Naples Bay Views


Well, Naples is a feisty little corner of Italy isn’t it? Ruggedly volcanic, in a handsome – yet accessible way, the landscape drops a hint at what’s to come. Namely, surprises. Yes, the streets are occasionally a little shabby, but you’re just as likely to stumble across a historic palazzo – as you are a Banksy or a vast, but exquisitely painted mural. Then there’s the beaches. Often craggy, sometimes sandy – but always romantic, you can’t help but want to roll out your beach towel. But then, there’s a beach n the Bay of Naples, where locals use the sands to steam mussels, chicken and any number of meals. Which should seem more strange than it does. But, you’re in Naples and you may well have just explored a cave filled with the celebrated remains of a few noblemen. So really, all bets are off at this point.

Dark tourism aside, though – really, there’s plenty of it, if that’s your bag, Naples also delivers hugely on that fifties glamour that you just can’t recreate with some oversized shades and an M&S plate of antipasti. Pastel pink hues, harbour side houses, glasses of Prosecco on a vintage skiff and enough espressos to keep you awake until next month. All here on Naples streets…

view of ovo castle at sunset

Top 10 things to do in Naples

Brace yourself for an alarmingly well-stocked list of things to do in Naples. This is no ordinary city break. Volcanoes, dark tourism and a rather elaborate clutch of Metro stations await you. Then there’s the Naples castle collection – a weekend of historic joy in themselves and, of course, an overwhelming choice of pizza restaurants. A lost city, a street that just won’t stop celebrating Christmas and an underground network of secret tunnels only add to the itinerary. Which leaves very little space for museums, galleries and catacombs. You’re going to need a bigger break…

boats visiting Trentaremi Bay in naples

Secrets of Naples’ best beaches and bays

Just like Naples itself, the coastline comes with all manner of surprises to delight and bemuse. There are, of course, sands where you can drop by with a beach towel and relax. But the beach where locals use the soaring heat of the sand to cook fresh mussels can be a head scratcher. Private beaches charge a premium, some bays are only reachable by boat and one comes with the remains of an ancient sunken city. Our best advice? Pack a sense of adventure with your beach towel. In Naples, beach life is far from boring.

view of Sant'Angelo village on Ischia island

The ultimate Naples island hopping guide

Naples has earned a reputation for having somewhat shabby streets. Shame really, because every island in the bay of Naples is a work of art. Time then to get your island hopping plan sorted. Happily, we’ve got the low down on the pick of the bunch, as well as perhaps a couple of the more intriguing and unusual islands near Naples. Gather your island chic wardrobe, ready your eyes for the picture postcard Italy you’ve been dreaming of and generally prepare to bask in island life …

Michelin-starred restaurant in naples

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Naples

Bring your appetite A-game. In Naples, food is a dish best served with at least one pastry, gelato or tiramisu. We’d say forget the wine pairing, but they are rather keen on that too. Calories go unchecked, waistbands seem to ever tighten and bellies are rarely anything but comfortingly full. Neapolitan classics are easy to find, but there’s a burgeoning trend for somewhat healthier eats among the carb-filled creations. Of course, there’s no need to ease up on indulgent meals, but the organic salad bowls and smoothies are never too far away if you need them. And, if you’re looking for the best pizza in Naples, we’ve covered that too.

famous pizza restaurant in naples

Where to find the very best pizza in Naples

A stay in Naples comes fully loaded with the promise of pizza, and plenty of it. There are, of course, all manner of places to grab a slice – but what makes THIS Italian city the best place to run the very real risk of ending up in a pizza coma? Well, legend has it, this is THE birthplace of the Margherita pizza. We deliver the facts, find the best pizza in town and track down the pizzerias in Naples catering for celiacs, vegans and the plant-curious. All you need to do is pack your best forgiving garments and tuck in.