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Long seen as having the best beaches in Europe, it’s no wonder than sun seekers and lazy loungers love Sardiniaits bright white sands, and seas that are the platonic ideal of the colour blue. However, even on an island where every beach is great in its own right, there are some which rise above the rest. The best beaches in Sardinia aren’t always the most secluded, but they are always unforgettable. There are the more popular tourist beaches with serenely calm waters and plenty of grub around to keep you fed as you relax, as well as the rugged alcove like spots that are only accessible during low tide, so no matter what seaside experience you’re looking for, you’ll find it on one of the many Sardinia beaches. 

Northern Sardinia

Despite the Northern part of Sardinia having a more rugged coastline than the South, it’s always been the area of the island where the rich and famous jet off for their beach getaways. This is because the patches of coastline that are sandy and serene are idyllically sand are more spread out so there can be a bit more privacy and detachment from other tourists. Of course, the South isn’t exactly lacking in remote, beautiful spots either, but Sardinia beaches on the whole are slightly more crowded towards Cagliari.  The best beaches in North Sardinia are spread around the coast as opposed to concentrated in one area, which means that every beach trip can be a new adventure. 

Cala Luna

Often seen as the gold standard for Sardinia beaches and only accessible by boat or four mile hike, Cala Luna is not exactly one for a family getaway, but the vivid blue waters, jagged limestone cliff surroundings, and utter serenity of the place make it an unforgettable beach experience. It’s also a short journey from the famous Blue Marino Caves, which are important both archaeologically (thanks to cave paintings) and in terms of natural formations, so you can combine a lazy beach day with a cultural excursion. The calm waters also make Cala Luna one of the best snorkelling spots in Sardinia. Really, if you’re looking to relax with some of the best views on the island, this is a must visit. 

Cala Luna Sardinia
Sardinia Spiaggia della Frana

Spiaggia della Frana

Also known as La Frana, this a crescent shaped gem of a beach is located in the North West of the island, and like Cala Luna needs a bit of work to get to. The roads to get there are quite scenic and not suitable for massive cars or trucks, but an average car will be able to navigate them easily. From the car park, it’s a rocky, steep path down to the beach, so decent shoes are a must. However, once you’re there, you can really begin to appreciate just how good this beach is; La Frana is both secluded but not completely isolated, with a small kiosk for information, and the nearby town is only a short drive away once you’re back up the path. If you’re looking for peace and quiet on the beaches of North Sardinia, you’ll find it here. 

La Pelosa

A little more accessible than the other beaches mentioned so far, but no less gorgeous, La Pelosa benefits from calm, shallow waters and long stretches of bone white beach. It’s a bit more family friendly than some beaches but isn’t as crowded as the more touristy ones, which is always a bonus. La Pelosa is also a great place to learn a little about the history of the island, as the ancient sixteenth century watchtower Torre della Pelosa is right on the shore, offering a glimpse into a less peaceful past for the island. This beach is also less covered than the others, which means it’s a great environment for water sports, especially diving and windsurfing.  

Sardinia La Pelosa
Sardinia Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu

Another smaller, isolated beach, Cala Mariolu is often considered not just one of the best beaches in North Sardinia, but simply one of the best beaches in Sardinia in general. Although it doesn’t involve an arduous trek to get to, it is isolated in terms of amenities, so unless you have a car it’s a no go. Surrounded by limestone rocks, the beach is calm and cooler in the evenings than more exposed shoreline, so it’s a great place to bring the family (as long as you pack everything you’ll need). This calmer ocean means it’s also a great spot for a scuba dive or snorkel; moreover, there are several good hikes around the area if you fancy getting a sweat on instead of just lounging around. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love this slice of paradise. 

Southern Sardinia

The best beaches in South Sardinia offer the same mixture of seclusion and beauty that their Northern siblings do but tend to be a bit more accessible. With that being said, if you’re based in the South you won’t have to travel north to get rugged shorelines and endless stretches of seemingly untouched sand; there’s plenty in this half of the island to keep even the most demanding of beach lovers placated. 


Like many of its northern cousins, this serene stretch of beach is heavily sheltered from the wind, making it the perfect place for rest and recuperation. Its incredibly popular among locals and tourists alike, but it’s not too crowded for most of the year, so you can still get that amazing remote experience if you’re around during early summer and get there in the morning. Tuerredda is great for snorkelling and kayaking; many kayak out to the tiny Isola di Tuerredda, which is swimmable on a calm day, and spend some time on there for a bit more seclusion. A great family beach with plenty of amenities, it’s definitely worth a visit and is a great, less busy alternative to some other family beaches, like Poetto. 

Sardinia Tuerredda
Sardinia Chia beach


More a collection of gorgeous beaches as opposed to one, there are several spots up and down the coast around this area that would all come under the Chia Beach banner. Famous for peach sands and a stunningly aquamarine sea, the Chia area is also a mecca for wildlife and other natural beauty, with some of the famous Sardinian flamingos breeding in a lagoon just a short walk from the seafront. Dolphins are also occasional visitors to the area, and if you’re more of an active tourist than a nature watching one, there are plenty of treks around the beach to amazing viewpoints that reveal the beauty of the area in ways that can’t be seen from the beach. Chia is also ideal for families and water sports enthusiasts, given the sheer number of amenities around. Despite all of this, vast stretches of the coastline are empty throughout the day, so a visit here means you get the best of both worlds. 

Cala Goloritze

Probably one of the best beaches in South Sardinia, Cala Goloritze is both a recluse and an Instagrammer’s dream. Although consisting of just a short 200m stretch of sand, it packs in everything you’d want from a relaxing, secluded spot. Like Cala Luna, Cala Goloritze is only accessible by boat or an hour-long hike, but the views and atmosphere are worth it. Paradisiacal in the best possible way, it’s also a great place to snorkel due to the still waters and lack of other people. There’s a reason why Cala Golortize is a UNESCO site and other Sardinian beaches aren’t, despite their many charms. 

Sardinia Cala Goloritze

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