Much is made of Vienna’s nightly musical masterpieces that play out across the city. And, we can’t blame Austria for blowing this particular trumpet. After all, this is the birthplace – or final resting place, of the classical greats. But if you’re not remotely interested in music, is there still much to see? You could ignore every concerto being robustly parped from every acoustically gifted building in Vienna and still have one of the best city breaks going. Museums and galleries notch up numbers in the dozens. Coffee houses switch from being living museums to third wave nooks slinging the finest espresso. Drag bunches pop up where you’d least expect them and the Hofburg Palace is a monster of a landmark for you to explore.

No decent European city worth its salt can ignore the Christmas markets. And Vienna? It lays on dozens of stall-filled, bratwurst-strewn markets that leaves the city glowing with the buzz of thousands of fairy-lights. Summers almost take a back seat, with everyone indoors for operas and sonatas. Which is a shame, as they miss out on a gelato and a stroll along the Donaukanal. Make sure you find your way outdoors too. Vienna’s got some cracking architecture to spot.

Vienna Philharmonic performing at the new years concert

A music lover’s tour of Vienna

Would it be going too far to say Vienna is the epicentre of classic musical? Unlikely. Few other cities can lay claim to entertaining 10,000 people every day with a diary chock full with thousands of concerts. There’s a strong classical contingent waiting to wow you with concertos, operas and song books from history’s greats. Cafes tinkle with the sound of ivories played. And any stops to quaff coffees and cakes are usually just a moment’s respite before you’re on to the next statue, composer’s previous home or free walking tour. Here’s just a snippet of what you can expect…

restaurant with cathedral view in vienna

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Vienna

Of all the meals in Vienna, ice cream might not be your priority – but perhaps it should be? Gelato makers here go way back and – despite over a century of churning, they’ve opened their hearts to plant-based options. Which pretty much goes for the rest of the city. Even the most famous Vienna schnitzel slinger has a vegan version to serve. That said, Vienna restaurants aren’t all focused on plants. Breakfasts are boozy, lunches can be three course events and dinners come with views and Michelin craftsmanship – without the burden of a star or two. We’ve picked out some of the best restaurants in Vienna for you to muse over…

stalls and christmas lights at vienna christmas market

Get festive for Christmas in Vienna

You could spend all of your Vienna city break skipping gaily from one festive market to another. There’s at least a dozen to knock back a cup of glüwein in – and that’s before you even get started on the concerts, festive shops and New Year market stalls. But before you launch headlong into each and every snow-sprinkled alley of crafts and baked goods, it pays to know that not all of Vienna’s Christmas events are worth your time. We’ll walk you through your best options, and clue you in to all the places to find festive fun in.

axe and skeleton in exhibit at vienna crime museum

Top 10 things to do in Vienna

Wondering what to do in Vienna? Your options are almost endless. Which, if you’re a serial FOMO sufferer, could cause a problem or ten on a Vienna city break. You’ll stop counting the museums when you get past 50. Vienna’s landmarks are so huge you could easily lose a day in just one – and we’ve not found space in our list for the parks, gardens and markets. Needless to say, the sewer system hasn’t got a look in. And it really should have. Explore every inch of this city, just as soon as you’ve ticked off our choice of the top ten things to do.

al fresco coffee shop in vienna

A coffee lover’s guide to Vienna’s best coffee houses

Vienna’s coffee houses can be steeped in history or freshly minted venues ready to serve you the low down on their single origin beans. It’s worth dropping into both types to really get to grips with this city’s coffee culture. Though, fair warning, the Viennese tend to label bars as cafes. Wine, spirits and beer may be temptingly close, but that shouldn’t stop you from sipping on at least a couple of Cortados during your stay. Cool cafes in Vienna aren’t in short supply. So to spare you the horror stopping by any slick but shocking coffee bars, we’ve got the inside intel on the best beans in Vienna…


Let’s get the stereotypes out of the way early doors. Yes, Jamaica is a musical island, but reggae is only part of the story. Rum might be the national drink, but it tastes a world away from any Jamaican rum you’ll find in your local. And, the islanders might be laidback, but that doesn’t stop this island buzzing with an electricity that comes from being surrounded by a wild and rugged landscape with hidden gems so few visitors ever see. We’d never go so far as to say the island’s resorts were bland. Far from it. The luxury Jamaica delivers, is up there with the best. But if you’ve stayed in an over water villa, here, you could almost be in another on a neighbouring isle – and never quite realise.

Cocktails, pristine terraces, international buffets and salsa classes are keeping you from the local fish fry, rum-fuelled dominoes games and from clocking up a few of Jamaica’s landmarks on your Insta feed – at the very least. At worst, you could miss out on a hummingbird landing on your hand for a sip of sugar water, spying the island’s crocs in the Black River or hiking to the island’s highest peak. Take every opportunity to explore Jamaica and you’ll be well rewarded.

jamaican beach wedding

A guide to getting hitched in Jamaica  

Couples, Jamaica is THE place to get married. Sun-kissed wedding snaps aside, wedding venues in Jamaica span the spectrum from beach chic to luxe-laden resorts with all the trimmings. Bespoke weddings are made all the easier with easy access to wedding planners – and independent marriage officers that take care of the pesky paperwork. Even the fanciest venues recognise that some couples just want to get hitched and then fire up the barbecue on the sands. Packages for all price points and venues that can host just you and a couple of close friends or 650+ acquaintances. Let’s break it all down…

man on raft on Martha Brae River

A photographer’s guide to Jamaica

Let’s not beat around the photography bush on this one. There are stunning pictures of Jamaica to be taken at virtually every turn. Yes, you’ll use up a fair few MBs, snapping away at the dreamy shores, but for the keen-eyed photographer the options are endless. Jamaica’s waterways hold a few secrets, abandoned buildings offer more than just ghost stories and the mountains deliver more than just a jaw-dropping landscape shot. Wherever you are on the island, you’ll want a cameraphone at the very least.

rum cocktail on table in jamaica

Rum lover’s guide to Jamaica 

If you think Jamaica, and rum immediately springs to mind, this island’s for you. Though brace those tastebuds for some incoming surprises. The white rum we’re peddled away from Caribbean shores is diluted to a distinctly weaker version of the hard stuff. Golden rum gets its colour and taste from a little oak cask ageing – think 20 years plus. And the heavy stuff? A moody, brooding rum that’s serving you oakey musk mixed with heady molasses. The process? A kind of rum sorcery that’s been handed down through the generations for centuries. Estates on the island create the strongest rums by a process called wild fermentation. Expect to feel more than a little light headed…