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They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but if you’re looking for some interesting stories from your holiday, then we’re here to help. The desert city is famous for being outrageous in all sorts of ways, and the attractions on offer here are definitely key to that. Even if you don’t step foot onto a casino floor, you can still have a wacky Vegas adventure to rival even the craziest of tales, all because of establishments like these. If you’re all about that Viva Las Vegas life, then you have to hit these spots.

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Mac King

This Las Vegas magic show is the perfect blend of laughs and mystery. Quirky in all the right ways, Mac King has been namechecked by rival Vegas magic act Penn & Teller as being one of the best shows on the strip, so you know it’s worth the ticket. Original tricks, great humour, and unbelievable sleight of hand, this is definitely one of the best magic shows in Las Vegas and has the added benefit of being family friendly.

Ellis Island Karaoke

This might seem an odd addition to the list seeing as you can do karaoke pretty much anywhere in the world, but like many activities nowhere does it quite like Vegas. This night runs from 9pm seven days a week and is a Vegas institution. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a rockstar, then turning up here and choosing from one of the 10,000 songs on offer is a must. If you’re not the most confident then no worries: the drinks here are fairly cheap, so you’ll be on that stage taking part in Las Vegas karaoke in no time.

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Señor Frog’s Drag Brunch

Bottomless brunch, big hair, and pop classics: what more could you want from the premier drag brunch in Las Vegas? This high energy show starts letting ticketed customers in at 10am, and it’s better to get their early lest you’re left watching the entertainment on a screen, although the performers do move around the floor so you’ll still be able to see a lot of the action. The food is American-Mexican buffet style and you get to pour your own bottomless mimosas, which can lead to all sorts of hilarity. If you want to start your day with a bit of pizzazz and a lot of laughs, then this Las Vegas drag brunch is a must.

The Little White Wedding Chapel

Getting drunkenly hitched in Vegas seems to be a pop culture rite of passage, but if you’re feeling spontaneous (or want to renew your vows with that special someone), then you can have your very own drive thru wedding in Las Vegas. The Little White Wedding Chapel is probably the most famous venue that takes advantage of Nevada’s lax laws around matrimony, and you can join the illustrious list of people who’ve taken the plunge here, all for under USD 100. Easy, convenient, and definitely a hell of a story to tell, driving through the famous Tunnel of Love will (hopefully) leave you with memories and a relationship that last a lifetime.

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The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum

Also known as the Erotic Heritage Museum, this interesting and risqué attraction was started by the unlikely pair of a priest and a pornographer. All about sex positivity, the museum is so much more than a tourist trap or an attempt to cash in on scandal; it has the largest preservation of erotic artifacts and other associated cultural items in the world. The founders of this museum were on a mission to strip away the needless taboo around sex and relationships and it’s safe to say that they’ve succeeded. You might go in for a giggle, but you’ll come out genuinely enlightened, and if that’s not worth a visit then what is?

Hangover Bar (Madame Tussauds)

This bar/exhibition at Madame Tussauds is a favourite among tourists ever since the blockbuster movie The Hangover exploded into the public consciousness. Here, you can explore iconic scenes from the movie, as well as slurp on a selection of themed drinks, from Wolf Pack shots to Tiger’s Blood. Definitely the most impressive Hangover bar in Las Vegas, if you want a truly immersive experience and some great tasting drinks to boot, then this is a must see.

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Skywalk Grand Canyon

Vegas is so impressive because it’s man-made in a location that’s incredibly hostile to humans, but even the ingenuity of building a city in the desert pales in comparison to the sheer awesome natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. The only thing crazier than seeing it up close is walking over the transparent Skywalk; with almost nothing between you and a kilometre drop, it’s a truly astounding experience. The easiest way to reach this glass bridge from Las Vegas is to take one of the many tours that head out to Grand Canyon West (it isn’t part of the Grand Canyon National park), although the ten-hour round trip can be done in a private vehicle.

Speakeasy at the Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is worth a visit by itself, as it details the sordid history of the city and its inexplicable ties to organised crime, but if you want a really unique experience then you have to head to the basement, which is the home to the Speakeasy exhibit. Here, you can learn about the Roaring Twenties whilst sipping delicious craft cocktails; it’s the perfect combination of education and fun. You need the password to enter, but it’s available on the website, so make sure to plan ahead!

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Berlin Wall urinal

History buffs and those who think animals have the right idea when it comes to marking their territory should head to Main Street station Hotel and Casino, where a piece of history forms part of one of the less glamorous parts of Las Vegas. The restroom in question is right in the heart of the casino, and if you identify as a woman there’s no need to worry about clandestinely heading into enemy territory: the security guards will escort you in and out.

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