Let’s get the stereotypes out of the way early doors. Yes, Jamaica is a musical island, but reggae is only part of the story. Rum might be the national drink, but it tastes a world away from any Jamaican rum you’ll find in your local. And, the islanders might be laidback, but that doesn’t stop this island buzzing with an electricity that comes from being surrounded by a wild and rugged landscape with hidden gems so few visitors ever see. We’d never go so far as to say the island’s resorts were bland. Far from it. The luxury Jamaica delivers, is up there with the best. But if you’ve stayed in an over water villa, here, you could almost be in another on a neighbouring isle – and never quite realise.

Cocktails, pristine terraces, international buffets and salsa classes are keeping you from the local fish fry, rum-fuelled dominoes games and from clocking up a few of Jamaica’s landmarks on your Insta feed – at the very least. At worst, you could miss out on a hummingbird landing on your hand for a sip of sugar water, spying the island’s crocs in the Black River or hiking to the island’s highest peak. Take every opportunity to explore Jamaica and you’ll be well rewarded.

jamaican beach wedding

A guide to getting hitched in Jamaica  

Couples, Jamaica is THE place to get married. Sun-kissed wedding snaps aside, wedding venues in Jamaica span the spectrum from beach chic to luxe-laden resorts with all the trimmings. Bespoke weddings are made all the easier with easy access to wedding planners – and independent marriage officers that take care of the pesky paperwork. Even the fanciest venues recognise that some couples just want to get hitched and then fire up the barbecue on the sands. Packages for all price points and venues that can host just you and a couple of close friends or 650+ acquaintances. Let’s break it all down…

man on raft on Martha Brae River

A photographer’s guide to Jamaica

Let’s not beat around the photography bush on this one. There are stunning pictures of Jamaica to be taken at virtually every turn. Yes, you’ll use up a fair few MBs, snapping away at the dreamy shores, but for the keen-eyed photographer the options are endless. Jamaica’s waterways hold a few secrets, abandoned buildings offer more than just ghost stories and the mountains deliver more than just a jaw-dropping landscape shot. Wherever you are on the island, you’ll want a cameraphone at the very least.

rum cocktail on table in jamaica

Rum lover’s guide to Jamaica 

If you think Jamaica, and rum immediately springs to mind, this island’s for you. Though brace those tastebuds for some incoming surprises. The white rum we’re peddled away from Caribbean shores is diluted to a distinctly weaker version of the hard stuff. Golden rum gets its colour and taste from a little oak cask ageing – think 20 years plus. And the heavy stuff? A moody, brooding rum that’s serving you oakey musk mixed with heady molasses. The process? A kind of rum sorcery that’s been handed down through the generations for centuries. Estates on the island create the strongest rums by a process called wild fermentation. Expect to feel more than a little light headed…

sunset at sea bar in jamaica

Top 9 places to visit in Jamaica

Jamaica’s famous landmarks are quite the varied bunch. Naturally, you’ve got the island’s beaches – but who among us needs a helping hand to snuffle out a decent sandy nook? No, you’re more likely looking for the places to visit in Jamaica that are worth doing. We’ve notched up a few of the more famous landmarks below, along with a couple of lesser-known places of interest you’ll want to check out.

Bluefields Anole lizard jamaica

A wildlife lover’s guide to Jamaica

Animals in Jamaica aren’t difficult to spot. There’s a diverse ecosystem that comes with a large number of endemic species. Of course, some are easier than others to track down. You’ll possibly get a little tired of seeing the resident mongooses, but they do fill the gaps between the rarer sightings. Showy standouts include the colourful plumage of the island’s hummingbirds, especially Jamaica’s national bird. But with skinks, bats and tropical fish all laying claim to your time, your wildlife itinerary might start to look a little crammed. We’ve picked out a few key critters from Jamaica’s wildlife list that you won’t want to miss.