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There’s nothing better than big beach nights out and earning sunrise, and with Gran Canaria’s excellent nightlife you’ll have plenty of bothThe island is famed for its wonderful beach clubs and the iconic DJwho swing by for a party or four. Even if you’re more of an easy-going kind of person, Gran Canaria’s nightlife will have something for you: there are plenty of bars with stunning views and friendly staff to make even a quiet few drinks a memorable time. 


Gran Canaria Nightlife: An Overview

Gran Canaria nightlife is mainly split across Maspalomas and Puerto Rico in the South, and the capital of the island, Las Palmas, in the north. The south is a little beachier, and there tend to be more tourists, while the north tends to have more locals. However, there will be a good mixture of both holidaymakers and Gran Canarians anywhere you go, so don’t worry about trying to be ‘authentic’. 

If you’re in a big group it’s also quite easy to rent out a boat, so if you want to have a day of fun on the seas it’s entirely possible. Moreover, if you’re looking for something laid back like a few cocktails or beers, these spots will have quieter areas that allow for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your evening. 

view of gran canaria sea and buildings at night
beach at night in gran canaria

When is the best time to experience Gran Canaria nightlife?

The island is blessed with incredible weather all year round, so even if you head there in the middle of winter you’re bound to have some fun. However, there’s no doubt the best parties are from April until September: that’s when the seasonal beach clubs open, and the entire island is heaving. Things like accommodation will be more expensive at this time, but if you’re looking for a nightlife experience you’ll never forget then you should really try and get here during the spring and summer months 

The Best Bars in Gran Canaria

There are literally hundreds of bars jampacked onto this tiny island, and each one has something that makes it special. However, there are certainly some that stand out from the crowd. 

Las Palmas


A classy cocktail bar in the island’s capital, Ginger has a chic interior and outdoor seating so you can enjoy the last of the daytime heat with your drink. If you’re on the promenade and looking for actual cocktails instead of the watered down, fruity long drinks that pass for them in other places, this is the spot for you. The bartenders are all excellent and can whip out the classics as well as the house specials. If you’re not a cocktail person they also have a massive selection of gin, and some great wine and beer. 

cocktail bar gran canaria
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terrace at gran canaria cocktail bar
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La Azotea de Benito

Another super cool cocktail bar, La Azotea de Benito has a rooftop terrace where you can look over the city and stare out onto the ocean on one side, or the mountains on the other. Serving up well-crafted cocktails in the centre of the city, they have some excellent inventions where they’ve really played with flavours to create something unique: the Flaming Bitter’s is one of our favourites.

The Block

The Block is the sort of laidback beach bar most people imagine when they think of places to have a few drinks in Gran CanariaWhat makes it so special is the excellent beach location, great tapas, and super friendly staff. The drinks aren’t half bad either and are relatively cheap too – the perfect place to start any night.  

al fresco cocktail bar in gran canaria
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traditional bar in gran canaria
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Cerveceria Te lo Dije Perez

If you love craft beer, great pub grub, and drinking in historic centres of cities, then Cerveceria Te lo dije Perez is the perfect Las Palmas bar to start your Gran Canaria nightlife adventure in. The bar has a relaxed atmosphere despite its sleek interior, and there are over 150 beers available at any given time, so you’re bound to find a brew you enjoy.  

Maspalomas/Playa del Ingles/Puerto Rico

Eiffel Bar

Located on the ground floor of the infamous Yumbo Centre in Play del Ingles, Eifel Bar has been toeing the line between classy and rowdy for nearly a decade now. Inside is quite intimate, and they predictably have a great selection of fine French wines. You can also take a drink on the terrace if you enjoy the cooling night breeze. 

cocktail at a bar in gran canaria
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Mono Shisha Bar & Diving Lounge

Beachside views, shisha, and delicious cocktails make this bar tick. A hub for divers who’ve spent the day exploring the marine life in the surrounding waters, the staff really embody the laidback beach lifestyle, but the level of service doesn’t drop below exceptional. The music is also great, with mostly local Spanish artists being played and occasional live acts. 

Mulligan’s Gran Canaria

If you’re keen for a pint, good atmosphere, and some hearty pub grub that wouldn’t be so easy to digest in the scorching midday heat, then Mulligan’s is the spot for you. They have a wide selection of drinks, and the staff are famously friendly and helpful – plus, it’s fairly cheap considering its central location. A great place to start your night.  

traditional pub in gran canaria
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The Best Night Clubs in Gran Canaria

Las Brujas

Translating to ‘The Witches’ in English, Las Brujas is a spellbinding Gran Canaria nightlife experience. Located in the island’s capital, the club is a converted 15th century manor. There are free minibuses that take punters from the central Plaza de Ranas Triana to the club, although a taxi isn’t too expensive either.  

people dancing at club in gran canaria
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live music at a club in gran canaria
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The Paper Club

Another one in the capital, this venue has everything from Grunge to Deep House nights, so make sure to check what’s on before you head here. If you’re open to all types of music, you’re certain to have a good time. The club is huge, the drinks are reasonably priced, and the sound system is bone-thumping. A great night out, that can last until 6am. 

Aqua Ocean Club

On the southern tip of the island, Aqua Ocean is one of the newer clubs that make up the Gran Canaria nightlife mosaic, but without a doubt one of the best. With both inside and outdoor areas, a wide selection of drinks, and some super cool nights that wouldn’t be out of place in some of the best clubbing spots in the world, it’s a must visit for anybody who loves to dance. Dress code is smart casual so pack your best outfits! 

interior of nightclub in gran canaria
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