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History snobs will not be disappointed when it comes to Seville’s impressive architecture, but we are sure that you’ll want to swing by some of the city’s other memorable sights too, since there are so many things to do in Seville. A break  to Spain’s fourth largest city will see your itinerary crammed as tight as a RyanAir suitcase. We are sure you will become a Seville fan from the moment you set foot in this elegant city.  

Peruse the palaces and plazas, take a kayaking tour down the Guadalquivir River and explore the woven cobbled lanes to find the best artisan coffee. Seville’s possibilities are endless…. 

Be wowed by the World Heritage sites

If there is a prize for having a plethora of dazzling UNESCO-protected historical attractions, Seville should surely be dusting off her acceptance speech. From the sprawling and majestic cathedral,the largest Gothic cathedral of its kind in the world, to the Mudejar masterpiece that is the Royal Alcázar Palace with its intricate ceilings and pristine gardens, you won’t be able to stop yourself swooning at the splendour of the historic sites of Seville. Another standout on the historical things to do in Seville is the General Archive of the Indies which hosts a spectacular collection of 80 million pages of documents relating to the Spanish Empire of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.  

Alcázar palace seville
tapas in seville

Try some Tapas

Charming, tasty and oh so moreish, Seville is home to around 3,000 tapas restaurants. Whilst some are relatively new kids on the block, there are several that have been serving the locals for hundreds of years. But how do you navigate the city of small plates? With your old pal Orbzii of course! If tapas tops your ‘things to do in Seville’ list, then we can help you find the best patatas bravas and manchego with ease. Try the atmospheric Casa Morales with its succulent albondigas or, for a more experimental tapas experience, Vineria San Telmo has to be high on your list. 

Be wowed by the Museo de Bellas Artes

A standout attraction when visiting Seville, the Museo de Bellas Artes has some of the best fine art in the country. Chock-full of the most magnificent paintings and sculptures spanning a period of the 15th – 20th Century. Predominantly featuring Spanish artists, you can also find artwork from other countries too. Beauty isn’t just on the inside – the artwork is housed in a spectacular sixteenth-century architectural masterpiece, the Convento de la Merced. Why not take a stroll around the elegant courtyards and take in the extraordinary exterior? 

Museo de Bellas Artes seville
Parque de María Luisa seville

Take a stroll in the park

Seville has an abundance of exquisite natural spaces to explore and has some of the prettiest parks in Spain. History lovers will adore exploring the historically-important Alameda de Hercules, which is one of the oldest parks in not just Spain, but Europe too. It is also home to a 2nd century Roman temple which pays homage to Julius Caesar and Hercules who (according to legend) were thought to have been instrumental in building the city of Seville. 

For an undeniably Andalusian design experience, Parque María Luisa is an elegant and magical space that is a true oasis in the heart of Seville. Stroll around the shady paths and admire the pretty fountains which are covered in the colourful tiles synonymous with Seville.  

Feel the emotion of flamenco

A trip to the beautiful city of Seville can’t be complete without either watching some traditional flamenco dancing or even trying your hand at it yourself. This traditional dancing is the heartbeat of the city and is a unique art form loved the world over. If you are looking for truly authentic things to do in Seville, then including a flamenco show in your itinerary is an absolute must.  

Flamenco is more than just a stunning dance – it’s a precious and emotive artform which has been recognised by UNESCO for its contribution to cultural heritage. 

flamenco theatre seville

When watching flamenco in Seville, head to a theatre as opposed to a tablaos where you can watch authentic flamenco dancing with the locals.  

nun at convento leandro seville
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The sweetest thing

Say yes to Yemas! If you didn’t have nuns selling you delicious convent sweets from behind a wall on your ‘things to do in Seville’ bingo card, then shame on you! Jokes aside, the nuns of San Leandro in Seville have been selling their tasty Yemas de San Leandro for centuries and whilst the ingredients are simple – sugar, lemon juice, and egg yolks, the taste is undeniably Sevillian and absolutely ‘more-ish’.  

All you have to do is to place your money in the revolving tray in a wooden door at the Convento de San Leandro and rotate it to the nuns and in its place, you will have your Yemas! 

Shop like a local

From chocolate-covered orange pieces and extra smooth olive oil to handcrafted leather goods and glossy ceramics, Seville is a shopper’s haven. For the best vinyl in the city – head to Record Sevilla where you can be sure to pick up a bargain or two. When it comes to fashion, Seville has many style tribes but for the best places to pick up clothing and accessories in the Andalusian capital pay a visit to Libélula, a quirky fashion boutique that is also home to an art gallery, coffee shop and bar. It’s open until 9pm at night, making it an ideal retreat for a spot of nocturnal retail therapy. 

concept store in seville
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triana neighbourhood

Take a peek at the Triana District

Even getting to the Triana district is high on the ‘things to do in Seville’ bucket list. Crossing the iconic Isabel II bridge (also known as the Triana bridge) is an experience in its own right and will take you to the other side of  the Guadalquivir river.  

Constructed in 1852, it is the oldest bridge in Seville and is so much more than just an architectural landmark, this incredible bridge has been a source of inspiration for artists and creatives and also serves as a link between the most popular district and the old town.

Take your time to meander around this intriguing neighbourhood and see all that this district has to offer. Why not try and visit a ceramics workshop to see the art synonymous with this district. 

Could Calle Betis be the most scenic street in Seville? We think so! It serves as a colourful backdrop to one of the most authentic and popular areas in the city. It is also home to a multitude of restaurants including several tapas eateries, bars and cafes. 

Which of these Seville city attractions are you most excited by? There is so much to do in this beautiful Andaluscian city. Get the ball rolling for your holiday to Seville by downloading the Orbzii app where you can Dream, Plan and Book your trip in a matter of moments.