Perching on the water’s edge, surrounded by vast tracts of wild greenery, and with world class, well, everything, it’s easy to see why Oslo consistently ranks as one of the best places in the world to live. While you might not be able to up sticks and move to this perfect little slice of Scandinavia, you can always come and visit – and you’d be short on nothing but time.
Despite being rammed with great restaurants, daring cultural spaces, and an astounding range of architecture, the city is quite compact, meaning you’re never too far from your next adventure. And that’s all before we get started on the stunning nature that surrounds the Norwegian capital, an area replete with magical woodland walks and serene lakes. There’s also thousands of years of history etched into the patchwork of the city, weaving seamlessly with the modern tastes of the cosmopolitan inhabitants. It’s this mixture that makes Oslo such a unique place.

fine dining restaurant oslo

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Oslo

The Norwegian capital is home to hundreds of great eateries, and the best restaurants in Oslo are as good as anywhere else in the world, including nearby haute cuisine mecca, Copenhagen. The city has a whole variety of international cuisine on offer, and Norwegian food itself has plenty to explore beyond dried meat and line-caught salmon. If you love food, you’ll love Oslo – especially the restaurants that we think serve up the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this city.

hills and lake at forest near oslo

A hiker’s guide to Oslo 

The hilly, forested areas around Oslo are so integral to the city they even have their own special name: marka. Much loved by the inhabitants of the Norwegian capital, these areas are well maintained and full of hiking and biking trails, although retain a lot of the wildness that makes them so unique. While you’ll only be a couple of hours walk from civilisation, you might come across animals like lynx and moose. Most trails, however, are simple to traverse and incredibly safe, and you’re more likely to be bathed in birdsong and the smell of fresh flowers than spot anything dangerous. There’s also public transport that drops you off to prime walking spots, so you don’t even need to rent a car to enjoy them.

view of water and mountains at Nærøyfjord in norway

Fjord-spotting from Oslo

There’s nothing quite as astonishing as sailing through the rugged rocky outcrops that define the famous Norwegian fjords. The scene is beyond serene no matter what the time or weather is. A rainy morning covers the routes in a magical mist; a sunny evening adds a layer of shimmering gold to the already stunning scenery. Even a boring grey day can’t dull the wonder of these UNESCO heritage sites, such is their natural splendour.

view of vigeland sculpture park in oslo

Top 8 things to do in Oslo

Stroll through the remnants of might Viking culture; consider canvases that changed how we see art; hike through some of the lushest, most viridescent wilds you can think of, all while being less than an hour from a bustling capital. When it comes to things to do in Oslo, there’s a near-endless number of activities to suggest.