pile and Lokrum Island. Your guide will show you the sights in this 90 minute tour – and there’s also a chance to swim and cave dive. Perfect if your time in Dubrovnik is limited. 

Cost: €221 per jet ski (up to two passengers per jet ski).

GOT jet ski Dubrovnik

Orbzii tip: The same company also run a full day Game of Thrones tour, though the main draws are the arboretum visit and plenty of free time on Lokrum Island. If you want to skip the full day, just be sure to drop by these two venues after your jet ski safari. 

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So far, the Game of Thrones tours in Dubrovnik have packed in the locations – but haven’t really delivered the immersive vibe superfans might be craving. If that’s you, step aboard the Karaka. The very ship Daenerys sailed upon in the show – it’s now running Dubrovnik Game of Thrones cruises. Sip on a Dragon Blood cocktails – with mocktails for little ones – dress as your favourite GoT character and quiz your guide for local Lannister intel. As well as a jolly sail along the shore, you’ll walk the streets of the City of Qarth, take the Walk of Shame and take a pew on the Iron Throne. 

Cost: €53 per person

Orbzii tip: If the fancy dress and fully immersive schtick is too much, you can take a sunset cruise on the Karaka. The trip isnGoT themed – but you can take a good poke around the ship – and look out for any GoT locations on route. 

dubrovnik GOT Pile Bay

Self-Guided Walking Tour

If you love the idea of seeing all of the Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik, but your free spirit doesn’t want to be tied to a tour, take this one. A self guided tour that lays out all the locations, and matches them to your favourite scenes. Split the tour up, do it all in one day, pick and choose – it’s entirely up to you. It’s also free. The tradeoff here is that you’ll spend a lot more time finding the locations – and you won’t get those insider snippets from a Dubrovnik local. But you will thoroughly explore the city – and there’s always a certain sense of achievement in finding your own way to a stellar spot. Even if you have had a little help. 

Cost: €0 per person! 

Game of Thrones Escape Room

You’ve done the tours, you’ve sat on the Iron Throne and been shamed on the Walk of Shame. What’s left? An escape room. You’ll not spot any filming locations within the room, obviously. But if you’re planning a Game of Thrones themed break in Dubrovnik, this is the perfect accompaniment. Solve the puzzles, crack the codes and save King’s Landing – in one hour. 2 – 5 players can join in the fun, and all the codes, puzzles and games are in English. Best of all, you don’t need superfan level knowledge to crack the case. Challenge accepted? 

Cost: €26 per person (2 players) 

dubrovnik escape room
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Ready to storm the Red Keep? Whether winter – or summer – is coming, we can get you to King’s Landing with the Orbzii app. No sorcery, we promise, just a helping hand to plan and book your ultimate Dubrovnik trip.