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Visiting Krabi? You’ll no doubt be in the market for some things to do during your stay. Pleasingly, activities in Krabi stretch far beyond the region’s admittedly gorgeous beaches. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourites, but we could write an itinerary that could keep you in Krabi for weeks, without exhausting your nomadic enthusiasm for exploring. Do help yourself to a few tips from the list below, but feel free to go off on a tangent, explore in a long-tail or zip off on a scooter. 


Island Hopping

Flitting between the 200 nearby islands has to be at the top of any things to do in Krabi’ list. Most island hopping trips depart from Ao Nang Beach, where a flotilla of long-tail boats wait to take you to your island paradise. Krabi island sightseeing opens up the Krabi region and allows you to handpick from a selection of chilled beaches, relatively bustling islands and remote spots for that castaway island feel. 

krabi islands hopping
Khao Ngon Nak view

Peep the panoramic views from Krabi’s stellar viewpoint

If you’re not phased by heights – or a humid climb to a lofty summit, head to Nong Thale. Here, you’ll start your schlep to the top of Khao Ngon NakAnd, we’ll not sugar coat it. This is a 2 mile trek – half of which sees you clambering up steep, muddy and root bound paths. But, you’ll not just be well rewarded at the top. On the way up, wildlife, waterfalls and sneak peeks of the view to come provide welcome opportunities for a rest and a photo opportunity. At the top? You’ll be treated to views of Railay Beach, Ao Nang, the Hong Islands, Krabi Town and Koh Yao Yai. 

Dive with Manta Rays

Experienced divers can grab a guide and get in the water with Manta Rays. You’ll be heading to Hin Daeng which, even without the spectacular rays, ranks among Thailand’s best dive sites. Expect to share the waters with needlefish, who in turn attract huge barracuda, tuna and jacks. Whale sharks do drop by occasionally too… 

krabi diving
krabi forest national park

Hike through Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

If the word ‘hike’ has put you off a smidge, do still read on. You can, of course, lace up your boots and trek deep in to the forest. And, you’ll be well rewarded. Or, you can take a leisurely stroll to the Emerald Pool and take a leisurely dip in the mineral-rich waters. We’d recommend going the extra mile though. This particular patch of Thai rainforest is home to the Pitta Gurney bird. And, regardless of your bird watching curiosity levels, it’s always nice to see a creature once thought to be extinct, thriving in ancient treetops. 

Hit the beaches…early

This seems a little redundant, as you’re no doubt in Krabi for the beach life. But some beaches are must see spots – if you’re in the area. Many flock to Koh Phi Phi after the sands made their big screen debut in The Beach. But, as you might expect, the famous shoreline attracts a crowd. Phra Nang is another spot you’ll feel strangely acquainted with – mostly because it’s the poster beach for every Thailand tourism ad you’ve likely ever seen. There’s no doubt these spots are stunning, but they’re even more beautiful if you arrive before everyone else. 

krabi beach
tiger cave temple krabi

Contemplate the meaning of life at Tiger Temple Cave

Whether you make the hike up to this sacred Buddhist cave for the views, the tiger paw prints or for a spot of meditation, just make sure you do get here. Yes, the 1,260 steps to get here are taxing, but the rainforest canopy and Krabi views from the top are stunning. There are no tigers here any more, wild or otherwise, so you’re safe from prowling paws. But Thailand’s cheeky monkeys are always nearby waiting to grab your belongings – should you leave anything unattended. 

Marvel at the ecological wonder that is Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam

In the north of Krabi province, there’s a very special spot that few travellers get to see. Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam is where the salt waters of the Andaman sea meet fresh water from the mountains. Impossibly clear pools in the roots of banyan trees harbour tropical fish and crabs, while lizards scamper among the mangroves and dense vegetation. You’re in an ecologically important area, so swimming’s strictly limited to specific spots. But the boardwalks along the pools allow you to explore, without upsetting the delicate balance at work here.  

Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam krabi

Orbzii tip: Don’t miss the kiosks in the car park selling local Thai food treats. The khanom bueang are sweet and moreish crepes that look like tacos. Buy a couple more than you were planning to … you won’t regret it. 

krabi rock climbing

Watch - or join - the Ton Sai rock climbers

Ton Sai might be a fairly laid back Krabi beach, but here, they take their rock climbing seriously. The towering limestone cliffs that make the beach so beautiful, also happen to make it THE spot in Thailand for climbing. International climbers of every level come here to pit their wits against the rock face. Tours and experts can guide beginners through the basics, but honestly, you may prefer to observe the spectacle from your beach mat. 

Relax in nature’s hot tub

Around an hour’s drive from Krabi, the Klong Thom hot springs are quite the place to relax and unwind. Natural pools are filled by thermal springs that sit in wild rainforest surroundings. The 35 – 42C temperatures are all down to the volcanic chambers below. And, if that all sounds a little too toasty, there’s a cooling river flowing just below the springs. It is said that the minerals in the water are a balm to soothe all ills, but regardless of the health benefits, the sight of the springs cascading over the rocks alone will invigorate mind and body. 

krabi hot springs

Orbzii tip: If an hour’s drive seems a bit much for a hot spring dip, there’s much in the area to add on to your day. Nature trails, the Wat Klong Thom museum and Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve all come together to make a well-rounded day trip. 

krabi night market

Browse the stalls at the Night Markets

Four night markets keep the streets of Krabi suitably bustling for your browsing pleasure. The highlight for most is the weekend market that racks up an impressive 70 food stalls. You’ll find all your Thai street food favourites here at incredible prices. Souvenirs vary in quality, but local crafts do find their way to the stalls.  The Krabi city night market feels the most welcoming for families, though don’t let that put you off visiting the others. 

Sea kayak through the mangroves

By now, you’ll be travel savvy enough to know your way around a sea kayak. And while we’ll wholeheartedly recommend you hop in for a paddle, the real must do is a glide through Krabi’s mangroves. Providing sheltered nursery spots for baby sharks, mangroves are a diverse eco system that offer a different landscape for you to scope out. By far the most alluring kayak spot in Krabi can be found at Ao Thalane Bay. Mangroves, rare birds, the ever-present monkeys and towering, flora-covered limestone cliffs will be just some of the sights you’ll paddle past. 

krabi kayaking

You’ll no doubt now be ready to pack your flip flops and beach towel for a trip to Krabi. We might not be able to help you wedge a scooter in your case – handy for exploring Krabi’s best bits, but we can get you to Krabi in just a few steps. Download the Orbzii app today to plan and book the ultimate Krabi adventure.