A vegan’s guide to Barcelona

Let’s face it. Until recently, vegan travel could be a bleak experience. Poking around looking for the ONE veggie restaurant in the city where, frankly, a falafel wrap was the best you could hope for. Well, plant-based people, the tide has certainly changed. So much so that, in Barcelona, you’re knee-deep in tofu scrambles from the moment you arrive. Vegan Barcelona is a plant-based foodie’s nirvana.

The best Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona

Whether you’re well versed in the world of petit fours and pea foam reductions, or just enjoy a deliciously decadent meal every now and then, Barcelona’s Michelin star restaurants will not disappoint. From three star wizardry, to no less deserving of your Euros, one star wonders, the city isn’t short on gourmet dining options. And there in lies the tastiest of problems. Where to lay your napkin? In Barcelona, you’ll be short on one of two things. Time. Or, not to be too indelicate, money. Happily, we’ve set out solutions for both below.

Abu Dhabi

Dubai holidays are all about the resort, right? Sure, you could just get a snap of the world’s tallest building then spend the rest of your time sipping mojitos poolside, but you’d be missing so much of what the city has to offer. Get off the beaten track and you’ll have a truly memorable trip. How about a jet ski tour of the marina or a night spent under the stars at a traditional Bedouin camp?