If you don’t believe in fairytales, Lapland’s the place that might just change your mind. And, surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Father Christmas. Though seeing a sea of tiny faces light up with joy every time ‘he ho, ho, ho’s’ his way into a log cabin can’t fail to bring a rosy glow to the coldest of hearts. No, we’re skipping over the elves, gifts, baubles and sleighs we all know Lapland for, to spill the beans on the Lapland everyone needs to know about. First up, it won’t surprise anyone to know that a region that’s blessed with 200 days of snow a year is a skier’s paradise. Not just for proficient carvers of powder either. You’re looking at ski schools for all ages, excellent facilities for young skiers and more cross country runs than you could ever hope to ski.

Away from the almost ridiculously long menu of winter sports, there’s the chance to get to know the Sami. And we really should have at least a chat with Europe’s last indigenous people. Then there’s Lapland in summer. A riot of national parks, lakes and forests that are awash with wildlife we’ve all travelled further to see. Bears, wolves and Lynx are certainly worth a night or two in a log cabin to see. Just don’t be surprised if it’s covered in Christmas decorations… in June.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort East Village views

Top 10 things to do in Lapland

We could easily run off a list of things to do in Lapland that fully centred on Santa, Christmas and all things mulled. But that’s a tad too easy. And, who wants to miss out on the wonders of Lapland? Sure, check in with the elves to make sure your Christmas list is top of the pile, but don’t miss Lapland’s other stellar sights. They’ve reinvented the snow mobile, are switching snowboarding up – for the better and aren’t afraid to pop you in a float suit and watch you float in a frozen lake. Embrace it. Pack your layers and consider an out of season trip too!

sculpture in woodland in lapland

10 facts you probably didn’t know about Lapland

Lapland facts can be difficult to unravel from the myth and legend that comes with being Santa’s hometown. But away from the Christmas-themed – and very festive, fun, Lapland has some rather intriguing spots to track down. The gold in the region’s rivers might grab your attention, but that’s not the only treasure you can stumble across on a hike. Bet that’s got your curiosity piqued. Happily, we’ve drawn up a list of our ten favourite Lapland facts for you. And, yes, we did have to include just one that mentions St Nick. It IS Lapland, after all.

santa claus reading letters at his post office in lapland

The ultimate guide to Christmas in Lapland

Is there any place better to spend Christmas than in the very home of Santa himself? A Lapland Christmas comes with snow, elves and adventures that the whole family will enjoy. And, getting festive is a lot easier in a country where reindeer outnumber the people. We’ve got all the inside intel on the best places to meet Father Christmas and extra snow-sprinkled activities for your Lapland Christmas holiday. Just don’t forget to pack your extra layers and your Christmas list!

Everything you need to know about skiing in Lapland

Not having towering mountains really hasn’t stopped Lapland skiing its way onto our piste radar. Fells and hills are just as carve-able as the steep, steep slopes we’re familiar with. Add in the snow days that rack up into the hundreds, the heart-warming glow of Santa and his elves at every turn and you’ve got yourself a Lapland ski holiday to remember. Oh, and did we mention the scenery and the reindeer? Spectacular wilderness that’s about as untouched as it gets adds a nice touch to the picture postcard ski villages. The fact the Finnish ski folks have added a healthy dose of après has to put Lapland at the top of your ski wish list…

husky sled ride in snowy lapland

A guide to family holidays in Lapland

There’s much more to a family holiday to Lapland than a chat with Santa and a whizz through the snow on a skidoo. Yes, winters open up the wilderness to create a snow-dusted playground of adventure and tinsel-strung joy. But, spring, summer and autumn in Lapland shouldn’t be ignored. And the best part? Endless days in summer, autumn foraging and the spring thaw all still come with the chance to meet Father Christmas in his official home. We’ve hand-picked some options for your Lapland holiday…


A city once divided, Berlin is now thriving. Germany’s capital and largest city has had more historical moments happen in it in the last century than some places manage in millennia, yet the people who pulse through the city live entirely in the present. Forward thinking, green, and with one of the highest standards of living in the world, Berlin is an ideal place to spend your hard-earned break.
The list of must-sees here is endless. Of course, there’s the much-vaunted nightlife, with the city packed to the brim with excellent dive bars, classy cocktail joints, and nightclubs that are open for days at a time. Visitors who prefer the daylight hours can indulge in the hundreds of architectural wonders that line the streets, as well as enough great restaurants to rival any global city. There’s also elegant museums, stunning parks, and some truly astounding places to sit back and enjoy the view. It may have only reunified in our lifetime, but when it comes to great destinations, Berlin is here to stay.

colourful lights at berlin light show

Top 10 things to do in Berlin

Narrowing down the best of the Berlin is a hard task, but sometimes you’ve only got enough time for the highlights. Of course, when you’re thinking about what to do in Berlin there’s an argument to be made that it’s all highlights; however we at Orbzii are confident we’ve found the truly unmissable sites you have to hit when you’re here for a holiday. If you’re keen on finding out what are must-visit Berlin attractions, then read ahead for our guide to the ten best things to do in Berlin.