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Spectacular, enchanting, breathtaking… when it comes to St Lucia, this is an island where countless superlatives are required. 

What springs to mind when you think about the Caribbean island of St Lucia? Storybook-scenery, copious amounts of rum cocktails, eye-rubbingly-astounding waterfalls? It is that of course, but also so much more.  

Whether you favour relaxation and romance or thrill-a-minute intrepid adventures, there is a St Lucia for you. From hiking off-the-beaten track and ziplining through the rainforest, to something a tad more leisurely, St Lucia is an island where you can do as little or as much as you want. 

If you want to ahem, ‘do’, then check out the Orbzii Insider guide to the most unmissable things to do in St Lucia. 

Do go chasing waterfalls

It’s time to eschew the sentiment from TLC and say ‘Hell yeah!” to chasing waterfalls, especially as the ones in St Lucia are just mind-blowing. Let us raise your waterfall game tenfold with some of the most eye-rubbing ones.  

The rugged terrain coupled with the wet season in the Caribbean has resulted in some incredible waterfalls. There’s the Toraille Waterfall, complete with a plunge pool where you can take a refreshing dip, Next, the colourful Diamond waterfall in the Botanical Gardens of the same name (both of which are in Soufrière).  This natural wonder has different minerals from volcanic rocks and rainwater, meaning that the colour of the water appears to change and does so throughout the year. What a feast for the eyes! 

waterfall in st lucia

If you make it up to the top of Piton, then one of the treats that await you (alongside the panoramic views) is Piton Falls. It might not be the tallest waterfall in St Lucia, but it is one of the most beautiful thanks to the lush forest that surrounds it. 

whale watching in st lucia

Be a princess or prince of whales (and dolphins)

Hands up if you want to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat? Of course you do! The best time to witness marine life around the island of St Lucia is generally between mid-June to November, though some species can be spotted off season. The best way to spot your new water-loving friend is via a tour where you can spot many species of whales such as humpback, sperm, pilot whales as well as countless dolphins frolicing in the sea around the island. In fact, over 25 different species have been spotted in the warm Caribbean waters. 

Whether you are Team Dolphin or Team Whale, you won’t fail to be charmed by their lively antics. 

Watch a beautiful sunset

Okay, you got us here – a sunset is beautiful whether you are in the world, right? However, a St Lucia sunset is pretty spectacular – and if you are truly looking to be beguiled, why not ramp up your sunset game by watching it from a yacht? Relax with a rum punch whilst you watch the sun set behind the magnificent backdrop of the iconic Pitons. 

If you prefer your feet to be connected to the earth whilst surveying a sunset, then head on over to Reduit Beach, one of the best beaches on the island, where you can watch the sunset beyond Pigeon Island National Park.  

sunset at st lucia beach
Mount Piton st lucia

Twin Peaks

Can you really say that y’ve ‘done’ St Lucia if you haven’t climbed Mt Piton? We won’t lie – it’s not a walk in the park, but the views when you reach the top are almost other-worldly. 

The mesmerising twin peaks of Mt Piton are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be found in two different parts of the island. Gros Piton is located in Soufrière, and Petit Piton is located nearby in Choiseul. As you might have guessed, one is bigger than the other and surprisingly it’s the larger mountain (Gros Piton) that is the most commonly climbed! 

If you’re going to get your walking boots on and get better acquainted with the larger of the Pitons, we recommend doing so early in the morning. Navigating Gros Piton can take between 3 to 6 hours just to get to the top, so you’ll need plenty of daylight. Make sure you use a local guide, wear comfortable footwear and bring plenty of water, snacks and suncream. The reward? You’ll be treated to a myriad of intriguing wildlife and flora on your way to the top of Gros Piton. Don’t forget to take a selfie once you’ve caught your breath! 

Explore the rainforest

A mesmerising 77% of the island is covered in rainforest. Combined with the mountains,volcanic peaks and rugged cliffs, St Lucia is a pure haven for nature lovers. There are many different ways to immerse yourself in the stunning rainforest, but one of our favourite ways to do so is to zipline and really experience a unique perspective of the island’s dramatic landscape.  

The Tree Top Adventure Park in St Lucia is the longest zipline on the island and makes for a thrill-a-minute one of a kind sightseeing adventure as you ‘fly’ through the incredible St Lucian rainforest. 

st lucia forest
ATV in st lucia rainforest

A(TV) is for Adventure

Is this the ultimate off-road? Navigate your way around the island on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) tour through the lush tropical forests in St Lucia. You’ll be treated to the natural history of the island’s incredible beauty up close as you manoeuvre your way through historical sites, rural communities and the most incredible scenes. Expect to see the likes of coconut, banana and citrus plantations and to meet the locals that work there, as well as some extraordinary panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean too. 

Top Gear

When it comes to high-octane activity, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to getting your adrenaline pumping in St Lucia. One of the best ways to explore the island is via a dune buggy. From hidden waterfalls to riding in the jungle, you can expect some amazing adventures and get to see areas of the island from an entirely different, wilder perspective. 

From the vibrant streets of Rodney Bay to cruising through the Cap Estate(lovingly called the Beverly Hills of St. Lucia) a dune buggy ride can really provide an insight into both St Lucian life and culture. However, you must be at least 23 years old with a valid manual driver’s licence and have at least 3 years driving experience to be able to enjoy this exhilarating excursion. 

dune buggy st lucia

From discovering the best beaches to trying the most fun watersports, you can’t beat a trip to St Lucia. Make sure you download the Orbzii app so you can dream, plan and book your St Lucia holiday in a matter of moments.