Hammerhead Gym

Get Fit, Bali Style

For a lot of people going on holiday means letting go completely, but not everybody wants to spend their time off being a glutton by the beach, or they want to at least have a bit of balance. Luckily, Bali has an abundance of gyms and fitness programmes for holiday goers, so the beach bod can be maintained throughout a break on the paradisiacal island. No matter what your preferred form of exercise or your fitness goals, this Indonesian island has you covered. This is true whether you want to exercise casually or join a specialised programme. So, gym bunnies and power lifters rejoice, because we’re going to show you the best fitness spots and gyms in Bali.

Diving with Ray

Down Under in Bali: A guide to scuba diving

The mystery of the deep, blue sea is something that has always captivated us; now, we have the ability to explore it in all its glory: scuba diving. Diving is one of the most unique and inspiring experiences you can have, and nowhere is this truer than the serenity of the Indian ocean. Diving in Bali is suitable for all levels; it’s also one of the most popular places in the world to become a certified diver because of the gorgeous underwater scenery. Incredibly safe and fun, becoming a certified diver here means you’ll be able to dive anywhere else in the world. In general, November to February is the best time to dive because the currents and weather will be favourable, but there are great options all year round. So, whether you’re a scuba expert or don’t know your DCS from your DPV, get ready to back-roll into the wonderful world of Bali scuba diving.

Surfing in Bali

A thrillseeker’s guide to Bali

Whilst a lot of people make the trip to Bali to unwind on a beach, others are a little more keen to get their heart rate booming when they visit. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with lounging by the sea, book in tow, but thrill-seekers have plenty of options to choose from when they visit, usually for a much more reasonable price than in more developed countries. However, that doesn’t negate the safety aspect of adventure tourism here; things may be less expensive, but safety is still the number one priority, as it would be in a Western country.