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The capital of Massachusetts has always been a dynamic hub for all interests.

From literature to music and the arts, and from delicious food to sports, it might seem cliche to say ‘there’s something for everyone, but Boston thanks to its diversity really is!

Yes, there are world-class art galleries and museums, an incredible culinary scene and some fantastic top-notch attractions, but there’s also intriguing neighbourhoods, superb architecture and vibrant and varied nightlife.

Truth be told, you’ll never run short of things to do in Boston and this round-up of the best things to do in Boston will prove our point. 

Let’s go!

Walk the Freedom Trail

Boston is renowned for being a city synonymous with its pivotal role in the American Revolution in the late 1700s, and if you want to learn more about Boston’s contribution to the historic chapter, take a walk down the Freedom trail.

This is one of the can’t miss things to do in Boston. It traverses around 2.5 miles through the centre of Boston, from Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument, linking the real-life locations for key events leading up to and following the War for Independence.

The unique collection includes museums, churches, meeting houses, burial grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution and beyond.

You can either take an organised tour or follow it yourself. The route is well marked and easy to follow and doing it yourself gives you a smidge more flexibility to linger in some of the historic buildings and museums.

freedom trail Boston sign
things to do in Boston

Catch a game at Fenway Park

When we said that Boston is a city for sports fans, we weren’t joking. Even if you are not fully clued up on the game of baseball, you can’t come to Boston and not visit the infamous Fenway Park.

This iconic old-style ballpark that has hosted the Red Sox for more than a century also offers tours that delve into the history of Boston’s favourite baseball team. Not only is it one of the most popular things to do in Boston, but it’s also one of the most visited sports venues in the whole of the USA.

They say that Fenway Park is a place where dreams are made, traditions are celebrated and baseball is forever and when you go to a home game, you really feel a sense of this.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to Pesky’s Pole and sit atop the fabled Green Monster 37 feet 2 inches high above deep leftfield. Hit, Run, Score!

Hit the water at Charles River Esplanade

The Charles River Esplanade is one of our favourite things to do in Boston, you can sail, kayak and canoe.

If you would prefer to stay on dry land, there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, from picnicking to biking and more.

Whether your interest is canoeing or ice skating, baseball or in-line skating, the Charles River is a beautiful place to do it and there’s also a great playground for kids to enjoy.

If you are going in autumn, this is one of the best places in Boston to enjoy the fall leaves in all their glorious rich colours.

Charles River Esplanade Boston, skyline photo
Outside a museum in Boston

Go museum hopping

From the Museum of Fine Arts and the Children’s Museum to the Sports Museum of New England and more, make sure you take advantage of the diverse and rich spectrum of museums and art galleries that are an absolute must-visit when curating your things to do in Boston hit list.

Boston is as synonymous with art as it is sports and with over 31 art galleries and museums to choose from, you will most certainly be spoiled for choice.

Explore the different neighbourhoods

From pursuing the foodie dream in the North End to admiring the historical landmarks in the Financial district, one of the best things to do in Boston is to get those walking shoes on and to navigate your way around the city.

The North End has (wait for it!) twelve sites on the National Register of Historic Places and is also a foodie’s dream thanks to its superb selection of restaurants and cafes.

Head to the South End to admire the leafy green spaces and intricate architecture. There are eleven residential parks and sixteen community gardens to enjoy a stroll through.

The South End is also where you will find the SoWa (South of Washington) Design District which is home to the  city’s best contemporary art galleries, design showrooms, and artisan markets. An absolute must when considering the best things to do in Boston.

Lastly, Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s oldest neighbourhoods and is the home of the gold-domed Massachusetts State House and several important historical museums and cultural centres such as the Museum of African American History.

Cobbly streets of Boston
Underground at Ink Block silhouette of couple with graffiti background

See street art at Underground at Ink Block

What used to be an abandoned car park beneath the interstate has found a new life and has been utterly transformed into an 8-acre playground and art space.

The Underground at Ink Block is home to a fantastic mural project which has transformed 150,000 sq ft of concrete wall space into a striking outdoor gallery for street art, with bold colourful pieces by a dozen local and national artists.

Smell the flowers

Boston Common is not only America’s first botanical garden, but it’s also the oldest public park in the USA as well.

A visit in autumn will give you insta-worthy content that will be the envy of your followers, but there’s also lots of things to do in Boston’s favourite green space.

The park is a family-friendly place where you can see elegantly-tended lawns and see historical memorials, statues, monuments, and artwork. It’s also a place to just escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Depending on the season, you can play tennis, take a boat ride, picnic, sunbathe or even ice-skate on Frog Pond.

Skyline reflects in the water at Boston Common
Newbury street as the sun drops below the horizon

Go shopping on Newbury Street

From designer threads to rare books, Newbury Street is the place to shop in the city.

Whether you are looking for souvenirs or a little something for yourself, Boston’s prestigious retail strip is perfect for both shopping and people-watching and is one of our favourite things to do in Boston.

Whether you favour luxury designers like Chanel and Burberry, high street names or one-of-a-kind chic boutiques, you can be sure to do some serious damage to your plastic.

With a never-ending assortment of galleries, salons, cafés, bars and eateries to explore, you can easily spend an entire afternoon browsing, relaxing and indulging here.

Which of the things to do in Boston is topping your list right now?

There is so much to do in this versatile and vibrant city. Let’s get your dream trip to Boston started with booking your flight and hotel. 

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