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It’s fair to say Alaska’s a little outdoorsy. A wilderness like no other, where vast stretches of mountain crags go untouched save for the foraging animals all looking to survive in the harsh climate. Yes, spring and summer bring a touch of sunshine – and cruise ships, but you needn’t be troubled with their hop on, hop off approach to Alaska holidays where you’re going. You’ll be too busy driving Alaska’s never-ending highways, seeing a glacier calve from the air, musing over just how much more magical the mountains look in the midnight sun and watching bears catch slippery salmon on a riverbank. You will want to take to the waters at some point too. Perhaps checking out miniature icebergs in a searingly picturesque fjord? More likely, you’ll be cooing over the cuteness of sea otters while you’re waiting for a humpback to breach on the surface.

Maybe you’re more in the market for the adrenaline kick those early gold rush miners were after? Follow their journey on a railroad that’s been winding through the same mountain valleys since the 1890s or join the prospectors still panning for gold. In Alaska, you’ll want to do it all. Just remember to look up now and then. When the sun does go down? The Northern Lights do the impossible. They make Alaska that little bit more beautiful.

Kennicott ghost town in alaska

Top 11 things to do in Alaska

Alaska’s vast wilderness is packed with possible adventures for everyone. Of course, all the classics will already come to mind as soon as you think of the snow-dusted forests or sun-kissed national parks. So we’ve curated a list that sidesteps the obvious and delivers some things to do in Alaska you might not immediately think of. Think of it as a little inspo to dig deeper into the state’s quirkier and unique side.

skiing at skiland in alaska

A guide to skiing in Alaska

Skiing in Alaska is glorious. Seven resorts make the most of the ridiculous amounts of annual snowfall, with heli-skiing, vintage chairlifts and other quirky ways to get up the mountain. This state has never been one to let a little snow, ice or seemingly impassable slopes get in the way of a good time. So expect to have to fly – or ferry your way into some resorts. That said, once you’re there, there’s plenty to see and do. Fair warning: In Alaska, the Northern Lights, overnight cabin stays and ocean views can distract even the most committed skiers from their piste…

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A guide to Alaska’s best scenery

In Alaska, mountains provide the very best scenery. In this state, getting as high up as you can will always yield the best views. Trot up peaks or hop in a sea plane to view Alaska’s glaciers and national parks – or get right into the wilderness to find flower-strewn meadows peppered with berry bushes of almost every kind. The best scenery in Alaska is the landscape that lies just around the next corner. You almost can’t fail to find something glorious to look at. But for the peak of picturesque, pop our pick of the best landscape spots on your Alaska map.

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9 facts about Alaska you probably didn’t know

Stunning wildlife, unusual attractions, stomach flipping plane rides and giant vegetables. Interest piqued? Well, dig around in our Alaska facts intel file and you’ll find even more reasons to visit this epic US state. It’s equal parts eye-melting scenery and bizarre spots on the map you just have to add to your itinerary. And, if you think some of the picks on this list are eccentric, just wait until you touchdown in the Alaskan bush. The museum devoted entirely to hammers didn’t make it on our list, but gives you an idea of the kind of thing you can expect.

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A wildlife lover’s guide to Alaska

When it comes to Alaska, animals are at the top of our must sees. From the mammoth humpback whales to the minute chickadees, they’re all as fascinating as the next. Tours in Denali National Park could see you ticking off bears, moose, caribou, coyotes and eagles in one road trip. For whales and walrus, you’re going to need to get a little more specific. Though, boat trips along the coast and fjords come packed with the chance to see sea otters, puffins, ospreys, porpoise and seals too. Excited? Let’s spill the intel on where to find Alaska’s wildlife…