fine dining dinner dish at madeira restaurant

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Madeira

It would be so easy to focus on restaurants in Funchal during your stay. But Madeira’s food scene casts a wider net. Naturally, we’ve combed the island to bring you the best restaurants in Madeira. And, yes, there are a few in Funchal. But we’ve handpicked a couple you’ll want to go the extra mile for. Happily, one of the further afield restaurants may swing by to pick you up in a shuttle bus. You can’t really ask for more than that, can you?

scuba diving in cave in madeira

The ultimate guide to scuba diving in Madeira

Scuba diving in Madeira comes with a host of reefs, walls, wrecks, islands and pinnacles to explore. Clear waters, volcanic sea beds and a strong serving of eco-diversity makes this a fantastic spot for divers of all levels. There are plenty of shore dives for beginners to get their fins wet in. Looking for something a little more technical? Open water, boat dives and deep wrecks are waiting to be explored. Depending on the site, currents tend to be low to moderate, meaning you can enjoy a spot of relaxed holiday diving and focus on the sights, rather than the technicals.