Eating in Tokyo

Three courses, one city: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Tokyo

The magic of Japanese food cannot be overstated. From the moreish umami of soy sauce to the lighter than air takes on western baked goods, there really is something for everyone in this vast sea of flavour. Naturally, Tokyo is the epicentre of the Japanese food scene: it’s home to some of the best restaurants, cafes, and confectionary stores in the world, as well as fish and seafood markets that stretch farther than the eye can see. Trying to figure out where to eat here can be a battle with choice fatigue, especially when convenience stores sell better food than most restaurants in other countries. However, even in this foodie utopia there are some restaurants that stand out. If you’re looking for an unforgettable week of meals, then we’ve got you covered.

Konica Minolta Planetarium

Weird & Wonderful Tokyo

Gaijin’s galore always wax lyrical about all the crazy things to do in Tokyo, and their amazement isn’t without reason. Japanese culture is very alien to the West in many ways, but this doesn’t always mean eating raw fish or sleeping during your fifteen-hour shift at work. The weird and wonderful activities you can get up to whilst visiting are a massive tourism draw in Tokyo, and even if you’re the most ardent lover of Japanese culture, you’re bound to find something unique and, in many ways, shocking when you visit. These delights range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but, like most things in Tokyo, are easily accessible for a memorable experience. Hold onto your hats, because we’re delving deep into Tokyo culture to show you the strangest things the Japanese capital has to offer.

Rainbow Bridge

3 days in Tokyo

In a city of almost ten million that spans just over 2,000 square kilometres, trying to figure out the ideal Tokyo itinerary can feel a bit daunting. This is doubly the case when you only have limited time, which many do as their trip to the Japanese capital is part of a larger adventure in which they’ve planned to see the entire country. It can be overwhelming to try and cram in all the sights, sounds, and tastes that Tokyo has to offer, but we’re here to help you with our perfect three-day Tokyo itinerary.

Sensoji Temple

Through the lens: Tokyo photography

Tokyo is a city of extremes, housing thousand-year-old temples and towering skyscrapers. It’s an urban jungle with enough green space to escape into. All in all, it’s an excellent place to snap a few photos, no matter what type of photography you’re into. Cityscapes, natural splendour, and intriguing street photography: you can do it all in a day here, if you so please. Of course, some shots are overdone and, frankly, overrated, but we’ve developed our knowledge to show you the best places to memorialise your Tokyo adventure.

Meguro River

Tokyo cherry blossoms in bloom

The blooming of the cherry blossom (or Sakura, as they’re known in the native language) is one of the most anticipated and famous events in Japan, especially in the capital city. Those who venture to Tokyo in early spring are rewarded with the gentle beauty of this natural phenomenon, as the plants bud and burst into life and colour. The custom of attributing importance to these trees started with “hanami”, or drinking under the blooming trees to bring good luck, and has now exploded into a national trend which vast swathes of the population indulge in.


Morocco’s waterfalls for your bucket list

If you’ve done a little Morocco waterfall research of your own, you’ll be expecting us to at least cover the Ouzoud Falls basics. Which, of course, we have, but we’ve also foraged around for some lesser-known falls for you to scamper among.
That’s not to say the Morocco waterfall ‘must sees’ are to be skipped – far from it. Forging gorges and canyons for centuries, they deserve at least a little of your time. Though, a word of caution before you seek out any cascading adventures – in the driest weeks, even the most spectacular Moroccan waterfalls are reduced to desiccated husks. Sure, the surrounding landscape is still impressive, but that’s not what you’re here for. Ask around for recent local weather conditions – a little inside info could save you a long and bumpy drive. Tips sorted, let’s get on with our Morocco waterfall run down…


Catch a wave: the best of surfing in Morocco

If you’ve been shivering somewhere off the UK coastline, longing for a stretch of sunlit beach – we’re going to steer you towards Morocco. Rarely will a surfer be more rewarded. There’s almost 150 surf spots to choose from – and they all come fully loaded with upwards of 300 days of sunshine. It’s at this point we should probably stop stalling and clue you in to the waves. Peeling that’ll make your surfer’s heart melt. Barrels that’ll intimidate all but the bravest boarders and beginner lagoons tame enough to tempt in even the most timid newbies. If you haven’t already started furiously waxing your board in anticipation, read on. There’s more to Morocco surfing than sunshine and a few nice waves. And we promise not to point you towards a souq – unless you happen to be in the market for some leather slippers, of course?

Djemaa el fna

Dusk til dawn: your guide to Marrakech nightlife

We’ll surprise absolutely no-one when we say life in Marrakech is frenetic – so you’ll no doubt be expecting a nightlife to match. Well, that’s there for the taking in and around the Medina – but you can also snuffle out some spots to dial back the speedometer and reflect on your day in the souqs, any lofty life aspirations or whether those Moroccan slippers might look a tad flamboyant in the office.