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An amazing city by day, but if you are looking to see even more of the Swedish capital, make sure you carve out some time to make the most of the Stockholm nightlife.

From the best bars in Stockholm to the most exclusive nightclubs, if you are planning a night out in Stockholm, you won’t be disappointed, especially with our handy guide to how to enjoy the very best of Stockholm nightlife!

Best bars in Stockholm


One of the best bars in Stockholm, Folli in the vibrant neighbourhood of Södermalm may be small in stature, but is big when it comes to being an award-winner!

In fact, it’s been awarded the accolade of ‘Best Wine Bar’ and it’s easy to see why thanks to its ever evolving and carefully curated wine list from all corners of the world.

There’s also variety in their serving selection – choose from half glass, full glass, half bottle and full bottle options. If you want to amp up your wine knowledge, you can take advantage of the unrivalled knowledge of the experienced sommeliers that are on hand. 

The ambience and the music are also as impressive as the wines on offer. There’s a turntable spinning records by the likes of Dr Dre and Talking Heads, making Folli a superb choice when enjoying the best of Stockholm nightlife.

Glasses of wine at Folii
People mingling in Spy Bar Stockholm

Spy Bar

How can we not mention the infamous Spy Bar when talking about exploring the best of Stockholm nightlife? The fact is that we can’t! Many might argue that the Spy Bar has had its day and maybe it’s not quite the place it used to be, but can you really say you have been out on a night out in Stockholm if you haven’t been to Spy Bar?

We think not!

If house parties are your thing, then you will love this bar/club. Get there as early as possible to get inside and make sure you take a photo of the neon sign on the balcony too.

Located over three floors in a renovated building in Östermalm, Spy Bar feels like partying in someone’s home. If you don’t feel like dancing, then just hang out with the other hipsters and people watch. You do have to be over 25 to get in, if you are lucky enough to look even younger, make sure you bring that all-important iD.

Best live music venues in Stockholm


Sweden has always been one of the top countries in the world for exporting music and this is certainly reflected in their diverse music scene. However for those who love to rock, Debaser is your first port of call for sure.

Debaser clubs have a long and legendary history in Stockholm – there used to be three to choose from, but you only need one to have a banging night out don’t you?!

Located in the effortlessly cool Hornstull district, this live music venue is a great choice for those wanting to have everything they want from their Stockholm nightlife under one roof as you can also enjoy dinner at the Mexican restaurant as well as drinks at the Brooklyn bar. 

If you love to rock, Debaser has your name on it – as there’s a LOT of rock to headbang to!

Guitarist playing Debaser in Stockholm
Band playing at Stampen Jazzclub

Stampen Jazzpub

Stockholm has no shortage of bars and venues that offer live music which offers a fantastic night out. We love the Stampen Jazzpub in the Old Town which as you might expect is one of the best jazz and rhythm ‘n’ blues bars in Stockholm and an essential part of Stockholm nightlife.

It’s a little grungy, so if you are expecting a glamorous bar where you can dress up, it might be best to look elsewhere, but it has a great ambience and is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for one of the coolest music venues in Stockholm.

As well as jazz, you can expect to see cool live performances from genres like swing, blues, and rockabilly.

Best nightclubs in Stockholm

Whether you favour happy house, underground techno, Afrobeats or just some retro-tastic ABBA floor fillers, expect to dance the night away at least once whilst you enjoy the varied and expansive club scene that makes up the Stockholm nightlife.

In particular, Stockholm has seen a huge growth in electronic music which has been reflected in clubs attracting top-notch DJs in that genre as well as seeing a plethora of local talent rising up at grassroots level.

All of this has made Stockholm not just a great destination to experience club life and electronic music, but has really put Stockholm nightlife on the map internationally.

Most nightclubs in Stockholm tend to close around 3 AM, so if you are wanting to make the most of your night out in Stockholm, head to the clubs around midnight at the latest if you want to get your dancing shoes on.

Södra Teatern

If you have read our guide to the best things to do in Stockholm, you may recall that we recommended this massive nightclub and live music venue in an ornate 19th-century theatre by Mosebacke square, where not only you can see superstar DJs as well as touring rock, indie and jazz bands.

It also has one of the most exceptional views of the city too and has several dance floors all spinning different kinds of music – from hip hop and RnB to disco, house and techno, why not try them all?!

DJ surrounded by party goers in Stockholm
Club sofa section at Sturecompagniet


Sturecompagniet is one of the biggest and most-beloved nightclubs in Stockholm. 

It has 8 rooms on two levels surrounding a beautiful atrium which cover a variety of music styles and genres. Expect to see a famous face or two there, as this is one of the most exclusive places to enjoy Stockholm nightlife.

With this in mind, whilst anything goes dress wise, it is best to dress to impress. At least, to match the decadent decor, especially with Sturecompagniet’s glitzy, mirrored and the curtained hallway. Fab-u-lous!

Whether you are planning the best things to do in Stockholm by day or plotting out how to make the most of the Stockholm nightlife, let Orbzii be your dedicated guide.

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